4 Early Retirement Risks – and How to Avoid Them

August 31, 2012

In the last few years early retirement has become the holy grail of retirement planning. After all, if retirement is a good thing, then early retirement is even better! The abundance of investment vehicles like the IRA and 401k combined with easier and wider access to investment information, in tandem with the power of compound […]

Life Insurance Exam Blues?

August 22, 2012

Other than deciding which type of life insurance to buy, how much coverage they need, and life insurance costs one of the other things people tend to worry about is the life insurance exam. None of us like tests and most people don’t like going to the doctor so when you combine the two you […]

Pay Off Student Debt Early?

August 21, 2012

Student loan debt has been in the news a lot lately and not for any good reasons. Some see student loans as being the next potential bubble to blow, not unlike the mortgage loan mess of a few years ago (that’s still being worked out even now). Will they go the way of mortgages and […]