Angies List Electrician Saves the Day!

April 9, 2010

Angies List came through for us again this week! I logged onto Angies List first thing in the morning and just a few hours later we had a certified electrician working on the power outlets in our study.

Finding an Electrician

Our electrical troubles started when I smelled something burning and discovered one of our wall outlets was really hot and was melting the plastic on the side of the plug. Unplugging everything cooled off the outlet but I was worried about the potential of a fire so I wanted an electrician to inspect the outlets in the room.

A scenario like this is where I’ve gotten myself into trouble with contractors in the past. I needed help right away but didn’t have a working relationship with an electrician, or other contractor that I felt I could trust. In the past I’ve ended up just calling out of the phone book, which sometimes worked fine and other times not so great.

Angies List Search

In this case I used Angies List to find electricians in my area with a history of good customer reviews.  I also called an Angies List rep and told them what I was looking for in case I had overlooked something in my web search. 

I went through the results and picked the ones with the highest ratings in price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism.  Here’s some of the information for the company I ended up working with.

  • In Business Since:: 2004
  • On Angie’s List Since:: August 2005
  • Free Estimates:: Yes
  • Warranties/Guaranties:: Ask for details
  • 24 Hour/Emergency Service:: Yes
  • Licensed: Yes  
  • Bonded:: Yes  
  • Insured:: Yes

I actually called a few companies, some with even higher ratings, but they were the only ones that could come out right away.  Their prices were reasonable, customer service was great, they got the problem solved quickly, and they even gave me an Angies List discount that they offer anyone who finds them through the service.

So far,the website’s been a great way for us to find various local contractors in a pinch.  If you find yourself in need of assistance you can try one of the Angies List promo codes and check the service out.


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2 Responses to Angies List Electrician Saves the Day!

  • Ben

    Good point, if you live in a smaller city with very few reviews then Angie’s list is probably not going to be that beneficial, I should have mentioned that above.

    I couldn’t find a list of Angies list cities but you can enter your zip code in the Service Provider Directory to see if there are company reviews in your city.

  • Daddy Paul

    I wonder how well this list covers the country? My guess is that this list is worth look at only in a few metro areas. I was looking for someone to repair my furnace. I found no data on line. I finally called the guy at the desk of the hardware store I trusted and found someone to do the job.