Small Business Stimulus Package Application

As a small business owner, you don’t have time for lame duck delays during rocky economic times. What you need is cash in you pocket and an action plan for success…. so that’s what we’re going to try and give you.

The Small Business Stimulus Package is a chance for you to win the following: 

– $250 Cash
– Business Action Plan
– Business Products & Services

Who is Eligible?
If you’re a current or potential business owner you can apply for the Stimulus Package, one of the applicants will be chosen to receive the cash and a review of their business strategy, compliments of the 1500 subscribers of Money Smart Life. 

You have to be willing to discuss your business in an open foroum. We’ll work through your questions, concerns, and ideas on the site along with the readers. The result will be an action plan that will help address the needs of your business.

How to Apply?
Send a description of your current business or potential business idea to smallbiz [at]

Business Products & Services
Alternate prizes will be awarded to small businesses that don’t win the grand prize.  These willl be product and services offered by professionals looking to spread the word about their own skills and offerings to small businesses like yourself. So far we have the following prizes:

– A graphic designer who will build a logo for a company
– A programmer who will setup a content management website for a business
– A professional search marketing specialist who will consult on search engine rankings and social media
Website promotion service that will promote article content from a business’s website

Spread the Word
Not a small business owner or not interested in participating? You can still let others know about the Stimulus Package, just send them a link to this page.

Apply Today
The Stimulus Package Giveway is scheduled to officially launch on December 8th, but you can submit your business any time via email.  Email information about your business to the address below with the subject of Small Business Stimulus Apply:

smallbiz [at]

You can also use our contact form

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