Free Summer Festivals

April 17, 2010

Summertime is great for free festivals! There are music festivals, art fairs, food festivals, even kite festivals!  Once the weather gets warm there are all kinds of free summer events you can enjoy outdoors. The picture you see here is from a local kite festival that was a good time and a great summer event […]

5 Inexpensive Ways To Have Fun In College

August 13, 2008

College was not too long ago for me, and there are times when I wish I could get those days back. The friends you meet, the experiences, the football games, and staying up all night are great memories that I’ll never forget. I never had much money in college. My parents didn’t give me a […]

Blockbuster Free Trial – One Month of Total Access Online Movie Rental

April 19, 2008

What’s better than a two week free trial of online DVD rentals?  How about a whole month free trial? I’ve written before how we’ve used Blockbuster free trials to get free movies and just last week I talked about an offer I’d seen for a two week free trial of Blockbuster Total Access. I mentioned […]