Weekend Tax Tips

February 7, 2010

Your federal tax return isn’t due until April 15th this year but it’s time to start thinking about gathering together all your tax forms and figuring out what you owe or how much your tax refund will be.  If you use TurboTax to file make sure to enter the contest for free turbo tax that […]

Do Kids Inherit Frugality?

February 5, 2010

Our son has been making me proud lately with his unexpected frugal remarks.  The first one came as he browsed the toy aisle in a CVS pharmacy while we waited for a prescription to be filled.  As he played with the trucks he said: “we won’t get these… they’re too expensive” Then the next night […]

Turbo Tax Free Trial!

February 4, 2010

A free trial of Turbo Tax?  If you visit the TurboTax site you’ll notice buttons that say “Start for Free”.  You can actually do more than start, you can complete your whole tax return for free without even creating an account with any version of TurboTax online. You don’t have to pay until you e-file or […]

High Deductible Health Insurance Plans Not for Everyone

February 2, 2010

High deductible health insurance plans have lower premiums, much higher deductibles, and are often tied into a Health Savings Account where you can accumulate money pre-tax year after year; as long as you don’t spend it all on health care costs. Of course if you have very high medical costs and/or don’t put much money […]

New Roth IRA Rules

February 1, 2010

The Roth IRA was introduced as a retirement investment option back in 2007. The New Year, 2010, has brought changes to the Roth IRA rules that are making this retirement investment vehicle better for some investors than ever before. In order to fully understand how a Roth IRA can be more beneficial than a traditional […]

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