Personal Finance Review – Working Too Hard Edition

September 30, 2007

I hate working over the weekend!  I hate working over the weekend! Did I mention that working over the weekend sucks?  The end of every quarter is a busy time at my job and this quarter was worse than normal for my team so I was stuck there late Friday and spent all day Saturday working.  The […]

Would You Rather Pay More Taxes or Pay More for Health Care?

September 28, 2007

Those Canadians have it made! Or do they?  I’ve talked with two Canadians recently about their health care system and taxes and neither one of them seemed too pleased. With the rising cost of health care in the US, having medical services funded by the government sounds pretty nice at first.  Here is a summary […]

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

September 28, 2007

Most things are easier when they’re done with the support of a group.  Group collaboration and support are easier now than they used to be due to the communication medium of the web.  Nancy, from Debt Consolidation Care emailed me a while ago to let me know about the community they’ve built online to help people with […]

Six Ingredients for Generating Passive Income

September 27, 2007

Who doesn’t want to spend more time doing what they enjoy and less time working for money? After reading about both active income and passive income recently I came up with a list of things that can help you move towards generating passive income. The IdeaYou need either a great new idea or a great way […]

How To Make Money Off of Halloween

September 26, 2007

Halloween has become one of the most profitable seasonal events around.  How can you get a piece of the $6 billion industry this year? 1) Buy Costumes on Clearance after HalloweenPlaces like Spirit Halloween setup shop in empty store fronts in September and jam them full of Halloween merchandise.  The day after Halloween they drop their […]

Going Steady with Your Boss – 20 Reasons Your Job Is Like a High School Relationship

September 25, 2007

Several decades ago, people built a career-long relationship with their employers.  Now-a-days companies are all about the bottom line and our employer relationships are more like bad high school crushes.  How many of these 20 reasons can you relate to? Pre-Relationship1) Every person has an image of their ideal job in their head; many people […]

Personal Finance Review – New Pavestone Patio Edition

September 23, 2007

As our son becomes more mobile, we’re spending more time in our backyard chasing him around.  This has given us the idea of installing a new patio behind our house.  The current plan is to use the Pavestone system to lay a 13 x 16 patio.  Never having done this before, we headed to Home […]

eBay Market Research – A Creative Way to Determine What to Sell on eBay

September 22, 2007

Do you want get started selling on eBay but you’re not sure what to sell? Here’s a simple trick you can use to get some good local product ideas.  What do most eBay sellers that aren’t drop shipping their products have in common?  They have to ship the packages themselves via US Postal mail, UPS, […]

How to Quit Your Day Job in Six Not So Easy Steps

September 21, 2007

What’s the secret to being able to quit your day job? Make your own time worth more to you per hour than your employer is paying. How can you do that, one step at a time : ) Step One – Overcome NaysayersThis is a topic I’ve been giving a lot of thought to recently. […]

Every Day is a Sales Event – Sales Tactic #5

September 20, 2007

Today is a good day to shop.  As was yesterday and will be tomorrow.  At least that’s what retailers would like you to believe.  Having a Sales Event is a favorite weapon in the arsenal of sellers and the fifth in the Sales Tactics Revealed series. Shop, Shop, ShopWhy is it that every holiday seems […]

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