Turbo Tax Free Trial!

February 4, 2010

A free trial of Turbo Tax?  If you visit the TurboTax site you’ll notice buttons that say “Start for Free”.  You can actually do more than start, you can complete your whole tax return for free without even creating an account with any version of TurboTax online.

You don’t have to pay until you e-file or print out your return.  I think it’s a good idea, people can see if they like the tax prep software and see how their tax return looks before they decide whether they want to buy it.  Since it’s using TurboTax online they don’t have to pay to ship you a CD so it doesn’t cost them much to let you try it out and see how you like it.

Try before you buy works to the consumers advantage with most everything else so why not tax software?  What I like is that Intuit doesn’t require you to enter a credit card number or even an email address to start working on your return.  You just click the “Try It First” button an you’re off and running on your tax return.

Of course, you might not even have to pay for filing if you can win the free turbo tax contest that’s running on Money Smart Life right now!  In case you missed it, I’m giving away three coupon codes for TurboTax Premier online edition.  Visit the turbo tax contest page to see how you can enter.

There are several other places you can go win access to TurboTax, check out the sites below for more chances to win a free tax filing this year.


6 Responses to Turbo Tax Free Trial!

  • connie

    Need to know if get charged twice I’m doing ill and iowa

  • Ben

    @Nick, you can enter all your information at no charge and see what amount you’d owe or get for a refund if you filed using the TurboTax software. If you decide after reviewing your return that you do want to use TurboTax then you pay to print out your return or e-file.

  • Nick

    Is it the kind of trial that lets the user complete only some of the process before he or she has to pay for it?

  • Ben

    Thanks mapgirl, I added them as well.

  • mapgirl

    MyNextBuck and BudgetsAreSexy also have giveaways this week too!

    Thanks for the link!


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