10 Tools for Meeting Your Money Savings Goals

April 15, 2013

saving money toolAre you looking for a way to boost your savings goals? Thanks to technology, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you reach your goals – no matter what you are trying to accomplish.

Here are some tools that can help you meet your money savings goals:

  1. Mint: If you want to see where your money is going, as well as set up a budget and track your progress, Mint is the free way to do so. Millions of users have used Mint to begin getting back on track.
  2. LearnVest: If you want to add an investment dimension to your saving, LearnVest is a great way to do so. Learn about your habits and create a long-term plan. Bootcamps help you learn to save more effectively, and you can pay for planning services to help you create a five-year plan to put you on the right track.
  3. Personal Capital: What Mint lacks in investing chops, Personal Capital makes up for. You can set savings goals quickly and easily, and use the freemium tools offered by the site to create long-term plans for your money. Personal Capital will even evaluate your retirement accounts and recommend lower-cost options, saving you money over the course of time.
  4. Betterment: This is one of my favorite savings tools. Betterment requires you to make a commitment of at least $100 a month. You answer questions that help the site assess your risk tolerance and your goals, and then your money is automatically invested according to your profile each month. A great way to help you build toward your retirement savings goals.
  5. SmartyPig: Earn a reasonably high yield on your money with SmartyPig, plus get a bonus boost when you use your SmartyPig card for purchases. You can also get a cash back boost when you redeem your account for certain gift cards. Set a goal, and SmartyPig will help you save for it.
  6. ReadyForZero: Want to demolish debt and start saving more? ReadyForZero can help. You can create a personalized plan that will help you pay down your debt while paying as little as possible in interest. It’s a great way to get into savings mode while getting rid of debt.
  7. Barcode Scanner Apps: I am very fond of barcode scanner apps for smartphones. You can snap an image of an item’s barcode, and then see comparisons to prices in town and online. It’s a great way to make sure that you are getting the lowest price. You can then save the money, putting it toward your goals.
  8. Coupon Apps: Don’t forget the coupon apps. You can find mobile coupons, or scan and store hardcopy coupons to your smartphone. Organize your coupons on your phone, and then have them scanned at the register.
  9. YNAB: For the zero-based budgeter, YNAB is a great tool. You can give every dollar a job – including saving up for your goals. This isn’t an automated program, so you are forced to evaluate your spending before it happens. YNAB is a good way to make sure you plan ahead, and help put your savings goals first.
  10. SMART Goals: I like this app because it takes you through the process of setting goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method. You can track your progress, as well as adjust if you need to. Plus, this app can be used for more than just your money goals. Get on the right track with this helpful and informative app.

What are some other tools that can help you meet your money savings goals? Leave a comment!


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2 Responses to 10 Tools for Meeting Your Money Savings Goals

  • David

    Miranda, I signed up for Mint about 5 years ago and track my overall growth and debt every month with their monthly report tool. The email notifications they send me about CC bill reminders are great too!


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