Top Affiliate Challenge Could Make You an Internet Reality Star!

March 12, 2008

When I was in Vegas I met a guy named Thor Schrock, who I’d watched on Joel Comm’s Next Internet Millionaire internet reality show.  The show was a competition to see who could learn the most about marketing on the internet from industry experts and put what they learned into action.  Thor made it deep into the competition and just missed being one of the two in the final showdown for the grand prize.

Anyhow, I ran into Thor and his wife at an event in Vegas and got to spend a while chatting with them about the show, their family, and what they were up to now.  It was a nice visit, they’re from the Midwest like me and also have a toddler so we shared funny stories of the little guys waiting for us back home.

Top Affiliate Challenge
I found out that Thor is in the midst of launching his own internet reality show called Top Affiliate Challenge.  Below is the description from the site, basically, it’s a chance to get hands on experience marketing on the internet while being advised by an expert in the field. 

Top Affiliate Challenge is the web’s first real-time reality program. Over a three week period 12 internet marketers will be divided into three teams. Each team will be led by an established and successful affiliate marketing guru.

Individuals will compete personally as well as part of their team to maintain their place on the show. Teams will promote real affiliate products on the internet to real potential customers amid all of the normal competition that would naturally occur.

Why Do You Care?
I’m writing about Thor’s show for two reasons.  The first is that the show is accepting applications for contestants, you submit a video explaining why you should be chosen to be on the Top Affiliate Challenge.  You can see all the videos already submitted here, anyone can apply!  I’m sure it would be an experience you’d never forget, two of the experts have already been announced, Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker and John Chow.  I’d love to apply myself, just don’t know if I’d want to be away from my family for the whole time.

Of course, being broadcast to the world isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. The second reason I’m writing about the show is that you’ll be able to learn a lot just by watching. The show airs in July, you can keep up to date on the show’s progress at the Top Affiliate Challenge blog.  If you decide to apply let me know so I can vote for your audition!


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  • Chad Van Norman

    Local man to be giving away his winnings for the Top Affiliate Challenge Internet Reality Show!

    Fond du Lac , WI – March, 29 2008 – “Top Affiliate Challenge” ( is the first real-time reality show that will air exclusively on the Internet. The show will feature three teams of four Internet marketers, each led by an online marketing guru. The teams will compete against each other to determine who can best promote and sell products on the Internet. “Viewers can expect to learn how to successfully promote products on the Internet,\” said Schrock, who was the second runner-up in “The Next Internet Millionaire,” the Web’s first reality show. “At the same time, viewers will enjoy the drama that arises as individuals weigh team interests against self interests, all the time knowing there can only be one Top Affiliate.”

    The show will be filmed for three weeks in July, in Lincoln, Nebraska. The show is the brain child of Thor Schrock, Lincoln businessman and entrepreneur. Schrock was the second runner-up in the web’s first reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire.

    I am auditioning for the Internet’s NEWEST Reality show called Top Affiliate Challenge. Most of my friends think that I have completely lost it because of what I am about to tell you. This is my proposition for you. “Win the Prize Money from Top Affiliate Challenge Internet Reality Show, Without Even Being On The Show….”says Chad Van Norman. Let myself, literally acting as your “Stunt Double” go in, rip up the reality TV show, and allow you to share in ALL the money I sweat over making while in there. I want to be on the show, I just don’t need the money though, so I’ll be sharing it with people who help me get on the show. In order for me to get on the show I have to get people to vote on my audition video, I need alot of votes. Now a vote takes roughly a minute or less, but the competition takes three weeks. So all my time, effort & money won… in return for a vote? Does that sound fair?? Duh, of course not. But take me for a ride anyway, being on this show means so much to me, I’m willing to bend over backwards and give ALL the money away… I just need to get on it! What I am willing to do for everyone that joins today is give you the chance to win the Money I would win on the show. Doing so is completely 100% FREE! Go to: for more information about my bribe to get everyone to vote for me.

    Chad Van Norman is a Fond du Lac, WI resident and a full time Internet Marketer since Jan. 2005. He is asking everyone in the area to go and join and vote 10 for him and help him get on the show. Who knows maybe someone local will win any prize money that he wins.

  • big jason on the top affiliate challenge

    i’m auditioning for the chance to work with and just talk with shoemoney and john chow while actually competing.

    Checkout my top affiliate challenge video audition.

    big jason

  • No Debt Plan

    Nice… I’d love to team up with John Chow or something like that. His website income is insane.

  • intelligent

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