What are You Teaching Your Children this Christmas?

November 29, 2007

Being a self-employed single mom of two, I have no guarantee of a certain monthly income, especially during the holidays. After all, my clients are also feeling the budget crunch of Christmas, so they are less likely to require my services.

Unfortunately for my children, it also means that Mama’s Christmas list has to be more economical, and there probably won’t be as many presents under the tree this year. Nevertheless, this could prove to be the best Christmas ever!

Why? Maybe my kids and I will take the time to remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Is it only because of all the presents under the tree? I sure hope not! Is it the opportunity to get together with family and friends? Is it a celebration of the foundation of our religious beliefs? Is it a day set aside for letting people know how much they are loved and appreciated?

Why do you celebrate Christmas? If you do not blow your finances to smithereens and charge your soul, will your family grumble, complain, and really think you love them any less? What are you teaching your children this Christmas?

Obviously, you are concerned about your financial well-being. You want to understand how to improve your finances. You want to get out of debt, learn how to save, learn how to spend wisely, learn how to budget, or a plethora of other issues related to money, or you wouldn’t be participating in this blog-right?

Since you believe in being wise with your money, there is no time like the present to begin instilling good financial sense in your children. Teach them that the depth of your love is not measure by the size of your wallet. Show them ways you can enjoy the holidays and give, without spending a cent.

For example, giving of your time to help the needy at the local soup kitchen is an excellent way to foster a giving heart, and help your children realize their blessings, even if Santa is not wealthy this year. Volunteer to ring the bell for charity this season. Make a Christmas basket for the elderly lady next door, and take the time to sit down and share the contents.

No, you may not be able to buy your children the gifts you had hoped to afford this Christmas; nor, should you go into financial debt. Instead, you can give them the priceless gift of giving.

Can you think of other economical ways to enjoy Christmas or give of yourself to those less fortunate or lonely?



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One Response to What are You Teaching Your Children this Christmas?

  • used vans girl

    Never really asked the question what am I Teaching my daughter this Christmas. I guess like many parents its just trying to bribe them into being good, by the threat of Christmas presents not being delivered from Santa if they are bad. Had not considered teaching her that Christmas is about giving, its a good thought and something I am going to strongly consider. Thanks