Your Wish is My Command – Reader Survey

June 11, 2008

The suggestions and ideas are piling in! Thanks to everyone who has completed the reader survey, I’ll definitely incorporate your suggestions and topic ideas into the site! One thing I’ve noticed so far is the wide variety of reader interests, covering them all will be a lot of fun.

Abandoned surveys
One of the things the survey software keeps track of is how many surveys were started and not completed. Every person that opens the survey and leaves right away or answers just a few questions and leaves creates what they call an “Abandoned Survey”. How sad, poor abandoned surveys 🙂 I guess these are readers that were interested in seeing what the survey was all about but decide not to give their answers. I was trying to think of reasons why people might abandon a survey:

You don’t feel comfortable answering the questions
I didn’t put any question on there I wouldn’t feel comfortable answering anonymously but of course everyone is different. Remember, if there’s not a red star next to a question the software will let you skip it.

You don’t want to take the time to answer.
I made almost all the questions multiple choice so that you can just breeze through the survey in no time at all. Plus I decided to give away some personal finance ebooks to everyone that completes the survey to make it worth your time. I’m also giving away money to randomly chosen readers that fill out the survey. More about that in the next section.

Prize Passcode
As I mentioned above, I’m giving away $50 to two people who fill out the survey. After you’ve completed & submitted the questions you’ll be taken to a thank you page. There’s a prize passcode on the thank you page, if you email that passcode to me, you’re entered to win the money.

Surprisingly, most people who complete the survey aren’t emailing the passcode. As of this morning only two people have sent me the passcode, which means we already have our two winners if no one else emails me one! So if you haven’t taken the survey yet, click here to fill it out and send me the prize passcode, your chances of winning look pretty good!

Survey Duration
One question I’ve gotten is when I’m going to be giving away the $50 prizes. I’ve decided to give away the first $50 soon as an early mover prize. The second $50 prize will be awarded once all the surveys are collected. Of course the odds of winning go down for the second $50 prize since there will be more names in the hat after all surveys are complete. To say thanks to the readers that fill out the survey early on, I’ll give away the fist prize soon. If you have a second, click here to fill out the survey today and send me the prize passcode so you can get your name in the first giveway.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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