What Can You Do to Address Global Poverty?

October 18, 2008

I have been somewhat disconnected from the financial blogosphere lately and I missed an important event, Poverty Awareness via Blog Action Day.

As the income gap continues to grow, wealth distribution in this country and around the world follows the idea of the 80/20 rule; a small percentage of the world has the majority of the wealth. I learned about many of the causes behind global poverty and potential solutions when I earned my international studies undergraduate degree. For a variety of reasons I ended up with a career in information technology instead of using what I had learned studying global politics and economics but the experience did open my eyes to the issues the world is facing.

The problems seem so daunting and overwhelming but there are many people working to solve them.  For example, Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank and Matt and Jessica Flannery of Kiva are working to put money in the hands of entrepreneurs in underdeveloped nations.  You can fund people in need directly through Kiva or you can donate to organizations, one of my favorite is Mercy Corp.

One simple thing that everyone can do is to visit The Hunger Site every day  and click the Give button.  Each click donates a portion of food, there is no cost to the visitor, the site is advertiser supported.

Here are some other thoughts and suggestions about global poverty that were written as part of Blog Action Day:

Everyone can use their own skills to help address the issue, below is a video from Tina Fey, using her celebrity status to bring awareness to the topic of global hunger.  What skills can you use to make a difference?


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One Response to What Can You Do to Address Global Poverty?

  • Leron Peters

    What a nice touch to have Tina tqlk about world Hunger. It puts all our financial thing and issues in perspective. As the old guys would say “may God bless you.”Leron