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August 10, 2010

Angies List has added a new feature called the “Big Deal” that could save you some money on house projects.  The way it works is that contractors or service providers with good Angies List reviews can offer special prices to members of the list.

For example, in the last few weeks I’ve seen deals for carpet cleaning, interior painting, hardwood floor installation/refinishing, and air conditioner inspection/tune-up.

Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance
The most recent was a local air conditioner company offering $30 off their air conditioning maintenance services; which was 33% off their regular rates.  If we hadn’t had ours serviced earlier this summer I would have taken advantage of the deal.  Their normal prices seem higher than the service we usually use but with the discount the rate was lower than we’ve ever paid for AC work.

Timing of Deals
One downside to the deals is that they usually only last for a limited time, a week or two, so you have to time it just right.  For example, since we just bought a new house we could use the discount on interior painting but weren’t quite ready for the work when the deal was featured a few weeks ago so we had to pass on it. 

One thing I haven’t asked is how much time you have to use the service after you pay for it. For example, could I buy this week while it’s a deal but then schedule them to come and do the work a month later? I imagine it might depend on the contractor or service provider, I’ll have to ask next time I see a deal that could save us money.

Saving Money vs Quality Work
Of course you don’t want to hire someone just because they’re offering a good deal; the saying “you get what you pay for” exists for a reason.  Over the years I’ve learned that automatically going with the lowest bid can come back to haunt you.  Even though you save some money up front, the contractor may not do as good a job or as complete a job as someone who charged more for the same service.

That’s why I was glad to see that not just any contractor or company can participate in the “Big Deal” and offer a discount on their services.  Angies List only allows service providers with top ratings from previous customers to feature deals on home improvement work.  So you won’t get some fly by night company trying to make a quick buck, the deals will be from quality companies offering legitimate discounts on their work.

Big Deal Email Alerts
You won’t be able to see the deals offered unless you’re a member, here are some Angies List promotion codes. Once you signup, you’ll get an email alert when new deals become available.  It’s a new feature that just launched in June, so far I’ve gotten an email with a deal every week or two. Click here to try it out and start getting the home improvement deals in your inbox.


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