Forbes Mutual Fund Survey Turns Up Mairs & Power Growth

September 4, 2007

When Forbes recently published its annual mutual fund survey one of the funds on its Honor Roll (top 10 funds) caught my eye.  Since I pretty much stick to index funds for our portfolio I’m not invested in any of the top 10 but I’m going to take another look at #3, Mairs & Power Growth (MPGFX).

One thing I liked about the Honor Roll is that it highlighted performance in both up and down markets.  Although it has a C performance in up markets,


Mairs & Power Growth has an A rating in down markets.  It managed to stay mostly ahead of the S&P during the good markets of the last 5 years and beat it nicely during the last 10 which included some nasty market drops.

Since we have the largest percentage of our portfolio invested in an S&P 500 index fund, an investment in Mairs & Power Growth might help offset losses during rough times in the overall market.  A Smart Money article from a few years ago noted that “the Growth fund performs best during — and especially after — a fall in the market.” 

The combination of no load, low expenses, and low turnover make it seem attractive as a good buy and hold fund especially if it has historically done well when the market is down.  I’ll have to research the fund further but so far it seems like it could be a good fit.

The funds that made the Honor Roll in the Forbes 2007 mutual fund survey are listed below in order:

  • Bruce Fund
  • Keeley Small Cap Value
  • Mairs & Power Growth
  • Delafield Fund
  • Third Avenue Value
  • Muhlenkamp
  • Stratton Small-Cap Value
  • Osterweis
  • Perritt MicroCap Opportunities
  • Value Line Emerging Opportunities

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