Carpal Tunnel Makes Me Feel Like Darth Vader!

July 21, 2007

One of the recommended treatments for carpal tunnel is to wear wrist splints while you sleep, while you type, and other times you’re using your wrists.  I’m wearing a Futuro splint on each hand at night, at work, and various times during the day and feel like half man/half machine.  Now I know what Darth Vader […]

The High Cost of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

July 19, 2007

My doctor confirmed my fears yesterday, I’ve typed my way into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I go in for another test Friday to determine the extent of the problem. So far it’s cost me a $25 co-pay and $45 for a pair of wrist splints.  Unfortunately, the highest cost has been my lack of productivity in […]

How Money Can Change A Life

July 18, 2007

What would you say to a drug dealer who asked to bum a cigarette?  My answer was pretty simple, “I don’t smoke”.  He laughed and said I was smart, I told him he should quit.  Of course at that point I didn’t know he was a drug dealer and gang member, that came out later […]

Jury Duty is Costing Me Money!

July 17, 2007

I’ve been summoned for jury duty, my first time going through the process.  I called into the informational phone number listed on the summons to find out what time to arrive, where to park, etc. and discovered I was actually going to be losing money while on jury duty! The courthouse is downtown and the […]

High Energy Bill Edition – Personal Finance Review

July 15, 2007

Our first big energy bill for the summer came this week.  The summer is always a killler not just because it’s so hot but also because my wife has stopped working and needs to keep the house cool all day long.  We did have the AC tuned up a few months ago so hopefully its […]

What Would You Do With An Extra Paycheck?

July 14, 2007

What would you do with an extra paycheck?  My wife finished her teaching job in May and we thought her last paycheck would come at the end of July.  We were thrilled to discover recently that she would actually be in paid August as well!  My first reaction was to plan another impromptu vacation this […]

Money Mistakes To Avoid – Misunderstanding Risk

July 12, 2007

Fear and past experience are too often what drive our perception and preparation for risk.  Past ExperienceThe article “Seven Money Mistakes to Avoid” in Smart Money magazine talks about “availability basis”, a term psychologists use to describe how people measure risk mentally.  We rely on images and emotions that come easily to mind when gauging how to prepare for […]

Money Mistakes To Avoid – Loss Aversion

July 11, 2007

We covered the first money mistake yesterday and learned not to save with the right hand and spend with the left.  The next mistake the Smart Money magazine article covers is a psychological effect that affects many of us, loss aversion.  Loss AversionI like the way that Wikipedia explains the concept.  Ask yourself this question, “would […]

Money Mistakes to Avoid – Not Seeing the Big Picture

July 10, 2007

Do you ever make a money mistake that seemed really dumb in hindsight?  Well, you’re not alone. Our minds can trick many of us into misusing our money in ways that seemed perfectly justifiable at the time. The field of behavioral economics studies how our financial behavior is affected by psychology. Smart Money magazine has […]

eBay Advice Edition – Personal Finance Review

July 8, 2007

As you may already know I sell on eBay to make extra money so I always perk up when I read eBay related items.  Here are several eBay references I ran across this week: – Blueprint for Financial Prosperity gives a primer on how to sell gadgets on eBay, think iPhone. – Flexo’s eBay account was […]

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