Tax Organization Tips & Giveaway Winner

February 18, 2012

Thanks to everyone who participated in the  tax organizer kit giveaway in preparation for upcoming tax season!  If you missed it, all you had to do was share a tax tip to enter into the giveaway.

Tax Tips

As the chart below shows, one tip was by far the most popular.  People said it in a variety of ways but basically it boiled down to keeping all your tax records in one place.

Some people filed them digitally, some used a folder, a binder, a drawer, and others didn’t say exactly what they stored their tax records in.  But overall the suggestion was to gather your receipts and records as you got them through the year and keep them in a single place. Obviously the main benefits of this are that you don’t have to spend a lot of time hunting for documentation come tax season and you’re not worried about misplacing important tax forms.

A few people suggested to start preparing them early and there were two tips that I put in the “Other” category.  One was to make copies/backups of your tax information and tax returns so that you don’t lose them.  The other tip was to ask for advice on your taxes if you think you need it.

Tax Kit Winner

Overall, some good tips! To choose a winner, I gave each person a number based on the order they left their comment (those who are subscribed to the email newsletter also got a second number).  I used to pick a number, whoever’s number it matched won the tax kit.  Carrie from CarefulCents had the lucky number this time.

Thanks to everyone for participating and thanks to Office Depot for sponsoring the giveaway!



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One Response to Tax Organization Tips & Giveaway Winner

  • Einstein

    Starting early is the best way to get things squared away. You should already be thinking about this tax year and filing in 2013. The more time you devote to a “tax strategy” for the next year, the more you save!

    I would benefit tremendously from taking my own advice. Alas, taxes are boring, and accountants are expensive. I’ve only recently learned the value of paying someone to complete my taxes and develop a tax strategy for the full year before it starts.