World Cup Goals

June 13, 2010

Watching the US play in the World Cup got me thinking about goals.  Not just the ball in the back of the net goals, but also financial goals that we set for ourselves.

One goal of mine is to attend the World Cup at some point in my life.  I grew up playing soccer; I really love the sport and in my high school years spent a lot of my free time playing the game.  I lived in Germany at the time so not only did I get to play on and against some German teams I also was also immersed in the German passion for the game.  I can only imagine that being at the World Cup, where so many passionate and devoted fans from around the globe gather to watch the best in the world play soccer, would be an amazing experience.

Of course the plane ticket, game tickets, hotels, food, and vacation time would all add up for a pretty hefty price tag for a trip like that.  Given the current financial constraints of our family spending all that money would certainly hurt our progress towards other family goals.

Of course not everyone wants to go to the World Cup but I imagine we all have something similar that we’d love to do that carries a big price tag. What’s your “World Cup” type goal and how do you prioritize it against all your other goals?

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2 Responses to World Cup Goals

  • James

    the world cup frenzy is on….next game is friday AM out here on the west coast i will be up at 6:30 to watch and enjoy the US…

  • Craig/FFB

    I could never get into soccer but I I’ll have to check in on the world cup to see what all of the excitement is about.

    Thanks for mentioning my article about health savings accounts!