Five Free Financial Apps for Your Investment Portfolio

June 14, 2013

investment appIt has been said time and again, how everything is at the tip of your fingers. There is an app for just about anything these days. This includes your investments. You have more options now with your smartphone than were available on any platform just a few short years ago. Get quotes, analysis, breaking news, place trades, and more, all with a few swipes of the finger. For those adept enough to navigate the swirling waters of these volatile markets, there are some great resources out there.

Here are some iPhone apps that can keep you in front of the market movements. By the way, many of these are also available for Android.

Great Investment Apps

1. Bloomberg


He may be trying to limit your soda intake in the Big Apple, but his company has been one of the top names in financial news for years. Bloomberg has an app that will give you all the breaking news to help you keep track of the markets. You can customize the app to specific industries or companies. Additional features allow you to keep track of index movements, follow currencies and monitor your portfolio all from one place.

2. E*Trade Mobile

E*TRADE Mobile

The baby in the commercials wasn’t lying. The highest rated app in terms of trading software (vs Fidelity, Schwab, etc), the technology on this app is a step above its competitors. You can follow your portfolio, place trades, keep track of open orders, manage your cash and even watch CNBC videos on demand (app is free, but trading costs do apply).

3. Kcast Gold Live!+

Kcast Gold Live!+

Could this be a game changer for you? Maybe . . . with this app you can not only keep track of gold prices, you can also monitor other precious metals and currencies. You can get full screen technical charts to analyze trends from anywhere.


4. Seeking Alpha Portfolio

Seeking Alpha Portfolio

The “#1 website for serious investors” now gives you an app to take on the go. Continue to get great articles and investment ideas that have made Seeking Alpha a great investment resource for people all over the world. You can set different themes to focus on dividends, small cap, emerging markets, and more.


5. Trade Interceptor Forex Mobile

Trade Interceptor Forex Mobile

This is a multi-broker Forex app that allows you streaming quotes from the top trading companies in the world. You can get market data, analyze charts, set price alerts and keep your eye on trends. There is also a desktop application you can set up and free tutorials and webinars available on their website.

There is some overlap between these apps. You will most likely not need all five, but each offers great resources the others do not. Ultimately, it is the news that helps investors make decisions, and there are plenty of other websites and apps you can add to this list. Whether you fight this battle alone or use a financial advisor, these options can help you stay informed. Pick and choose, add new ones, but use something. Making uninformed investment decisions can be one of your biggest mistakes.

What are a few of your favorite investment apps? Leave a comment!


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