Why Early Retirement is About More than Retirement

December 6, 2012

Lots of people are hoping for and working toward early retirement. Some are hoping for retirement as early as age 35 or 40, but most are probably targeting something closer to 50 or 55. While we might think of early retirement as simply a version of traditional retirement that comes sooner in life, there other […]

Why Index Funds Are the Best Choice for Most Investors

December 5, 2012

There are two basic ways to invest in equities. One is to take on the life of an active investor by researching, selecting, and tracking your own stock holdings or those of various actively managed funds. The other is to invest your money in index funds and then sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. […]

How to Avoid Drowning in Debt

December 4, 2012

Most of us are pretty close to drowning in debt and we don’t even realize it. If you think of the Atlantic Ocean as a big sea of debt, some people in our country are living on land, out of the debt; but the majority of us are actually sinking in the sea of debt. […]

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