Tax Forms, Tax Brackets, Tax Credits, Tax Softare, and More!

February 6, 2009

Tax season is approaching and most people are starting to think about filing their tax returns (except some politicians like Tom Daschle and Timothy Geithner).

Tax Tips and Resources

We’ve been putting together some tax tips to help make it easier for you to prepare and file your taxes this year and wanted to review what we’ve covered so far.

We started off talking about some useful tax credits and also came up with a list of common tax forms that you’ll want to be gathering in advance of doing your taxes.  Then we took a look at ways you might be able to use free eFile and also dug into the federal tax brackets.

Everyone’s tax preparation needs are different, we take a look at tax preparation services like H&R Block and Liberty Tax and whether they’re right for you.  For those that prefer to file thier taxes themselves, we reviewed some of the best tax software packages and had a Turbo Tax review.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the email address of the entrants in our TaxCut giveaway so if you’re one of them, send us your email through our contact form so we can announce a winner.

Have fun with those taxes : )


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3 Responses to Tax Forms, Tax Brackets, Tax Credits, Tax Softare, and More!

  • the weakonomist

    I’ve already done my taxes and expect a return next week! I’m really pumped and proud I took care of it early. On top of that I didn’t have to pay my tax guy a dime because he screwed up last year. I’ll have a new person next year.

    Next year will be a nightmare though:
    More self-employment income
    Possible move to another state mid-year

  • Sankeerth

    Hi Ben! Been following your blog from day one. its good. Nice posts. there is problem with this title… software ain’t right.


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