Three Ways Your Boss Can Save You Money on Gas

May 20, 2008

One way to cope with rising gas prices is to try and talk your boss into giving you a raise.  Of course that may be easier said than done considering the poor state of the economy.  Many people are glad to have jobs in the first place, let alone start haggling for a higher salary.  There may be a few ways you can actually get your company to make up for high gas prices without them paying you more money.

Cheap Public Transportation
Ask around at work whether your company offers any discounts on the cost of public transportation.  I can buy a $65 bus pass for only $15 through my human resources department.  The company has some agreement with the local government where they offer discounted bus passes and I’m guessing get tax breaks in return.  The city probably wants to cut down on the amount of cars, congestion, pollution coming into the downtown and work with employers to make that happen. The bus pass is paid for through payroll deduction and they mail new ones to your house right before the old one expires.

Share a Ride
Our company has a program where they facilitate car pooling among employees. They have web accessible software where you can find other commuters in your area to share a ride to and from work with.  One thing that makes car pooling an useable option for many people are scenarios where they need to stay late but are unable to since their ride is leaving. 

If your boss makes you stay late and miss your ride, ask the company to pay for it. My employer has a program that will guarantee you a ride home if you’re a car pooler and have to stay late for work.  They’ll make special arrangements to get you home if it’s necessary for you to stick around longer to finish up company business.

Broadband access and virtual private networks make it possible for many companies now days to allow their employees to work from home.  The biggest sticking point here is probably company policy, your boss, or one of their bosses may not like the idea of people working from home. It seems like some of the bigger companies have blanket policies on telecommuting but smaller companies are more flexible in dealing with individual situations on a case by case basis. 

Talk with your boss about working from home, maybe start negotiating with just one afternoon or day a week.  Skipping the entire commute can not only save you gas money; it can save time and prevent stress as well.  Check out the book “The 4–Hour Workweek” for more information on talking your boss into letting you work remotely.  Read the chapter called “Disappearing Act – How to Escape the Office”.

A Numbers Game – Convincing Your Boss
One of the keys to getting your boss to save you money on gas is to not make them feel the financial pain of the savings.  If you can utilize company programs that don’t come directly out of your manager’s budget, they’re much more likely to be agreeable to the plan. 

Your boss’s job is making their portion of the budget profitable, if you’re dipping directly into those profits they’re more likely to resist.  In cases where it does directly affect their bottom line, if you can demonstrate that you can offset or even overcompensate for the expenses, an example would be working more efficiently or effectively from home, then they may be more willing to bargain.

Saving Money on Gas
For more tips on cutting your gas bill, check out the best gas rewards credit cards and how you can use gas rebates from grocery stores to lower your bill.


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