– Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. Learn from this Artist, Designer, and Catablogger.

February 28, 2007

If I had to describe John Unger in one word it would be passionate. I’ve never met John in person but I’ve enjoyed the enthusiasm that comes through in our virtual interactions. I first ran across John’s work via an article over at ProBlogger, about using a catablog to sell niche products online. I wanted […]

Stock Market Correction Well Timed for Some Dollar Cost Averaging Investors

February 28, 2007

Unless you were away from all forms of media yesterday, you’re probably aware that the market took a beating. It’s not a good day on Wall Street when the DOW is down 3.3%, the S&P 500 down 3.5%, and the NASDAQ down 3.9%. However, if you are dollar cost averaging into the stock market through […]

Generation X Finance – Meet this Entrepreneur

February 27, 2007

Featured Entrepreneur There is hope for Generation X! Jeremy, who currently runs the personal finance blog Generation X Finance is the first entrepreneur to share his insights with us this week. Here’s a little background to help understand where he’s coming from. “I currently act as a retirement plan specialist serving an employer with a […]

Ten Reasons Why You Should Become an Entrepreneur Today

February 27, 2007

Do you have a business idea you’ve always thought would be successful but never got around to working on it? It’s easy to come up with reasons why you haven’t done it. Well I’m going to give you ten reasons why you should get started on your big idea today. Continuous Improvement The only way […]

How to Be an Entrepreneur. Learn the Principles of Making Money for Yourself & Being Your Own Boss.

February 26, 2007

In honor of Entrepreneurship Week USA I’m going to be examining the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur here at Money Smart Life for the next week. According to this article, more people than ever are getting the itch to go into business for themselves. “We are in the midst of the largest […]

Carnival of Debt Reduction #76 – Free Debt Reduction Seminar

February 26, 2007

Welcome to the 76th Carnival of Debt Reduction. Hold onto your hair pieces, and get ready to do the happy dance! Pay close attention to the topics we’re about to cover and you too can celebrate like the guy in the video. This debt reduction seminar will cover the following topics: How to Get Out […]

Stock Picking, Insurance, Saving Money, & Blog Carnival Overload

February 25, 2007

Why Blog carnivals? The concept is to provide readers a quality collection of recent articles on a given topic and blog owners the opportunity to make their writings known. Since the first blog carnival in September of 2002 the number of carnivals has continually grown, with Blog Carnival now reporting a total of 1149 carnivals […]

Payback Time for Payday Loans – Share Your Story and win $50

February 23, 2007

Have you ever had to give 25% of your paycheck to a payday loan company because times were tight? If so, read on to find out how you can get some of that money back. Payday Loans I was recently contacted by a payday loan company and offered $50 for mentioning them in a post. […]

Don’t Die Rich & Lonely. Learn from Ebenezer Scrooge.

February 23, 2007

Ebenezer Scrooge was rich and lonely. He needed ghosts to help him realize his sorry plight. You don’t need a supernatural encounter to change your life. You can do it yourself in three easy steps. Money & Time Time and money have an intimate bond. You participate in this relationship as three different people, your […]

March Madness Money Mayhem

February 23, 2007

March Madness is almost here! I’m pulling for the Kansas Jayhawks to finally make it out of the first round of the NCAA tournament this year. I’m also rooting for my four articles that I’m submitting to the Bracketology over at Free Money Finance. He’s pitting 64 articles from different personal finance blogs against one […]

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