Chase Credit Card Alerts Save the Day!

April 29, 2010

Chase credit card alerts have saved me from late fees and missed payments more than once. I was reminded of this yesterday when a big transaction came through on my card and I was notified of the larger than normal charge. I’ve only used the alerts for my Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire cards but I imagine they’re are available on any Chase credit cards you might use.

These alerts are particularly useful if you use online bill pay and online banking to automate most of your finances.  You can be notified when things are going smoothly, such as when a payment is made, and also when there are problems, such as a late payment.  Here’s a list of the alerts that Chase offers for their credit cards to help you keep track of their status. I’ve group them into the types events that you can monitor.

Credit Card Payments

  • No payment was received for this account
  • My payment is due in __ days
  • A payment has been posted to this account 

Unusual Activity

  • More than __ ($ USD) is charged to my card for a single transaction
  • An international charge has been posted to this account 
  • A balance transfer has been posted to this account 

Credit Limit

  • My balance reaches __ ($ USD)
  • My available credit is less than __% of credit limit
  • My available credit is less than __ ($ USD)

You can pick and choose which of the alerts that you want to recieve, I think the default when you first sign up is that you don’t recieve any alerts.

Credit Alert Options

In terms of how you get the alerts you can select two different email addresses, your phone number, and a text message option.  You can have each alert sent to one, all, or any combination of your phone, email addresses, and text options.

From a security perspective, they don’t send out your full credit card number in the alerts, just the last four digits.  You can also sign up for online security alerts if you manage your account on the web; these alerts will let you know anytime your user id or password changes.

There is one more alert option if you have a rewards card that I didn’t list above because it didn’t fit into any of the categories.  You can be notified when your rewards balance exceeds a certain number points. For example, if you have a cash back reward card and need 5000 points to earn $50, you can be notified when you have enough points to redeem your cash back.


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