FNBO Direct vs ING Direct – Reader Compares Online Savings Accounts

November 29, 2008

FNBO Direct online savings account higher interest rates and customer service are two of the reasons a reader is pleased with his high yield savings account. FNBO Direct vs ING Direct The main complaint I hear about FNBO Direct is that it’s user interface is a little behind the other online savings accounts available in […]

My Black Friday Deal – Saved 50% From the Couch

November 28, 2008

I spend enough time on the computer I decided to it would be money well spent to upgrade from my 15″ computer monitor to something a little bigger. Of course I decided this several months ago and haven’t had time to shop around until last night. Cruising around the web on the couch after Thanksgiving […]

Big Thanksgiving Thank You to Our Readers!

November 27, 2008

Thank you to the readers that make this site possible!  Despite the fact that: You may not always agree with what we write Some of the things we write about may not apply to you You continue to read the site on a daily basis, and for that we thank you! We know your time […]

Safe Places to Invest Your Money in a Bad Economy

November 26, 2008

The stock market has seen huge losses and the economy is stumbling around like a drunken sailor, trying not to collapse; where should you put your money (other than under your mattress)? US News has a recent article on the best places for your money during these tough economic times where they look at five […]

TradeKing $50 Bonus Ending

November 26, 2008

TradeKing $50 bonus for opening a brokerage account and making a trade goes away at the end of this month. The TradeKing promotion was extended at the end of last month but it doesn’t sound like we’ll be as lucky again this month. You can read a TradeKing review here and check out other online […]

Christmas Deals to Save You Money While Holiday Shopping

November 25, 2008

Christmas deals are everywhere in days before Black Friday and the month leading up to the biggest gift giving event of the year.  Sometimes retailers get pretty creative with their holiday promotions and sometimes they simply offer good old discounts.  Here are a few I’ve noticed mentioned around the web recently: American Express $20 Cashback […]

Black Friday Deals or Cyber Monday Savings?

November 24, 2008

Black Friday deals can save you a lot of money if you don’t mind getting up early and standing in line in the cold dark morning.  An alternative to the early morning and long lines is shopping for deals from your computer on Cyber Monday. A recent survey by ShopZilla indicates that Cyber Monday has […]

Saving Money on Christmas Lights – Holiday Deals Edition

November 23, 2008

After Christmas sales are the best time to buy holiday decorations!  Right now they’re not cheap but if you wait until January you can buy Christmas lights and most other decorations for 50, 75, or even 80% off at your local retailers. Every year when we haul our Christmas lights up from the basement it […]

Christmas Shopping and Saving Tips for a Troubled Economy

November 21, 2008

Christmas shopping and budgeting can be stressful, especially when the economy is struggling.  Here are some tips on Christmas shopping and saving from last holiday season that definitely apply in today’s tough economy: Christmas Deals How to Double Your Savings on Christmas Shopping Deals – “Looking for some deals this Christmas? Understanding the strategy behind retailer’s […]

TradeKing Online Brokerage Review – Discount Trades & Quality Customer Service

November 19, 2008

TradeKing is one of the best online discount brokers thanks to its great customer service, user-friendly interface, and low fees that start at $4.95 per trade (plus .65 cents for options contract), with no hidden fees and no account minimums. In the Media: “Discount Broker of the Year” in 2007; SmartMoney Magazine; Top-Five Brokers, 2007; Barron’s […]

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