Biotech Investing: Top Performing Biotech Companies

July 31, 2008

If you read my primer yesterday on biotechnology investing you found out the basics of what comprises biotech and probably thought, “That’s great, but where do I put my money?” I’ll tailor this to those investors who aren’t independently wealthy or otherwise come to investing with a lot of capital. Those investors can’t afford to […]

Biotech Investing – A Beginner’s Guide to Biotechnology Investments

July 30, 2008

What on earth is biotechnology? Think of it as ways that man controls nature. That could be read negatively, but it doesn’t have to be. Biotechnology comprises all of the ways that humans try to overcome natural limitations be more cost-efficient. Examples of biotechnology are pest-resistant crops, new animal breeding, or pharmaceutical research. Certainly some […]

Commodity Scam Warnings: How to Protect Yourself and Your Money

July 29, 2008

When it comes to commodities investing there are an unbelievable number of scams out there. I am not kidding when I say that there are literally hundreds of companies out there just waiting to railroad you through the door, part you from your money, and happily send you straight to the gas chamber. I know […]

Why the Heck Does Gas Cost So Much – Commodities Investing Series

July 28, 2008

Last time I filled up my gas tank it cost me $64.28. As I was standing there at the pump I started thinking. I realized I had absolutely no idea why the price of gas was so high. I mean sure, I get emails from MSN money every day telling me that oil hit a […]

Investment Performance Update – Bleeding Money!

July 28, 2008

This may sound crazy but I haven’t looked at the peformance of our investments in quite some time.   When one of the Money Writers suggested we all do an overview of our of holdings I realized how long it had been and was afraid of what I’d see when I logged into our accounts. My […]

Personal Finance Review – The Car is Dead Edition

July 28, 2008

I spent a good part of this week with my car in the shop. Since it’s a used Cadillac the entire front end pretty much has to be torn off any time we need to repair something, and that’s frustrating for me since I am used to doing my own repairs whenever possible. This time […]

Investing in Commodity ETFs: An Ounce of Research is Worth a Pound of Gold

July 26, 2008

In our last post on commodities investing we talked about why you might want to start investing in commodities, and what a few of the investment options were.This time around we’re going to take a closer look at commodity Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s.) and how to research them. When you decide to invest in a […]

Investing In Natural Resources Can Save Your Assets – Commodities Investing Series

July 25, 2008

What does investing in natural resources mean? When you choose to invest in natural resources (also known as commodities) you are investing in the building blocks of civilization. In other words, commodities are materials that we use to make the finished products that we buy. Fritos are not a commodity, but the corn they are […]

Exchange Traded Funds Investing Strategies

July 24, 2008

In our final part of this three part series covering ETF investments, we’ll look at different strategies for investing with exchange-traded funds. Have I bored you? I hope not! Actually taking the time to learn about the hundreds of different investment products on the market is tedious, but the reward will be great. If you […]

The Top 10 Exchange-Traded Funds

July 23, 2008

After reading my introduction to exchange-traded funds, I know you are dying with anticipation to find out the best exchange traded funds on the market. There are many quality exchange-traded funds, but first you must know the different types of funds. An ETF wears many different hats just like mutual funds. Here are the four […]

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