Investment Club Tips

December 15, 2009

Investment clubs startup all over the US each year and help thousands of potential investors learn the basics of the stock market. I’ve never joined an investment club but I have a family member and a former co-worker who are investment club members so I asked them to offer a few tips on starting or joining a club.

Before you decide to invest your money with other people, here are a few things you should consider.

Have Realistic Expectations

If you’re joining an investment club to make a killing in the stock market, you’ll most likely be very disappointed. The goal of an investment club is to learn more about the stock market and if you have dreams of becoming rich you’ll be starting the club for the wrong reasons. Joining an investment club means joining for a long period of time.

You’re Not a Professional Trader

Starting an investment club doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert on the stock market. In fact, an investment club is ideal for a group of amateurs who want to learn about how the stock market works and what it can do for them. An investment club should be a safe environment in which you can invest a little bit of money and not worry about losing a large amount of your hard earned dollars when something unexpected happens.

Minimum Investments

You shouldn’t need a lot of money to start or join an investment club. There will be a minimal fee for each month’s contribution, just make sure that it fits into your budget. If it’s a new investment club, you’ll have the chance to determine what the minimum monthly contribution should be each month when you have your first meeting.

Willingness to Debate & Compromise 

One thing that you should keep in mind is that your voice will be part of the larger group and you may not always have a say in which stocks you want to invest in. If you’re unable to sit back and let another decision take the place of something that you would rather see, then an investment club might not be for you. You’ll need to have the ability to let the majority rule whenever a decision is made.

You Might Lose Money

Be aware that you may never realize a profit from the stock market through your club. One of the important goals and features of an investment club is that you benefit from the learning experience of being with other people with the same interests in the stock market. No one likes to lose money but if you do make sure you learn from the loss.  Analyze what went wrong with the stock picking process and figure out what you’ll do differently next time.


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