Summer Money – Graduations, Weddings, & Investing

June 4, 2009

May was our first month as a two kid family and was a busy time. Our little baby girl isn’t sleeping through the night yet but we’re starting to get her figured out.  We’ve been through some late nights and LOTS of crying but in spite of that we’ve continued to publish articles on the site every day.

This has only been possible thanks to our amazing contributors Erik, Victor, Kristie, and Mike. I don’t have all of their profiles published on the site yet but I just wanted to say thanks to all of the great information they’ve provided over the last month!  Here are the main things we covered.

College Graduates

May is the month of college graduation, when thousands of students turned adults are released out into the world to start making their mark. Erik, Mike, and Kristie helped put together some articles to help college grads with their money:

Marriage and Money

Summer is wedding season so we decided to touch a little on money and marriage.  Kristie offered some tips for newlyweds on managaing debt and credit scores:

Money and Markets

The stock market looks a little more promising this summer than it has for a while now, Victor contributed some articles to help us understand more about the markets and our money:

Victor has more investing articles to come in the next week or so.  He’ll talk about selecting mutual funds, technical analysis, and day trading vs long term investing. Be sure to sign up for free updates to get these delivered when they’re published.

Video Case Studies

I’m going to be running a series of video case studies for newsletter subscribers on different ways you can make extra money.  The first one is 95% ready and I’ll be sending it out in the next few days. You can sign up for the newsletter for free below:


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3 Responses to Summer Money – Graduations, Weddings, & Investing

  • Checking Accounts Girl

    Thanks for the bundles of information. I find this very helpful.
    I graduated a year ago – and used craigslist to find my place. For the location near the beach the rent is very decent. Only $800 a month! 🙂

  • Kate


    My friend is due to get married this year, and is she is very excited. To be honest I think the growing costs have started to panic her a bit. I didn’t realise how expensive weddings can get. She told me that she had found a Free Invitation eCard site. I checked it out and it looks really cool, lots of funny cards. There are loads of e-Card sites out there, so it may be worth doing your own research and finding one that suites you best. Hope this helps, and good luck everyone on your forthcoming weddings. Love and Hugs.

  • Jerry

    Your post reminds me of the smartest thing I did in grad school which was get renter’s insurance. We lived in Boston at the time and were broken into twice! We were so relieved to have renter’s insurance which covered our losses. Renter’s insurance is so cheap, too. I hope your post leads other college grad to check them out.