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January 28, 2011

Angies List promo codes are updated almost weekly and are a great way for you to save money when you sign up for Angies List. Here are the latest Angies List promo codes: (Updated February 2012)

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Angies List Savings

Angie's List promo code

Sometimes it’s a little annoying how Angies List constantly claims to save people a lot of money on home improvement work, but after looking around the site I realized that their claim is true. Based on Angie’s List member reports from this year, the average cost of a plumbing job gone wrong is $1,016. Of course that one expense far outweighs the cost of an annual membership, showing the value that the service does offer. Here’s a quote from an Angies List member named Kathleen from Mount Prospect, Ill.

“With the very first company I hired, I saved more than four times the amount of my year’s membership.”

The money you’ll save with the promo codes above and the discounts you can get from highly rated service providers make it so that an Angie’s List membership can almost pay for itself. You can read more about the service in this Angies List review.

Angies List helps you find local contractors, but when they start gathering contractor reviews in a new city, they often make an Angies List free trial offer for new members. This trial membership lets you try out the service at no charge and the new members start entering reviews as they work with companies and rate local businesses.

Seasonal Promotions

One thing I like about Angies List promotions is that they’re usually based around some kind of seasonal home improvement work that you might need that month or time of year.


For example, in the early spring when the snow is melting and things outside are starting to green up their promotions are about flowers, yards, and landscaping. 

Sometimes they’ll have a spring cleaning offer for people starting to dig out and organize from the stuff they accumulated over the winter.  If you live in tornado alley, you’ll probably see an Angies List deal about tree limbs sometime from March – May during the peak of the spring storms.


As the summer heats up there’s usually an air conditioning promo code from Angies List and they also send along some tips on A/C maintenance.  Most of us are busy and put off cooling system maintenance but then when the first big heat wave of the summer hits AC systems go out left and right and all the heating/cooling companies are swamped.

Since the summer is a busy season for moving, some years you can get an Angies List coupon code based around moving services. For example, last year they highlighted the numbers of homeowners who get hurt trying to lift and move big pieces of furniture themselves and then offered a deal to help you avoid the strain of moving.


As summer ends and fall begins you’ll likely see a lot of promotions designed to help you get ready for the coming winter.  Angies List typically has the most useful promotions in the fall and spring, I guess because there’s always a lot of things you need to get done with your yard and house during those times.

For example, you’ll probably see some type of gutter cleaning promotion towards the end of fall and maybe something about aerating your lawn.  There are usually lots winterization offers like these:

  • Water heater checkup
  • Insulation testing
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Patch your roof
  • Tune up your furnace
  • Seal/Replace your windows

Event & Holiday Promotions

Another thing Angies List does with their trial offers and memberships is they’ll feature certain events.  We had a big set of storms come through the Midwest last year and they ran a storm promotion for a week or so.  Along with a promo code, Angies List also sent out articles with tips on homeowners insurance premiums, preparing your home for storms, and finding local tree services.

Every year so far they’ve run a holiday promotion where you not only get a membership discount but can also save money on gift memberships.  I actually took advantage of these and gave away free Angies List memberships last Christmas in a giveaway where a member of my email newsletter won a one year membership each day for a week.

Another kind of event you’ll see pop up every now and then is when the service is featured in the press or on TV.  Angies List has been in highlighted in Money magazine, Popular Mechanics, Kiplingers, the New York times, and on the Today show, MSNBC, and Fox News so far.  Each time they’ve run about a week’s promotion afterwards.

Useful Angies List Promotions

I already touched on this earlier but many times the promo code from Angies List comes along with useful information related to the promotion. For example, early in the summer they sent out the top 5 air conditioning tips – the tips were good but even just the reminder was probably more useful to me.

Some other examples of tips they’ve sent with their coupon codes are how to hire a good plumber, how to find a quality electrician, and homework to do before hiring a local contractor.  So the good news about all the different reasons they offer promotions is that there’s usually one going on!  I try and keep the latest promotions listed on this page.

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