What’s in Your Wallet?

November 7, 2010

You probably already know most of the things in my wallet but there are two things that you might find most interesting.  I’ll start off with the stuff you know because I’ve written about it before.

I don’t keep all my credit cards in my wallet, just the Blue Cash and Chase Freedom cards because those are the ones I use the most.  I’ve written see ID on the back of both cards instead of signing them so having my driver’s license is also a must. Obviously there’s my Costco membership card, alongside our health insurance and USAA card.

Overflowing Receipts
The first thing that you might not know about are all the receipts in my wallet.  If you’ve ever seen the Seinfeld episode where George has the wallet overflowing with receipts, that used to be me.  It’s not quite as full as it used to be, I’ve tried to do a better job of keeping it under control, but ever since I’ve owned a wallet I’ve been in the habit of saving every single receipt.

When we were moving I actually found some envelopes in the basement that had credit card receipts from over ten years ago, it was like a trip down memory lane reading through the places I’d spent money.  I still save most of the receipts but now they go in a folder instead of my wallet.

Cashless Wallet
The other thing you might notice about my wallet is that it has no cash in it.  On occasion a few one dollar bills will sneak in but typically I don’t have a dime in my wallet.  I hardly ever go to the bank or the ATM; I just put everything on our credit cards.  Of course when I run into a place that doesn’t accept credit cards it makes things a little difficult but if I’m ever robbed at least I won’t be out any money.

What’s in Your Wallet?
A few weeks ago the Money Writers shared what was in their wallets.  Since these last two weeks have been insanely busy for me thanks to an anonymous hacker and my new business coach, I didn’t have time to participate.  So now you know what’s in my wallet, here’s what they shared:

So now you’e peeked inside all our wallets, what’s in yours?

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4 Responses to What’s in Your Wallet?

  • Robert @ The College Investor

    I was at the post office last week and I tried to use my credit card that also had “See ID” written on the back. The clerk told me that they could not accept my card, as it had to be signed, as per my cardholder agreement. I was frustrated….

    Has this happened to you before?

  • Jaime @ Eventual Millionaire

    Great roundup, and I love to know what everyone carries in their wallets. Mine looks just like yours today, with receipts and no cash. Though normally I do keep at least 20 bucks in there.

    Thanks for including me!

  • Andrew @ Money Crashers

    Haha, love your overflowing receipts imagery. Reminds me of myself…I’m pretty guilty of that stuff (and 100’s of random cards and change)….my wallet is overflowing. Thanks for the mention!


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