Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Investing

July 27, 2015

Many of us feel overwhelmed by investing, partly because there are myths about how difficult it is to invest and partly because we don’t understand all the technical terms and concepts we read about or hear financial professionals use. However, investing doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t have to be overwhelmed. Here are a few […]

How to Save Money on Youth Sports Equipment & Fees

July 20, 2015

How can you save money on youth sports? I’ve always loved saving money and the last few years our two young kids have played basketball, baseball, t-ball, and soccer so I guess it makes sense that I’d have a lot to share on the topic of cutting costs for youth sports. My suggestions will be most helpful […]

Why it’s Easy to Wake Up Broke & in Debt

July 7, 2015

If you had to pick between an easy option and a hard one, which would you be more likely to choose? The easy path isn’t always the wisest one. However, the fact that it’s easier can sometimes explain why we get ourselves into a mess in life. People my age place an emphasis on convenience. […]