Discover Credit Cards in Cereal Boxes?

June 26, 2009


When I went to recycle an old box of Honey Nut Cheerios last night a small silver package fell out of the container.  Now I’m sure my wife would have just thrown it away without opening it but I’m a sucker for free stuff (even if it’s a toy in a box of cereal) so I peeled open the plastic.  I was certainly surprised to see what was what looked to be a Discover credit card! 

I flipped the card over and read the back; turns out it’s a cash card, ours is loaded with $5.  I went to the website listed on the back and typed in my card number and special code to activate it.  According to the instructions, it can be used anywhere Discover is accepted.   It says to have the cashier ring up the card as credit, not debit. Apparently one in 10 boxes of certain General Mills cereal has one of the “prizes inside” and the amounts range from $5, $10, $20, $25.

I’ve never gotten a credit card in a box of cereal before, I’m used to seeing cheapy little toys that end up getting stuck in the vaccuum cleaner, so this was a cool surprise.  It’s only $5 but it’s enough to buy another two boxes of cereal : )

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3 Responses to Discover Credit Cards in Cereal Boxes?

  • Helene

    Thanks for your contribution to The Work at Home Family Carnival. Surprising to find this in a kid’s cereal.

  • Jer @ Debt Consolidation Connection

    Now that’s a really good advertising idea or they are getting really desperate. And since most cereals seem to be geared toward kids, they are starting the branding of Discover early on. While I like free money, I would be upset if my kid found one in the box. A 4 year old does not need to know what Discover or Visa is.

  • Brandy

    I think I need to go cheek some of our boxes. What a great suprise.