How Better Health Translates into Financial Success

February 4, 2013

healthy exerciseBetter health may be the most underrated component of financial success. But if you realize that your body is your “vehicle” in life, the possession through which all other activities are possible, you begin to realize the magnitude of this connection.

There’s virtually nothing you can do in life without good health, and the better your health is, the better you will be able to weather the stresses of life, and the more you’ll be able accomplish.

Better health can have a direct impact on your financial fitness. Consider some of the benefits that will come to your finances as a result of having better health.

1. Lower healthcare costs.

This is the most direct financial impact from better health. If you are healthy, that will mean fewer trips to the doctor, fewer drug therapies, and fewer trips to the hospital. And if you are self-employed, or have a private health insurance policy, better health will also mean lower insurance premiums.

That can save you a small fortune over a lifetime.

2. More energy at work.

One of the biggest reasons why some people are more successful than others, on the job or in business, is because of a high energy level. That’s not something you will have if your health is compromised. But if you feel good and you take good care of yourself, energy will just flow from your body. That energy can be used to accomplish tasks that you won’t be able to if you are in poor health.

You’ll work faster and more efficiently, you will be more alert in all that you do, and you’ll probably even sleep better. All of that will leave you in a better position to take on new challenges that can take you in directions that will lead to higher pay.

You can think of having good health as a way of winning by default. You will outperform others doing similar jobs, and establish yourself as a high-level performer. If you are in business for yourself, it can be an even greater advantage. When you feel good, you’re also confident, and that’s an important foundation to build on in taking your business to higher levels.

3. An improved outlook.

Optimism is often tied to circumstances. One of those circumstances is your health. Even if other aspects of your life may be in some level of disarray, if you enjoy good health you will feel that you are able to take on any challenges that come your way. When you feel this way you can hardly help but be optimistic – and that’s important when it comes to finances.

An improved outlook will not only help you in your job or business, but it can also help in investing money. Because you have more confidence in your ability to make a living, you’re in a better position to consider wider investment options. For example, if you are certain of your career abilities, you’ll be more likely to invest aggressively in equity investments, confident that even if the worst happens you will be able to overcome it.

When you have a positive outlook, others cannot help but look to you as a leader and that can not only benefit you in your career or business, but it also extends to all other areas of life. Your social life and community involvement can be improved as a result of having better health. You will be in a strong position help others, rather than to rely on others to help you. More connection with others will lead to more contacts, and that will create more opportunities everywhere, including your career or business.

4. One less (major) issue to worry about.

We live in a world that seems as if there is more to worry about than we have the capacity to handle. But if you are in good health, you will have one less very important issue to worry about.

We already have TV and the Internet letting us know several times each day about all the many, many, many threats to our health. Not only are there the usual warnings about heart disease, cancer and stroke, but we’re treated to a regular stream of other diseases that we never knew existed. The message often seems to be if you’re not worried, then you need to be!

But if the messages are even remotely true, being in a state of worry is never constructive. By taking care of your health, you can approach these issues in a constructive way. Better health comes about through better living, and that gives you some sense of control over your health. Rather than concerning yourself with which prescription therapies you need to be on, you can instead work on avoiding ever having the disease or condition in the first place.

We’re less prone to worry when we have a plan of action that we can use to deal with a potential crisis. Rather than worrying, you can choose to eat better, exercise more, lose weight, and give up certain bad habits such as cigarette smoking or heavy alcohol consumption. You will create a positive direction that will leave little room for worry.

Better health might not remove all of your worries, but it is a really big one that, once out of the way, frees your mind to concentrate on other areas of concern. The less we can worry about anything in life, the better prepared we are for whatever else we need to do. That will lead to a clearer head that will help you to move forward in life. And when you’re moving forward everything else seems to fall in to place. That can include your career and your finances.

Though the connection can be very subtle, better health creates a foundation that you can build upon that will ultimately lead to greater financial success. The next time you want to start a new financial initiative, you may want to put on some running shoes and take up jogging first. You’ll feel better and it will clear your head for the new challenge that you are taking on.

Are you taking care of your health? If so, how have you seen that improve your financial situation?


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Kevin Mercadante is professional personal finance blogger, and the owner of his own personal finance blog, He has backgrounds in both accounting and the mortgage industry. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and two teenage kids and can be followed on Twitter at @OutOfYourRut.

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3 Responses to How Better Health Translates into Financial Success

  • My Wealth Desire

    What I know is that, you are the most precious asset; because, you are the one who is making money. It is right to take care your health always and to get health insurance to protect you from huge medical bill every time you visit hospital.

    • Kevin

      Most health issues are within our ability to control. No matter what else is going on, health always has to be a priority. And you’re so right, your health is precious because without it you can’t even make a living.


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