Top 3 Tools to Ace the Job Interview and Get Hired

June 4, 2013

job interviewOne of the toughest parts of the job search process is the interview. You will sit down, face to face with someone who is evaluating you, and hope to stand out.

The interview is especially intimidating because you don’t know what you are up against. You won’t see how others perform; you only have your own experience to go on. Before you go in for an interview, it’s vital that you get ready.

You can boost your advantage in a job interview with the help of the following tools:

1. LinkedIn

Before you go in for an interview, you should do some research. You should know about the company, as well as about the interviewer. For many jobs, you might actually be given the name of the interviewer. This gives you the chance to do a little digging on LinkedIn.

First of all, stop off by the company’s LinkedIn page. You can get some solid information about the company from this page, and see what sorts of news items are shared, including what’s active on the company’s Twitter account, and what things the company seems to think are important.

Then, if you know the name of your interviewer, look him or her up on LinkedIn. Having an idea of what company he or she worked for last, as well as how he or she views the current role in the job, can give you an edge as you converse with the interviewer. It can also provide you with some good ideas for questions to ask when you are given the chance.

2. Newsle

What else is being said about the company and the interviewer? What quotes have been shared by higher-ups in the company, and how have they handled crises? While you don’t want to bring up unflattering episodes related to the company and its principal players, you can get a good idea of the corporate culture from seeing how a company handles itself when faced with problems.

Use Newsle to get more information and background on a company and individuals. This will help you think of more questions, as well as prepare you for tough “what if” questions. In some cases, interviewers use examples related to a real-life problem to gauge your own abilities. Understanding how things went with that issue, and thinking of how you could have handled it differently, can help you gain an edge during your interview.

3. Interviews App

Want help preparing for your interviews and keeping everything straight? This app from the popular job search site can help. This app comes with a number of tools and tips, as well as a coaching feature, that can help you prepare for any interview.

You can also keep up with what interviews you are going to. Receive reminders, and make notes about each interview. You can keep straight the interview, who you’re supposed to be interviewing with, and more. This app also includes helpful hints on how to properly follow up with your interviewer. One of the most important aspects of the interview is what happens after. You want to do it right so that you form a good impression in the mind of the interviewer.

Bottom Line

You need to be well-prepared for an interview if you want to stand out. You should know about the company and its principal players. You should also have a fairly decent understanding of the interviewer. Think of how you might answer certain questions, and what intelligent questions you can ask.

The reality of an interview is that you will be evaluated on your competence and knowledge. Proper preparation is key if you want to stand out in a positive way.

What are some other ways you prepare yourself for a job interview? Leave a comment!


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