Bond Fund Investing

October 27, 2009

Bond funds probably aren’t the investments that you spend hours investigating and researching when building your portfolio or 401k.  Typically individual stocks or equity mutual funds are the primary investing focus and bond funds are an afterthought if they’re included at all. However, bond mutual funds and their fixed income can be just as important […]

Bond Investing Strategies

October 9, 2009

Bond investing strategies to help you decide how to invest in bonds are the next topic to cover now that we’ve talked about bond investing basics and some bond investment terms. Bond Ladders Bond ladders are a strategy where an investor purchases bonds with different maturity dates. It is the fixed income equivalent of dollar […]

Bond Investing Terms

October 6, 2009

Bond investing terms can be confusing for someone who’s never been around the bond market. I remember the first conversation I had with a bond investor; I knew he was speaking English but his talk of yield curves and zero coupon bonds made it feel like a foreign language. If you don’t know the bond […]

Bond Investing Basics

October 5, 2009

Bond Investing Overview Bond investments should probably be a part of most portfolios; across all ages, investing goals, and levels of risk tolerance. The problem is many people spend their time learning how to invest in stocks and aren’t aware of the benefits that investing in bonds can offer. In general, investors spend very little […]