Second Stimulus Check – Will There Be A 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan?

December 15, 2008

If you keep up with politics and current events on a regular basis, you may have heard Congress and Barack Obama discuss the possibility an economic stimulus plan by the end of the year or early next year. The end of the year is quickly approaching and the hopes of a second stimulus plan during Bush’s lame duck period are not looking good.

No Stimulus Plan?

During Obama’s election run, he was discussing the hopes of passing an economic stimulus plan during the transition period or in January/February of next year. Congress threw around the idea of passing a bill by the end of the year, but the Bush administration opposed a second stimulus plan to help stimulate the economy.

Congress never bothered drafting and submitting a bill, because the White House told them from the beginning that they would veto a second stimulus plan. Honestly, to get another stimulus plan passed by the end of the year by anyone would have been a great feat.

Obama’s Plan for 2009

These are some proposals that Obama’s camp has mentioned in the past few months:

  • Suspending penalties and income tax on early withdrawals from IRA and 401(k) accounts.
  • Offering a temporary tax credit of $3,000 to companies for each new full-time employee hired in the United States.
  • Extending unemployment benefits by a period of 13 weeks and temporarily suspending income taxes on those benefits.
  • Requiring a 90-day moratorium on foreclosures for homeowners.

There are two other tax proposals that could be included as part of a package stimulus plan.

The first, which is one of the more likely proposals to be passed would be a so-called social security tax holiday that would give back up to $500 per person or $1,000 per family in tax credits.

The second proposal would be an extension of the earned income tax credit that helps lower income workers.

Do We Need Another Stimulus Check?

This is a spirited debate, and I side with people who oppose another stimulus plan.  We’re putting all of our trust in government, which I think is a very scary thing.

It seems we don’t trust the free markets, the power of the individual, and the power of entrepreneurship. We want government to save the day, but they can’t save the day. They don’t create income. We create income, they just distribute and shuffle it around.

I hope Obama doesn’t issue another stimulus check, because the first one didn’t work and the second one likely won’t work either. What’s your take? Would another $500 per person help change the economy?

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Erik Folgate is a husband and father living in Orlando who's been writing about money online for 6 years. Digging himself out of $20k of debt after college and his former experience in the insurance industry give him some useful insights into personal finance issues.

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350 Responses to Second Stimulus Check – Will There Be A 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan?

  • Eileen

    A dear friend and I talked at length about the stimulus. Both being hard working, tax paying people we came up with this proposal: Give a tax paying, tax filing individual over the age of 18 the amount of $250,000 as a one-time stimulus payment. Given the fact that some people will take this check and make good use of it to pay off debt. The other people will more than likely blow it, or at least some of it. Either way the economy gets a boost. The one group will pay off credit cards, pay down or off mortgages, buy needed applicances and cars, take care of medical and/or dental work, take a vacation, etc. All economy boosters. Even the spendthrifts who go hog wild and buy “things” will still boost the economy by buying expensive items such as high end cars, TV’s, jewelry, lavish dinners, whatever. It’s a win-win situation because MONEY IS BEING SPENT AND THE ECONOMY IS GETTING A BOOST. Even the smaller things that you would not think of like having your lawn cut (boosting their business), having your house cleaned weekly (again boosting someone’s business), being able to dry clean items (which before you wouldn’t even think of buying due to the cost of cleaning it), taking a vacation because you can afford it (I’m sure Disney will love this as families will go to Disney at least 2 times, now can go more), cruises will have a booming business, maybe even Amtrak will experience a rise in customers, not to mention the airlines. People can now breathe a sigh of relief of being out of debt. One thing would have to occur and that is taking the tax of this amount off the top before giving it to you. Thus the government also gets part of it’s money back before we even start spending. I could go on with all the benefits this could bring. We could sit back and watch foreclosed homes go to couples who could not otherwise afford a down payment on it. I mentioned this to every day people for their reaction. You could just see a smile come across their face to know that they could be out of debt and just live with the basic bills. Seems to me that this would make a huge difference in just about every facet of the economy. Smart or stupid, the economy wins. Both will spend.

  • Richard R, Esterline

    My wife & I received 250,00 each. In filing my tax return we were to get a 947.00 rtefund. My tax man filed our return. The IRS said that the 500.00 we got will be taken off our refundso we will now get 447.00. what good did this do when the money we got has to go back. we are in our 80s.with amiddle income bracket.r.

    Richard R Esterline

  • Richard R, Esterline

    My wife & I received 250,00 each. In filing my tax return we were to get a 947.00 rtefund. My tax man filed our return. The IRS said that the 500.00 we got will be taken off our refundso we will now get 447.00. what good did this do when the money we got has to go back. we are in our 80s.with amiddle income bracket.

    thank you would like a answer.

    Richard R Esterline

  • Debbie Hargrove

    I think if the Obama Administration would give every American a cool 1 million dollars it would solve many of our problems 18 years of age and older. We are in debt anyway, we might as well go for the gusto. The Federal Reserve Bank would be working over time over the world to make sure we all get this.

    The 40 Acre and a Mule never arrived so we might as well get something, this would help everyone.

  • cindy bates

    one more stimulus check would help the world today.what about working people they dont get no help please help us i work two jobs.i sure cant tell it in my checks at all.

  • debbie stevenson

    I am in total agreement of a stimulas check for all US citizens. If the goverment had sent out a million dollars to each US citizen instead of bailing out the car companys we all would have been better off. The majority of us would have bought a new or slightely used vechile, thus helping the car companys, and still had money to boost the economy. Cash for clunkers didn’t work. 4,500.00 is nothing for a trade in if you still have to make a car payment when you already can’t buy food or pay the rent. Meanwhile Ombama is vacationing at Martha’s, The latest news is our senior citizens are getting a 2 year cut in their social security checks. Their kids can’t help out for their not keeping their heads above water. How messed up is our goverment?????
    Come on Pres, support the people who elected you.

  • donn


  • Linda

    When they issue stimulus money to poor people I feel that it’s a disgrace, because it’s not doing them or anybody esle a bit of good. If the goverment wants to truely help people with no way of getting a fresh start to better their lives then stop dangling a carrot to a starving rabbit. I worked in nursing until a accident messed up my back and now I’m disabled and can’t make the money that I use to. I can’t afford to pay for a home because my income is limited and I can barely make ends meet now. I agree with the person that stated give each person 18 years old a 1 time large iump sum($100k) and then watch how they spend it to better their life. If they screw it up then they’d not be eligible for another, but if they can show they did help the economy by maybe opening a business let’s say then they would be eligible for additional funds in the future. I mean how else are they going to know what we could do with help from them I mean look at all the money they gave to banks that WON”T give poor people loans because they know that we can’t pay it back with interest being so high. All I’m asking is a chance to help myself better my life!!!!! I guess it’s what they always said “The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer! Everything that I’ve seen so far only help the RICH stay rich and the POOR people lose again. That’s a load of crap!!!!!!!! I voted for Obama not because he is black but because of the help he said he would give middle and low class citizens. I’m in my fifties and I know that $300-1200 isn’t even going to scratch the surface when comes to the debt poor and middle class people have. My debt isn’t even that high and I can’t get out because my income is tooooooo low to repay my debts.I owe about $30,000 and my income is under $8000 a year so you do the math, these means my income is under $700 a month and my household bills total $659.00 and these is living in a slum dwelling!!!!!!!! I can’t get anything any cheaper than this rat hole!!!!!!!!!!!! Utilities are going thru the roof and when end up never being able to pay the full amount of the bill and I mean I freeze in this place every winter. Energy assistants only helps with part of your bill not all of it. I now understand why sooo many people live in the streets it’s because of all the headaches over every companies greed!! It’s a shame how the goverment treats us and they spend money on the dumb stuff!! I’m done I upset again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Well, I’m sure there is a big flaw in my thinking, but………… there are about 301 billion citizens in the US. What if each one of us were to receive 1 mil (if they are so intent on giving lots of $ they could even give 2 million!) that had to be spent within a year? (That’s a WHOLE lot less money for our govt to borrow from China and pay interest on) Or maybe not each one of us even – just the head of ‘household’ – married or unmarried – Those $ could be used to pay off mortgages ( thereby saving the banks) (if the CEOs were to only get 1/4 of their bonuses that would be even better), buy cars (saving the auto industry) pay rent ahead for 6mos a year – whatever- buy grocery staples for a year (keeping the food suppliers on their feet), buy washers/dryers, TVs other electronic stuff – (saving Circuit CIty -build up Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sears etc), pay ahead on taxes (keeping teachers from losing their jobs, keep the state govts going – even the Federal govt) (remember it has to be spent within a year and by then the country should be back on track!!!), give the kids music lessons (supporting music teachers), buy music instruments music etc. (supporting music stores), buy plants, flowers (supporting nurseryies, Home Depot, Lowes etc) -pay off all their credit card debt and the banks could start loaning again from this money too, add on to our homes or build new or buy old (keeping all kinds of contractors in work) etc., etc., etc., well,….. you get my drift ——– the money would just be flowing from everyone to everyone! It just seems more reasonable to give the people enough money to spend to keep everybody working than to give those BIG companies the money and then have them go bankrupt anyway – or give just a few people huge bonuses like 20 million , 50 mill or a 100 mill when those millions could be given to ‘the people.’ The ‘new’ ‘stimulus’ won’t be enough to stimulate anything, but like the fellow above that said it will keep him in his apt just one more month!! Then what? Tell the govt to stop giving it to other countries and BIG businesses – give us the money with the stipulation we spend it all within a year from the time we receive it or what is not spent goes back to the govt and WE’LL take care of business! The stimulus checks the govt sends us takes care of 10 minutes. Give us enough to really start the economy and keep it going. The Big businesses can’t do it unless they get our business and we can’t buy anything the way it is now!!!!

    And why – why – why has the administration awarded 18 million $ to one small company to develop a WEBSITE to tell us how the 7 HUNDRED BILLION stimulus $ are being spent! Who are the people that got that contract – why 18 million? AND there were only 3 bidders for the contract! Why didn’t it get offered nationally to give everyone that could build a website of terrific caliber the opportunity to bid? We can find out how the ‘stimulus’ is being spent without spending 18million $ on a website. And how many of us would be going to that website anyway? Don’t you have more to do than you have time to get done – and why would we need to know where it is being spent if we have no say over how it is being spent and would just frustrate us worse? If nothing else, divide that 18 mil $ between all the food banks in America. If we Google food banks in America will we find 18 million of them? If not that means each food bank would get more than a million$! Bet they could do a lot of good with that!!!! Ahhhhhh if only we would all band together and forget this ‘my team’ / ‘your team; stuff that is polarizing us and get down to the nitty gritty of just caring about helping each other and seeing that Americans have the jobs they need to keep their self respect and self esteem by being able to keep a roof over their family and food on the table. We had better, all of us, start calmly and steadfastly begin writing one short paragraph every day to our Representative and Senators to get their act together and stop taking bonuses themselves, but do their job and do the right thing for America. We can write the administration too and say we want a better way of taking care of what is right for us because we are- our country. America/ ns I love you. Elizabeth

  • mary

    so many of us are stuggling , every day its seems to be getting worse . is there gonna be any help for us. another rebate check should would be a relief until the economy turns around for the good . i agree with another check

  • MB

    I am a tax payer and making very little money around $15K per year. I need any single penny to survive. This way I can improve my life. I was wondering when we need to expect this money? Is there any institution that we can ask whether we are eligible?
    Thanks in advance.

  • loretta

    yes a stimulus check would help me now my hundson has not work
    sence december.there are 3 of us. I work but I dont make enougth to buy food atfer I pay bills.

  • mary

    if the government can find money for bailing out the banks and automakers why cant they find some for us. in fovor of a stimulus check

  • Tay Porter

    I totally agree w/ the government issued debit card idea or some how making it so that stimulus money could only be spent through good & services. Face it. Check or not this economy will not get better any time soon. Some of us may not even see it get back to how things were in the remainder of our life time. There is no way of getting through this crisis w/out someone (big comanies, gov’t, citizens etc.) getting the short end of the stick. If we get stimulus money the gov’t falls further in debt but gain a couple hundred and go to WalMart boosting their profit, and so on and so forth. I am puzzled and saddened by the greed of banks and such.

    People try and not let the economy discourage you. Go back to school. Have faith in God and somehow things will get better.

  • Sherry

    I also believe that the stimulus checks helped out last year, and so what if all you do is pay off a bill with it, that is what is happening now with the money that is used for the bailouts, but if it could help me to make my payment on time and give the bank their money, like is happening now, we would both be happy.

  • Mari

    I read a comment here from someone lamenting on the fact that there shouldn’t be another stimulus check given out in 2009 because “it wouldn’t help anyway. People will just use it to pay bills.” I will respond to the stupidity that comes from someone who obviously has a job and isn’t struggling to pay bills in the following comment. I am someone who has been laid-off since December with no hope of returning to work in the near future because of various medical problems. I am in the process of trying to file a claim for SSI and or Disability benefits, however, we all know how long that can take. My husband is also laid-off. We worked at the same company. What used to be a convenience has now become our curse. He looks for a job everyday and makes many inquiries, but nothing to be found other than delivering pizza. Unfortunately, that would require us to use our vehicle. This would put added wear and tear on our vehicle which already has almost 200,000 miles on it. We cant afford to have any repairs on the only vehicle we have. We cant cover all of our bills and/or repair costs on our house. My parents(retired) help out every month with things such as house payment and repairs on the house and car. We cant even afford to pay our gas/electric bill and our provider company is less the sympathetic or willing to work with anyone regardless of the situation. I would like to see something done about that to. The point I’m trying to make is that as a family that is completely at the mercy of the mailman each week for unemployment checks, which by the way are already spent before they come. Receiving a stimulus check would sure give us a little joy. Even if it is just to pay a few bills and maybe, if lucky, get ourselves a few much needed items such as clothing or maybe just new socks and underwear. Wouldn’t paying bills that are mounting make sense anyway? Especially, people that are faced with losing items such as cars or homes or their gas and electricity. Comments from idiots like the one about “there shouldn’t be any 2009 stimulus checks” are not needed. Maybe you need to live 80% below poverty level before you make stupid comments.

  • Tammy on april 16, 2009 5:00 PM

    Obama if you or any of your staff are reading these posted comments. I wish
    you would give a second stimulus check in 2009. I got a 600 dollars check
    last year and it paid 2 months car payments which was a really big help, I need my car to get back and foreward to the job that I am so thankful to still have. So bailout the middle class people not the banks who are not still lending money.
    I think you are going to be a great president and that it take times to get things
    in order. So please consider that second stimulus check because after all the
    money belongs to the people of the U.S.

  • Stuben

    I think we should all get $5000 per person! That would mean $15,000 for me and my family. Now THAT would stimulate the economy! And really, it’s only paper anyhow. Ink is cheap.

  • Chris

    Ok…i work in a steel pipe manufacture, we are the last people to get cut hours but we haven’t laid off, although other facillities on this campus has take dramatic losses in work, layoffs and pay cuts. You can say that it was a good idea to bail out car companies for the fact they would acrue layoffs there but it doesn’t help when gm is having to file bankruptcy and isn’t getting anymore aid… so was that bail out money wasted? You can say that getting a second stimulis check is bad, that we would pay a bill….well here is the thing like so many people said before, if they would give us enough to accually make a difference to pay off a credit card, car, loan, ect. then that would be more family outings to movies, restarunts, theme parks, vactioning, and other things we use to enjoy. Does the goverment have to money, hmm….probably not, but i do see where paying off a loan from a bank that they bailed out for an individual would work more than just giving billions of dollars to the bank and say have fun…..this way they would be getting the money they needed to stay in business and people would have money freed up to stimulate the economy……. So what will stimulate the economy the most? that is the question, The proplem with all the oil prices and gas prices is that they have been drilling in the same spot for over 40 years….guess what, looks like its drying up..who would have thought that? They have invested everything they had into that site and don’t have the resources to find other spots around the world. And they believe if you raise the price then they can use that extra to find new drilling spots, I think i would have started looking about 10 years ago. So if the goverment wants me to stimulate the economy they are gonna have to come off more than just a couple grand then I will think about it….

  • Dorothy c

    a second stimulus check. it should be for at least 1,000.00 per person. 500 or 600 dollars in some cases will pay for prescriptions, and nothing else. to help the economy will take a lot more than 500.00. what about the people who are laid off, and cannot use their 401k for the reason of penalty and income taxes that need to be paid. money well spent from the government would be to allow people such as myself, get free government grants to help pay household bills, not loans, but grants. no one seems in the government to want to help those who cannot find work. a little bailout from the government to the general public would stimulate the publics belief in our government. no one seems to care about the unemployed who are not getting unemployment and only have a small pension check, and trying to run a house, and medicine, and household bills on the small amt of money that the pension checks give. to tell the general public to get schooling is a slap in the face, as you need to pay for those courses even if on line. so there is no way that I personally can do that as I have no extra money to play with. I have been laid off for 6mos and no prospects in sight, in lieu of putting in application after application to no avail.

  • MARY C

    A second stimulus check would be GREAT but not for the 600.00 I think that if they would give each taxpayer $100,000.00 we would get our economy boost that we need. I know I would be debt free and what amount I would get from employment (of course my husband got layedoff on 4/09.) we would be willing to spend a little bit more on extras but right now cant do it.

  • theresa

    I think many of us needs the help, due to many of us being laid off of work and still awaiting to return. with the help from our goverment in state of time it would help more than many of us this time around.

    If you have children and your unemployed due to lay off’ you know where i am coming from. and how this ” WILL ” help us in more ways then it did last ear in 2008.

  • jayjay

    i need money and if you from the getto you know what i mean …………………..

  • jayjay

    i need a job but theres none and my family need money to pay bills and get foods to eat. so give us some money back please ……………….. thanks to everybody that make diff.

  • Filing status SINGLE

    We the AMERICAN PEOPLE definately need another stimulus check. The last one we recieved couldnt be put to use the way it was supposed to be intended because we are so deep in debt. Most americans as my self were just thankful to be able to pay a bill or two with the extra money. How is it that our tax dollars can go to bail these huge fortune 500 companies out and bring them back from red to black and we only get thrown some chump change compared to them. If they were given a few million dollars ok, but tens of millions and billions of dollars are being given to these companies who in turn are going to be back in the black and breathing down our necks even more for money owed to them. If a huge company cant even keep their head afloat what makes them think that a an average middle class family in America can. Well I know one thing if someone handed me a few million dollars I would be OK too !!! These same companies also after being bailed out are going to definately make it extremely difficult to recieve any type of credit. But what do you expect the same way they got a bailout is the same way we need a bailout. Where did these companies invest or do with the money that was being taken in? Not everyone defaults on their payments, and not all defaults are happening at the same time.I dont see anyone asking questions about that. Your average middle class family which is the backbone and heart of this country Im sure arent jet setting off to somewhere we’re trying to make ends meat. We’re the ones that need a bailout not some company that has assets and just doesnt want to use them !!

  • seashine

    I actually plan to spend the stimulas if we EVER get it! Last year I payed my bills off and well, it didnt really help that much. But, this year I am buying things both my child and I need and want. All I want to know is Is there a stimulas? How much is it? And WHEN do we receive it?

  • a free american

    i think this country has gone to hell. we went to war over taxation without representation but we still have it . the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. its a load of bull and if you don’t agree then you must be rich. if we capped what people made how many homes they owned and how many cars they owned we would be alot better off. or if every one made the same amount for the job they do it would be easier. if you work in an office you should make less than what a person who actualy works for a livin

  • bob

    I worked all my life to prepare for retirement. 20 years Army, 21 years school teacher and 5 years in county government. I don’t know why. With all my deductables gone, I pay federal and state taxes equal to my military retirement. Except for the personal satisfaction, I wonder if it was worth it.

  • eb

    “It seems we don’t trust the free markets, the power of the individual, and the power of entrepreneurship. ”

    I don’t think the issue is that we dont’ trust the free markets, the issue is that we are screwed right now and every little bread crum helps. Businesses are risky, and at the moment, a lot of businesses are in the crapper because nobody wants to spend their money in things they don’t need. Five hundred is nothing, it barely helps for expenses, but anything is welcome nowadays.

  • candy

    i think that if there going to do a second stimulus check then it need to really make a diffrents. giving the people $500 or $1,200 is not enough . if they give the people maybe $5000 to $15,000, that would make a diffrents and the people would be able to pay off debt and put money back into rotation. the government will say that they cant fund somthing like that….. but if they was’nt spending so much money on bull sh*t like the war that should be over and troops on the ground and in the office should be home. and i do mean all our troops( not just the battle troops but the ones who is not in battle but is over seas in iraq)…and if they was’nt spending hella money bailling out corpreration like these car companys, i mean why give them hella money to stay up and the people dont have enough money to buy a car or have good enough credit to buy a car. the money they send them could be givin to us the people and we the people can fix our problems first and then that will fix all the other problems..

  • Norman

    We can ALL use a little extra, even if its to have a nice weekend away, a extra nice dinner 4 Saturdays out of the month, for the Most of us, it will be invested in the waitresses, dinner places, dept stores, Grocery stores… all trickles down thru the system!

    I how ever will place it in a CD/ savings account…its Not often WE get ANYTHING from Uncle Sam…

  • kerri

    you know i wouldnt mind a million dollar bonus every once and a while. actually it would be nice to have a full time job. because its kinda hard to pay for rent, utilities, a new car, insurance, a credit card, and a phone working only 30 hours a week at 6.55. ive tried to get another part time job and no one will hire me…so it would be nice to get 500 dollars to help out. I WANT MONEY!!! haha!

  • Anonymous

    I say all politicians a crooks

  • Eddie Brown

    with the price of everything getting higher,and my pay check still the same. yes it is getting harder to pay bills,I used to have extra money,but not no more.I have been giving to the goverment since I was 15 years old now I am 51 never ask the goverment for anything.the goerment is giving all this money to the 3 auto companys,bailing out banks,and everything else.NOW they can bail me out.
    I will tell you what is bad,you buy a house pay the taxes and ins.30 years go by your house is paid off,your retired living on a limited income property taxes come again once a year,if you can not pay the tax.You lose your home.once you pay the tax on your house you should not have to pay property tax.I know,school tax and a lot of other taxes are included in the property buy a car,tv, furniture,and grocery’s you pay the tax and nobody can take it from you because you paid the tax on them.So why should you lose your home. Instead of calling it property tax,call it a yearly city tax,so you can keep your home you struggled to buy for 30 years

  • ExACCTnT

    First of all a second stimulus check is a terrible idea. It’s money the goverment doesn’t have to give and they would just be increasing our national debt. 500, 1000, 3000 dollars aren’t going to help. After reading all the responses 99 percent of the people plan on paying off bills or saving the money which isn’t the purpose of the stimulus check. So you paid one of your many bills what are you going to do the next month?? Second the goverments needed to bail out the big three auto companies; it not only prevented the companies from going into bankrupcy but it saved thousands of blue collar workers their jobs. As for everyone opposed to the stimulus check being people that do not need it that is far from true. I’m in a lot of debt and could use the extra money but I’m just educated enough to know it’s not going to help.

  • JROY


  • Anonymous

    500 dollars like pouring a glass of water in the ocean no effect! give us a 10,000 dollar car voucher oly to be used @ ford,GM,&Chrysler. that helps the auto ind. and it has a possitave trickle down effect.

  • leona venne

    im new to this but im from la ronge sask is there a stimulus check for me to im a low income homemaker i just heard about this on the news so i looked it up and had to see for myself or is it only for the states? i just had to ask well thank you and have a nice day

  • nicole

    we should get another stimulus check, if the government can give the auto companies billions of dollars, why can’t they help us out? Whats the point of bailing them out when no one can really buy a new car. have heard that if the gov. gave us that money instead of the auto companies every one would have gotten like a million dollers apiece. sounds to me like that would have helped our economy more. I know if i had that much I would buy a house and cars plus have my bills paid and be spending the money to help our economy more then just the $600 me and the husband got last year.

  • george

    i am glad u put a little money in the state but that does not mean people that need the money is going to get hire. i am not saying he is not doing a good job but i thing he could have handle it in a better way.people r dieing because there is no money in there pockets.i just thing he should have just done nething if he was going to give the money back to the people that already have it.while i am tring to make a penny

  • Chippewa Mom

    I’m a mom to 4 boy’s and a wonderful husband but all we get is tanf and that’s only a once a month thing. It’s hard to live on that with such a big family. So a second check would be nice.

  • Regina Alvarez

    Im a American who is only 20 yrs old and is willin to work anytime anyday and .. i fell that its is so hard to find a job now.
    this world is getting bad and worst in the ecomy

  • Ken

    Why not another stimulus check for us, the American people. We give billions every year in foreign aid to other countries to support and stimulate their economies and democracies. Perhaps it is time to support our own country. If my family got a $25K stimulus check sure I would bank some but I would also spend a good portion on things that the last $600 check did not allow me to. I think its time to take care of Americans

  • Marilyn Montgomery

    We as Amercian People are in need of alot more than just two stimulus checks. what they don’t seem to understand and realize is that we are really struggling to make ends meet right now. it may take some time but time is what we really dont have. right now there are families that need food, a roof over there heads, jobs, clothes and alot more other stuff. this reminds me of when the hurricane hit new orealens and so many people was without and needed help asap. we need this money to help us get through and 500 isnt gonna get it. with the way our ecomony is right now you can’t even get a darn loan. this is really sad and i don’t mean to be rude but the goverment need to jump on this asap. so yes its our tax money and we need to get it when we need it and right now we REALLY NEED IT!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i feel we need another stimus check,i lost a parent and its very hard taking care of two childs and the parent thats left behind. and im disable, so please help the people god bless you.

  • Micheal Cassio

    I would agree that we should all receive a stimulus check but seriously 25k people are out of their minds you give every adult that much money across our country you will lower the value of our dollar even more. I agree give us something but make it small, even if its just done annually seeing when tax time comes back around we get less money back in our refunds anyways because of it. something nice is about 1000 a year do it for 2+ years see if it actually does boost the economy then go from there!

  • the daughter of an unappreciated vietnam veteran

    american soldier, so glad to hear you are not affected by economy that gives me some sort of hope that my dad may be taken care of almost 40 yrs later . you and any one who serves our country deserves to not have those worries. thank you for serving our country.

  • American Soldier

    I believe many you have valid points to consider. As a military soldier I have the luxury of keeping my job and not worrying about a lay-off or cut back. I also believe that our president is doing the best job possible to create a positive atmosphere all can live with, but time is needed….remember ROME wasn’t built in a day so we must not think the problems we have now will be fixed overnight. We as a community of people need to cut back on our spending in order to preserve for the future, because it going to get worse before it will get better. We can take a lesson from big businesses who now requires the government assistance to stay in business…….let call it “Welfare at a higher level” , meaning it those who really require assistance and those who want a free ride, but I’ll let you choose between the needy and freeloader, any since we’re going to pay for it. So I agree on getting a Stimulus Check of any amount that will go in the bank for a rainy day, so America save your pennies…it will be needed in the future.

  • its me

    So … are we getting a check or not? if so, when and how much? I need one FAST I am about to get thrown out of my home that I have worked for blood sweat and tears for the last 16 years. Lost my job and need some money to pay for bancruptcy attorney and a find a new place to live.

    I am sick and tired of the “pointing fingers” game in the meantime who suffers…we all do they are all up sitting in cushy jobs all their bills being paid.

    Does anyone really know anything about a check? when and how much? if not, ok then I need to figure out a plan b.

  • lilme

    So … are we getting a check or not? if so, when and how much? I need one FAST I am about to get thrown out of my home that I have worked for blood sweat and tears for the last 16 years. Lost my job and need some money to pay for bancruptcy attorney and a find a new place to live.

    I am sick and tired of the “pointing fingers” game in the meantime who suffers…we all do they are all up sitting in cushy jobs all their bills being paid.

    Does anyone really know anything about a check? when and how much? if not, ok then I need to figure out a plan b.

  • john

    Okay, everyone’s in agreement. The government doesn’t seem to care about US. The people. What is the deal with giving all these big companies more and more cash?? People who have already lost their homes, jobs, what does it do for them in the short term?? We need help NOW, not in a few years. I agree with a larger stimulus check, 10, 000 to 25, 000 a person if you were working last year. Some would put it in the bank, but MOST would spend a portion of it. Talk about stimulating the economy, I personally would buy a new car, as I am currently keeping the old one togeather with duck tape, until I save enough money!People spending money is what is good for the economy.

  • Doink

    While I think a Stimulus Check is a good idea, and we should be given a much more notable amount then last year…What does it really matter? The only American who will be seeing the money again will either work in a grocery store or work in shipping as we buy products from over seas.

  • mike

    instead of bailing out businesses and bank’s they could have given every adult in this counrty $25,000.00 and done more for our economy.

  • Tarell

    I say all the country’s should just wipe the slate clean as far debt and what is owed to other countries and start over with a clean slate, I mean what does it matter; it’s just paper and that paper is based off a bunch of shiny rocks called gold. It’s kind of stupid if you think about it.

  • quinton andrus

    Im a family man dats unemployed, an every job dat i get it doesnt last long cuz of money issues, dat they cant pay workers so we get laid off. Thats why i think the govenment should help us out with more than 500.00 cuz thats the lowest amont of money i pay in bills, an not workin.

  • Patt

    Yes, there should be a second stimulus payment. $ 500.00, it should be more than that if you wish to jump start the economy. If you can pay millions to billions to corpoate executives, Congress plus all the benifits (like private health clubs, jets, lifetime medical, etc.), you can assist Americans in these economic hard times. Your greed is catching up with you and now is the time you should pay the price by helping the Americans you have sworn to instead of continuing to drag us down and worrying about trying to control the world.

  • the daughter of an unappreciated vietnam veteran


  • JD

    If the BANKS werent so greedy, and they created a product called a sub prime loan, NONE of this would have happened in regards to the current housing drama.

    Without those loans being made available, unsophisticated / unaware/ and financially unqualified folks would not have been able to do get themselves into this trouble. And we would have a whole different situation today!!!

    Bottom line, if you dont have the 20% down, you cant afford a house. Save up!!


  • the daughter of an unappreciated vietnam veteran


  • the daughter of an unappreciated vietnam veteran

    Hi dennis, thank you for your service for our country ,hope they are treating you better than they are my father.Thank you for words of wisdom ,Im glad that you can keep cool because im soooooooo done! not only am i the daughter of an appreciated vietnam veteran ,they allowed my father to go decades without treatment for “ptsd” and he is an unproductive “v v” . we’ve seen this bad economy crap coming for years for the last 9yrs, since sept 11, my husband has lost his job every 2 yrs in the concrete industry {BECAUSE OF DOWNSIZING}except for his county government job [of course] and amazingly my husband was fired for supposedly messing up a 20yr old dumptruck that a different person drives every day and 30days before his probationary period ended & they left me six months pregnant w/o insurance. those dirty b******* Please sir keep giving us words of wisdom cause im angry . ive been let down all my life because of our government .AND weve never gotten food stamps , we dont live past our means , credit cards have been paid up and cut up since 1999 ,and we still arent making it .My husband has spent many hours off duty work showing hard work and dedication and in the end it got him nowhere, senority and dirty politics won! not hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dennis

    Some of you have said that people should not have taken out loans they could not pay back. Too bad our elected officials don’t use that same wisdom when borrowing money from China and other countries. We use to borrow from China but now China is broke and borrowing as is the case with most countries now. I wonder just what we put up for collateral for all those loans. China once made a claim that America would soon become their farm land. I wonder just how much farm land other countries now own. Now we are printing more money and borrowing from our future our children and their childrens future. This is devalueing the already declining dollar. Soon the American dollar will be worth less than the mexican dollar. I believe America is in a whole that has no bottom. We are free falling. So thats why I say YES take any stimulus money thats offered and have fun. Dispair and bad times is will soon be here !!!

  • Dennis

    Was any one listening when two weeks ago the House and the Senate got a $5000 raise??? Or last week when all of the people in the Presidents admin. and White house staff got a raise?? All this in the middle of a national economic emergency. And they won’t even pass a bill to raise min. wage. Wake up people !!!

  • Dennis

    Thank you JD for your vote of confidence, but I am a sixty year old disabled Marine (sense there are no X-marines). I say the things I do because they are true. I have the advantage of watching the news and C-Span more ofter than most. I can usually spot the lies and scams when I hear them. This stimulus bill will employ more illegal and foreign workers than Americans. It will not stimulate our economy and before the year is out they will be back decideing another stimulus package. The problem can only be solved by stimulus from the bottom up. And we all know they will never do that. Theie bread is buttered by big business and their not about to betray big business. Its easy for them to betray the consumers and tax payers. Somewhere along the line we lost the concept of a government made up for the people, by the people, and of the people, Now it’s become them and us. And the only ones that care about us is US. 70,000 jobs were lost last month and they are predicting 3 million to be lost this year. People can’t stop whats comming but at least they should know the truth about why this country is failing.

  • Dennis

    Even now your elected officals are playing tricks. All that money that will go towards building brigges and windmills is partly a scam. The steel will come from either Canada or China. And the windmills will be made in a forign country. So just who are they really creating jobs for??? Wake up people, start paying attention.

  • Dennis

    I was just watching C-Span. They said that the polls showed that the last stimulus check didn’t work because people paid credit card and morgage bills instead of spending the money. If this is true then why did the banks need a bailout just 4 months later??? Some of you say that people need to get a job and even two jobs if necessary. But can’t you understand the jobs are disapearing?? If this continues there will be no jobs for anyone. The consumers are the back bone of this society. All jobsand Banks depend on the consumer.
    Give the money to the consumer and our economy will be stimulated and jobs will be created. And disabled people are consumers too.
    And by the way – Lets not forget the tricks the banks played on the people when they gave those morgages, like flexable morgages. Everybody wants a home. When people made these loans they were able to make the payments. But not when they lost their jobs or when the interest went up. This problen was caused by Greedy government officals, Banks, and big business (Exon Mobil etc)

  • JD


    Man, I gotta tell ya, your last post was awesome and you hit the NAIL ON THE HEAD. If only the government would hear us and this message. But I doubt it. We are all in big trouble. In anycase, You should run for congress or the senate, You sure speak a no nonsense language that gets right to the point.

    Save your money folks and live simple if you can. If we keep holding on to our money, and not spending, the gov will eventually HAVE to do something to make us spend. Maybe they will realize and offer a real stimulus check this time around, to the tax payers, the ones in the trenches, doing everyday just to make ends meet. And quit bailing out the those in the skyscrapers, who pay themselves huge salaries for failing their own companies bottom line. .


  • the daughter of an unappreciated vietnam veteran

    For those of you who say, No to the stimulus pass it to an american neighbor who could use it ,not someone from another country.Did you know that people that are here on a work visa DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TAXES .Yet …we the people,as soon as we are at the start of our YOUNG, working lives the government has their hand out and tapping their toes ,bending us over …till we die .Then when we die they f*** us somemore. Put GOD BACK INTO … IN GOD WE TRUSTI think we need to teach our government about manners, there are more of us than them. buy only products made in america, dont live past your means,watch little house on the prarie, it will remind you of HARD TIMES and how they gathered together to help one another. And reading all of your comments really is giving me hope for our future .We’ve had enough and it seems as if we are starting to pull together. GOD BE WITH US AS WE UNITE AND REMIND OUR GOVERNMENT THAT “IN GOD WE TRUST”

  • chris

    yea if they gave all legal tax payers money out of that 900 billion dollars then we would all be millionairs and that would have boosted the economy alot we would all be able to pay everything off then.

  • Dennis

    A house is built from the ground up, not from the roof down. And if the house is to stand it must be built on a good foundation. The consumers are the foundation of this country, and if a stimulus is to work the money has to be given to the consumers (the people) not big business. Trinkle down economics does not work because there is too much greed and coruption and the money rarely get down to the people. Trinkle up economics is the only way to stimulate an economy. This is not entitlement but stimulus. But our government cares very little about the consumers, because they are all in bed with big business. Thats why this country is on its way down. Their trying to build on the wrong foundation.

  • Dennis

    So many of you call this an entitlement. The stimulus check is not an entitlement it is stimulus. A means to stimulate the economy. It has nothing to do with wheather we deserve it or not. And the only way a stimulus plan will truely work and stimulate every aspect of our economy is to give the money
    (a large stimulus check) to the people and let the money trinkle up. But we all know they will not do that, and so we (this country) is doomed to fail.

  • willie

    im gonna buy weed with mine!!

  • JD

    Hey Acurrie,

    Uh, .. . our grandchildren already are screwed as of today, they are.. so … not sure what you mean, but we have given away 900 billion, and 800 billion and they (big business’s) are still asking for more.

    You are right, this credit nonsense did not create itself. The BANKS CREATED THIS INITIAL MESS. Sure, people bought into those loans, but It was the BANKS idea to be greedy and Unethical and Create a loan product that would slip by federal regulators prying eyes and make them a ton of fees and high points on interest. They knew what they were doing, and they cashed in, for as long as they could, and when a few foreclosed they simply spun the property over for another sale and it was biz as usual. But when record numbers of these crap loans started defaulting, thats when the problems came in.

    They did so much of that kind of loan biz, that it was gonna sink them And I say, let em frickin sink, if the home owner gets to lose his house, the bank should lose there house too!!!!!!! Whats good for the goose is good for the gander dont you think. In anycase, cheap credit, or what I consider “FAKE LOANS” are premised on the illusion that these non credit worthy people (my brother is one of them) will be able to pay these loans back and satisfy their debt to the bank, even when they did not even have money to put down to buy a house in the first place. Its a ridiculous loan product. And the BANKS created them and its the BANKS GREED that started this mess. The people who signed these loans have to take some blame and the fall, because they were unsophisticated, and uniformed, and lied to in many occasions. But GREED ran rampant through the banking industry, but it all caught up with them now. The BANKS should have fallen, and the market should have corrected itself without any tax payer dollars being spent towards keeping them open.

    100% loans, Subprime loans, 80/20 loans. Our grandparents would be ashamed of us for allowing this kind of thing to exist.

    SAVE your money. DO NOT USE BANKS for credit. DO like Dave Ramsey says. SAVE your money, no matter if you make 50 dollars for 50,000 save save save as much as you can and pay cash for things. TO hell with finance!!!


  • carmen

    this country is done

  • Acurrie

    What is this entitlement idea??? Do we deserve this money?? NO! Did they banks or the big three deserve this money??? YES… You’re absolutely right, they got themselves into this mess…and so did we! This credit mess did NOT create itself! The PEOPLE bought houses they could not afford. THE PEOPLE bought cars they could not afford. THE PEOPLE spent money on credit cards they could not pay back!! Extend unemployment?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Do you know how many people are choosing NOT to go back to work b/c in the state I live in you can already get an extension of up to 12 months!!! RIDICULOUS! Get a job, take care of your own family, and quit your CRYING – everyone is sick of hearing it! No one is entitled to a stimulus package! We need to focus on getting THE COUNTRY itself out of debt so we don’t pass this mess on to our children and grandchildren!

  • JD

    Dennis, you are absolutely right, the fun times are almost over..

    Perhaps we should play the powerball, our chances of hitting the jackpot are significantly better than us getting a meaningful stimulus check for the american middle class tax payer. hahahha

    I dare the government to prove me wrong. I would make a public apology to the loons in the government if they did prove me wrong.


  • Dennis

    This type of Democracy does not work. Never has and never will. Too much greed and coruption. They know that, and thats why everything is slowly turning towards socialism. And if you can’t see that comming you just aint looking. Thats why I say yes to the stimulus check. Thake it and have some fun, because the fun times are just about over.

  • Paul

    none of us expect the government to ever get it right. They have proven their ineffectiveness on a multitude of issues. This financial calamity is nothing new in highlighting their poor performance. SO Your right, The government will not get us out of this mess. We will. . But guess, what, they (THE GOV) will tax the snot out of us, in the meantime, because they do not know how to run their own business and clean house. Instead, They will create MORE government, because that ensures their positions will be there for years to come. And this will ALL be done with and on the working backs of the dwindling middle class. Those fat cats just do not understand that they are the reason we are in the situation we are in now. NO OVERSIGHT on things they pass. They Just pass them, try to appease people, vote themselves another raise, take a trip to some exotic destination paid for by big business, and then come back to work their 3 day work week before the take a few month recess. Its disgusting how they have sold out the american tax payer. It will only get worse.

  • Erik

    the bottom line is that we need to stop relying on the government to take care of all of our problems. This country was founded on the idea of limited government and rugged individualism. If we come together, continue to work hard, continue to have an entrepreneurial spirit, and live a life of moral integrity, we won’t need the government to bail us out. WE can create our own jobs by starting new businesses. WE can get ourselves out of our own financial mess by tightening up our budgets and learning new ways to generate more household income. WE have the power to elect officials that will get out of our way and let us restore this economy to what it has been for the past 240 years.

    People are losing jobs left and right, money is tight, and there isn’t much good news about the economy, but don’t let that bring you down. my friend just got laid off, and I have struggled to find a new job after moving to another city, so I feel the pain most of you are going through But, the only way we’ll overcome it is by perseverence and determination. If we keep waiting on the government to solve our problems, we’ll waiting a long time and ultimately disappointed.

  • JD


    to all of you, we are the last ones that will receive any help (just think of yourself as one of those poor people left after Katrina) ok.. thats you, Now, personal responsibility is the most important thing. Act as if your the only person in the world. TAKE CARE OF YOU. Because if you wait for the GOVERNMENT to do anything Smart in the way of taking care of the TAX payer, YOUD be dead wrong.

    The government does not care about tax payers. They want to line their pockets, create crap bills full of useless pork, pass them through and line their pockets more. The only thing they give a flip about is that we keep our taxes flowing into them.

    They frame everything like its to help the tax payer, >???? Really… Sure.. they want to create JOBS, so that the tax money keeps coming in. . If jobs decline, Shux, only two things can happen.. They can RAISE taxes higher to accommodate for what they are missing out on, OR…. they can reduce Government…. Well, we all know that aint gonna happen.

    The only thing that would send a true message to our government about how sick we are about this crap is if we all quit paying taxes. Just stop paying them until our government start to act with correctly and represent us the way we should be represented.

    A tax revolt. Thats pretty much the only way we (the middle class) would ever have a voice.. Otherwise its pointless. and we will continue being THE SLAVES OF THE 21st CENTURY!

    Sorry for the reality check


  • Witz

    Obama vows to cut mortgage costs………. sounds great doesn’t it ! It sure does if you have a great credit score, I would like to refinance my morgage with a rate in the 4 % bracket. Times are tough, 1 month behind on the morgage ..ooops there goes my credit score… who is going to help people like us ? No One

  • Witz

    Would be nice to get a nice BIG stimulus check . 500-1,000 dollars is a slap in the face when you compare wall street shelled out close to 20 billion toward bonuses with our TAX DOLLARS !…….. Another thing irks the he** out of me ..I pay $1,550 a month for my morgage1,200 1300 goes toward interest.. now thats roughly $15,000 thousand a year interest with Wells Fargo…… Sure they made some bad loans but what about all those good loans over the years ? Now all of a sudden they 25 BILLION in the RED… This whole banking bail out thing does not make sense. I believe Obamma will pull us out of this mess but it will take some time ( which most of us don’t have )…. Keep your heads up everybody.. you are not alone.

  • Brad

    I understand there will be no stimulus checks included in the 2009 package. I believe ciizens should receive at least $300 or $600 just like in 2008/

  • Dennis

    For Brant ………Knowing right from wrong is not judgeing. Wanting to impose a punishment for wrong doing is judgeing. Only the almighty has that right. People should speak up for what is right, And speak against what is wrong.

  • brant

    well about the abortion i dont beleive in it but i also know that im not suppose to judge anyone- thats not my job -OR ANYONE ELSES, and on the stimulus issue i do beleive we need more than $500.00 i mean come on that 600 i got paid up on some bills and fed me family for a second but i dident stimulate shizz and most of the pplz i know dident i suggest all come together quit focusing on the negative especially the small negative- we have issues as americans we need to face together and if all we can do is argue about abortions and whos a crook and why the rich ppl are being taxed more and more and on and on and on, u know what i mean,I beleive that this new president of ours is going to do a great job , and if the focus stays were it needs to be then im probably right,

  • Dave


  • Ammi

    Yes we shud get another Stimulus check.We also have the right to get one.. We also lost our jobs.We are suffering and we shud get more than 500 $.

  • JD

    Your right SARA,

    we are all being cheated. the government will not give back to us, they dismiss what we want, and do what they want. They say we dont know what we are talking about, or, our senators and congressmen say, that we dont understand. . Like we are stupid, have no brain, or just plain uninformed on the issues. they vote with their friends in congress and senate.. not what the tax payers want. Our senator in Tennessee did that on the first bailout. Overwhelming turnout saying NO.. he voted it in anyway. time for him to gooooooo.

    I am informed! I know whats going on. I hear others like myself who complain about the gross government bullshit ideas, that just create more government, more government jobs, more committees, more advisory boards.. all, at tax payers expense. We pay for it all. And when the tax payer truly needs a helping hand, they say they will help us, and they use that opportunity to stack on bullshit spending and tuck it into a so called stimulus, on things that will have absolutely no effect on our economy, but instead will accomplish satisfying their special interests groups and big biz campaign contributors.

    We really do not have qualified caring people representing us in government. We have CONNECTED people, People who are completely married to BIG BIZ, BIG BANKS, BIG WALL STREET, BIG GM BIG CHRYSLER etc. These companys make hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuge campaign contributions and they expect return favors.. In other words, bills and legislation that helps them raise their greedy bottom line number. PERIOD.

    This is what is .. THEY ARE NOT concerned or caring. Just corrupt and connected. Sorta like the mob, but with cheaper suits. Pitiful..

    Not all senators are as bad as others, not all congressmen are as bad as others, but they are all pretty bad! If we could cut them all out of a job, and all of their staff, we would save GOBS of money each year. Not too mention their retirement benefits that are extraordinary! But they wouldnt think of that, because they want us to believe they are fighting for US>…

    But Just look where we are. You would think that a bunch of overpaid men and women could set aside their own agendas for the greater good of public service work and truly work for the tax payer, but that is only dream and a million miles away from reality.

    Get Ready.. things will be bad. It will be Sooner than later.

    Sorry for the doom and gloom, but it is very much a reality unless something amazing happens and very soon.

    To our politicians, You guys suck, Grow A Spine and realize why your in public office and do the job your supposed to be doing.. REPRESENTING the best interest of the AMERICAN TAX Payer.. Just incase ya forgot


  • Sara

    I feel it is necessary for them to give back more than just $500.00 per person. I didn’t even get a check last year, because of an angry ex, claiming me, and not giving me the money. I would have loved to see anything at that time, and I’m hard up for cash now, as well. I just agree with many people on here, we pay a high amount in taxes, and we deserve to get more than just that, for “government purposes”, I’m contributing my efforts to work and pay taxes. It would be nice to be able to afford my rent, electricity, gas, and other NECESSITIES, without having to worry. It’s pretty bad that I can’t even afford school. I’m 21, I feel like I’m being cheated. The whole stimulus check should be a lot more than that, or wages should go way up, so people could actually afford to live, and get by, without starving themselves. It’s pretty upsetting.

  • screwed

    You know what I think. I am going to write my own bail out plan. I worked and other people bought stuff from my business. I gave people loans and didn’t get the money back as we all have. Why can’t I get a 300 billion dollar check. My husband serves in the military and we know what we are fighting for, but why can the military afford to spend 20 million dollars to REFURNISH offices and get new comfortable chair. On top of that why are we paying billions of dollars to reasearch new technology to keep troops safe, but once we gave the knowdelge we say we can’t actually put them into effect because its to expensive. I say another check would work. But the amount has to be more than a couple hundred dollars. All that is going to do is give people a false sense of security. If you want the money to go back into the economy. Have the banks we just bailed out FORGIVE credit card debt and housing debts. Give me a check for 100,000 and then I can afford car that I don’t worry about starting in the morning and can buy my kids new clothes that fit and actually afford to buy the things I need like food for my table. That would all help boost the economy.

  • JD

    Hey Purvis,

    I feel your pain my friend. I just heard two senators complaining about the crappy stimulus and making examples of this pork and special interest spending, that has nothing to do with stimulating our economy. This is the worst I have heard so far. In the new stimulus bill, They have 150 million dollars allocated for HONEY BEE INSURANCE!!!!!! Let me say that again.. They have allocated 150 million dollars for HONEY BEE INSURANCE?

    This is an insult to the tax payer. We need to take this country back, this kind of thing sickens me, Im embarrassed just to hear this and wonder how other countries perceive us hearing this kind of nonsense.

    Politicians suck. they lie and cheat and steal and are not held accountable to a higher standard as they should be, same with wallstreet, Big bankers, Big 3, etc etc. Its all greed! And Greed of the almighty dollar will bring this country down. We are on the road to destruction and theyre doing everything they can to get us there sooner than later. How can they be that stupid??? I have no Harvard degree, No Ivy league college plaque hanging on my wall, (like most of them have) yet I know, that these kinds of things will NOT stimulate our economy.

    Create Jobs quickly yep, Sure help businesses, so they can hire, give tax breaks, and other incentives. I get all of that.. BUT At the same time giving us some of our tax money back on each paycheck would offer an immediate boost and make the ends meet easier. So we would spend a little more.

    We need less Government. All Senators and Congressmen should be let go, get rid of their offices and their staffs, gross gross overspending and they hold to much power and influence. and just have the president. One man, he makes all the decisions.


  • Lowell

    If Acorn receives a stimulus check, then give us all one too.

  • Purvis

    I think this country is in BIG BIG trouble. Bailout Bailout Bailout Bailout Bailout……..

    The middle class people are done with it. We are just sick and tired of it all and want to live our lives pay our taxes and TRY to get ahead. We are the only ones paying taxes. The rich dont do it, they find ways around it, and neither do the poor.

    Its all on us.

    If I go broke tomorrow and lose my job, I can not even get foodstamps or welfare until I find another job. I get unemployment, and thats it. After busting my ass for 20 years, if my company lays me off, Im screwed, We will have to burn through our savings. This country is gonna pay the price for all the corporate greed, corrupt senators and congressmen who lie to the american public, and who cast their vote the opposite way of what their own people want them to do. Pork barrel spending, special interest etc.

    I say fire them all.

    It would be great if during the year, we had a special impeaching process where the tax payer could vote to remove any senator or congressmen who is not truly voting and working for the TAX Payer..

    You screw the tax payers and vote against what we truly want. Your gone! we find someone else in a week who will vote for what we want.

    Oh well, Ive said enough, I get angry watching the news, and hearing these stimulus ideas these people have come up with,.. Spending billions on Sodding govt lawns, STD studies and money for renovations of govt, .. ridiculous.

    This country is going to hell in a handbag

    Wish you all well

  • Leanne Mayhew

    How about lowering our taxes to begin with? How about doing away with income tax completely, since it is unconstitutional? Income tax was supposed to be a temporary measure, instigated by the Wilson administration way back at the beginning of the 20th century. Apparently the government liked all that extra money that the American people have worked so hard for, so now they take up to a quarter of our pay. If we the people would put our collective foot down, maybe we could make the government FOR the people once again, instead of the American people working for the government. It’s amazing that we’re continually being scammed by the government for their benefit, not ours. They’re so generous with OUR money, bailing out incompetent, greedy businesses and we have no say in it!! What’s wrong with this picture people?? Tax rebates shouldn’t be necessary because they shouldn’t be taking so much of our money in the first place!

  • scott

    Hey lets load are boys and girls over there in iwreck opps! bring them home and use the billions we would save for low to mid class bail out ! they dont want us there anyhow . Got a question for you all, Didnt most states pass the right to work law? and why cant we or some one take the job that they need raises for for less money. I thought this gov was created by the people for the people! and if it was who are the people? looks like the fat cats , used to be those elected get there because peopl believed in them no longer. give me a ballot with rat A or B no names they dont mean squat. We need to start getting real folks in gov who are in the persuit of happiness not big $s. Please dont take offence but remember when this country used to belive in christian values , i grew up thinking that that was the reason this country came about. my point is does not even the Bible warn us about the love of money? WE HAVE TO CHANGE ARE CHOICES FOR GOV ! LOOKING FOR STAND UP POLITICIANS – ALL OTHERS NEED NOT APPLY!!!!!!!!

  • Kenyatta

    Its about time somebody ;looked out for the average to mid class people. Why do you think that businesses are going under? Its because the officials say the heck with the the average Jane Do. The average Jane Do’s help these businesses prosper. Quit giving loans to all of these businesses,top CEO’S, and stock brokers! The average person that needs help cannot even get governmental asisstance, if you where working; but people can get 500 food stamps and section 8 housing,and AFDC checks all day, for years. Older and people,the average person that are barly making ends meet, cannot get any help. Something is trul;y wrong with this picture!

  • Kerry D.

    Alright I’m 24, yea I’m young but I’m not stupid. Here it goes. First I have a 401k that is supposed to be for when I retire. I’ve recently learned my money is becoming less and less since the economy is becoming worse and worse. So, when I retire if I have no money because of the economy basically it’s tough luck to me. Lol, that’s funny because I thought when I bust my a$$ everyday I should get something out of it in the end. What was I thinking? Secondly I heard that congressmen are still getting raises though the American people are losing everything we have worked so hard for. I heard the one politician agreeing with them getting raises saying that they to have families to support. Lmao ok this is a really good joke. You please tell me why the hell you can’t live off of $192,000 a year and you need a raise. Hmmmmm. Yea that’s what I thought. Lastly we should definitely get another check. If you don’t agree then let me have yours. It should be more like $500 a month until we’re out of this slump. In closing I have a solution. How bout one person run the United States of America. I’m thinking the president should. Get rid of every greedy piece of collective trash also known as the government and let the president do what needs to be done.

  • Paul

    Thank you JD.

    Completely agree. We will see a rise in unemployment, but as we all know, life is a roller coaster. We are on the down side of the hill and we just need a little bit more speed to start climbing up the large hill on the other side. Using the tow chain (government) to get us up that hill will only result in our sliding backward into the bottom valley, as seen with the last stimulus check.

    I hope some day soon, we all will be able to find jobs again and the economy will start to recover.

    People sadly need to fail to succeed.

    Companies need to fail for other companies to succeed. If every company was successful, we would all work for ourselves, and then we would have no unemployment.

    Facts of life

  • JD

    Oh, Obama did say he wanted to try to figure out a way to block TOP execs from the Banks and the BIG 3, from getting HUGE BONUS’ on the backs of the tax payer bailouts.

    I have a perfect solution for that. Let them fail. Let their companies die, and let the market correct itself. .There will be plenty of other companies who will adjust for the times and do good business, put customers first, and be profitable all while being HONEST!!

    Id tell em Sorry Charlie.. But if we save you, we gotta save evvvvvvverybody!!

    BUT.. Obama aint gonna do that.


  • JD

    Today on the news, there were reports that Obama party leaders asked him about stopping tax contributions on paychecks of the working class folks. He said he was NOT gonna do it.

    So whoever said that earlier.. ya got your answer.

    I did not vote him!


  • Justine

    As I read all the responses one thing that came to mind that we all have missed were the old days. Seriously……………..10 years ago you couldn’t pay us americans to say we’d ever be in this kind of crisis due to the economy being so well. At the time we had nothing to worry about AND WE CAN ALL AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had jobs, income flowing, children behaved and well taken care of, buying houses and cars wasn’t a big deal because IT WAS ALL AFFORDABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even when tax time came, we were the happiest people alive because although we had to pay taxes we groaned for a minute but it was something we had to do. MY POINT IS that now that we are in an economic crisis we complain?????????????????????????????? Yes the stimulus check would be a help in every way. It could also be a bad thing considering the cons you all have stated. Either way, I am neutral about it. I absolutely see it all of your ways. I respect all of your opinions and understand where you all are coming from. However we cant blame those with $300k homes, people with those hybird cars, rims and such because at that time they could have afforded it and to be truly honest…………………………………………………NONE OF US SEEN WHERE THIS WAS GOING FROM THE BEGINNING!

  • scott

    hey please dont hold your breath waiting for your bail out or stimulus check .find a second job suffer a little and make better choices. this slow economy isnt changing quik . we are americans not babies we bought the fansy cars and trucks that out do your neighbors the 2 high priced homes thats better then dad had oh dont forget credit cards we have to have 4 or 5 of those. i know its rough im in the same boat but let me say this after working a second job at walmart for this year I wont be bank rupt and thats stress relief .oh yah the house is now smaller the truck aint worth much why even the boat shrank no more credit cards cash only . hey what works for me may not you but there are was of fixing your own mess remember why or who got us there Dave Ramsey for pres

  • malinda

    i think if they can bail out the large corporations they can bail out families. All the money these large corporations were asking for would have did some real good in our homes. I think they should let each family send a copy of everything it would take them to get out of debt and begin to live again making better choices and let them bail us out. i would really make wiser choices about things now, but put the money in the heart of america and that is the families. america’s families have always kept america going and i think they need to give us more credit at some point.

  • craig jarrett


  • lonnie

    splinded lady u are not a hipocrite anyone who says they couldnt use the money may be. but as for this gov saving us that isnt posibly going to happen. sorry if some dont like that but really think it out this country is so far in the hole its probly not even are country anymore maybe we are china instead reality is you better buckle up its gonna be a bumpy bumpy ride. hey next time vote howdy dowdy press or maybe since you dont have to be born on us soil some one from hitlers revolt

  • Anonymous

    well i would like a check but really does anyone use it for bills or just toys. i can only guess but id say they will not send it to us on the bottom just bail out some failing car maker who should instead took leasons ,from toyota who has only recently tripped or see if they have to be bailed out . people have lost control of them selves and need to grow up because we are failing are children or does anyone really care anymore .Be realistic there are few morals left , they said the old west was kill or be killed you havent yet seen anything the way this country is going to bad their isnt a reset button on life I mean government life gov life gov OR CAN WE LEARN FROM THE STUPID MISSTAKES AND RESET TO FACTORY SETTINGS

  • TheNewSplendidLady

    I agree with you, I don’t think it will help – and it will prove further than we expect the government to save the day. But I sure could use the extra cash… I suppose that makes me a hypocrite.

  • kim mitchell

    i have to agree with dennis you hit it right on the nail,things have to hit rock bottom before anything can change but the sad thing is we are at rock bottom and i dont see it changing for a very long time, bush has hurt the american people and the funny thing is his brother from florida wants to be president in 4 yrs if anyone votes for another bush the world will not be a pretty place to live. i dont get while were bailing out freekin auto builders when we cant even think about buying a freekin car cause we all are suffering from loss of jobs and no money to pay bills something is really screwd up here i sure hope someone gets smart fast because what we the people do have left that we can call are’s will not last if the goverment doesnt pull there heads out of there a**………..

  • kim mitchell

    i have to agree with dennis you hit it right on the nail,things have to hit rock bottom before anything can change but the sad thing is we are at rock bottom and i dont see it changing for a very long time, bush has hurt the american people and the funny thing is his brother from florida wants to be president in 4 yrs if anyone votes for another bush the world will not be a pretty place to live. i dont get while were bailing out freekin auto builders when we cant even think about buying a freekin car cause we all are suffering from loss of jobs and no money to pay bills something is really screwd up here i sure hope someone gets smart fast because what we the people do have left that we can call are’s will not last if the goverment doesnt pull there heads out of there ass………..

  • Dennis

    In case you want to know just how much a billion dollars is… One billion seconds equals 32 years. Now multiply that times 825 and you’ll see just how large this stimulus package is. The world is bankrupt. So what difference does anything make. Enjoy the stimulus gift while you can.

  • Dennis

    Actually – nothing that has been done has worked or stimulated the economy. Ant over a trillion dollars has already been spent. So I say enjoy whatever you get given to you while you can. What difference does it make???

  • Hippychk

    Understanding that the economy is now a complete debacle, and too many folks are out of work, I still do not understand why I, as a taxpayer, should agree to helping out those who are loosing their homes. Before your feathers get ruffled, I am speaking of those who have and are still living beyond their means. Greed is a terrible thing and it will always come back to haunt you. If a family only earns $50k-90k annually, and opts to purchase a 300+K house, why is that my problem? My heart does go out to the workers who have been loyal to their companies for many years, who loose their jobs without notice; but only if they fall into the group of those who have, level headedly, made wise financial choices. Times are tough, yet no one wants to give up their cell phones, I-pods and Blackberries. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Another stimulus check would not be beneficial to us on a whole. That money could be better spent elsewhere. Come on…state/government spends at least 35% on education, but only 1% on police and fire. I was raised to respect all of my elders, the police and like, and I went to public school without issues. Today the schools are riddled with uneducated kids who have no morals, can not communicate with those out of their immediate circles, and think the use of vulgarities is the norm. I was not priveledged enough to go to college straight out of high school, as I had to earn a living. Now that I am finishing up my bachelor’s, (At the ripe old age of 42.) I see first hand how the kids today act on a college campus. It is truly sad. A college education should not be handed over freely without being earned. I would much rather have my portion of a stimulus check go towards fixing potholes, additional police patrol/firefighters, relief from high medical/prescription costs, and teaching the “D” averaged-little Johnny how to be more respectful. We fell of track when parents lost their rights to be parents, teachers are expected to be disciplinarians, and unacceptable behavior became acceptable. My town is in such a financial fiasco that the mayor has ordered that we are disallowed the “privilege” of salt for any/all streets during ice and snow storms. After driving home tonight from work, and after just receiving six inches of snow, I would gladly hand over any “free” governmental monies to ensure my safety, and even the safety of those who have their hands out without realizing the big picture. ;o)

    Oh, and by the way…to those who mentioned that since the government helped out the “Big Three” and overlooks the scandalous behaviors of the embezzlers as a reason to justify why they should receive a stimulus check, hogwash! No one is “entitled” to anything for any reason.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
    Sincerely, a single woman who lives on moderate means, and who lives a good life WITHIN those means, who rarely – if ever, uses credit cards, who drives a six year old American made car, and who survives on the least amount of minutes on her cell phone plan. :o)
    Toledo, Ohio.

  • JD

    Yeah, Hawaii sounds great!!!

  • american taxpayer

    I think the gov’t should just give every hardworking tax paying american 2 tickets to hawaii!

  • american taxpayer

    NO NO NO! We do not need another stimulus check! Like almost all of you, I am hurting in the worst way for money too. I have a wife and 2 kids living off my one income. I am carpenter by trade, and like the rest of the country, work is slow. $500 dollars will no help me make the year better, nor will $5k! It will only spend more and more of my great grandbabies tax money. We are up to our noses in debt with no feasible way to ever get out! The gov’t bailed out wallstreet and every other major loser who made more money in 1 month than most of us in a lifetime. Huge mistake! But that’s the past, we can’t sit and say, if the gov’t can dish out 700 billion to them, why can’t they give a few bills to us?! Because! There aren’t any bills to go around! The free trade market works to those who keep it in check. This crisis is simply the check it needs. Hard times are bound to come and harder times are inevitable, the gov’t needs to stay out of the way and let us fix it. If Wallstreet goes down, we’ll fix it, if the GM goes down, we’ll fix. We have a hard enough time controlling the gov’t we have, how does more policy and more gov’t going to help matters? If I get a check in the mail, I will cash it and put it under my bed, right next to my guns! This country is going to hell in a handbasket, and no one can seem to see it!

  • JD

    I agree with Dennis, we are gonna see a very sad year this year.


  • shannon

    Yes, I think we need another stimulus. The economy is in sad shape, so sad that people are having to make choices to buy groceries or their medication or to put gas in the car or pay the light bill. Many have dropped their health insurance because they can’y afford it anymore. Many have lost their jobs and health care benefits at the same time. People are desperate and in need of money. Where will they get money if job loss is on the rise? No one is lending money and so many abuse the government assistance that the ones that really need it are the ones that can’t get it. The economy is worse now than the first stimulus we received. Yes these are the end times and things will get worse but now that things are worse most will put money back into the ecomomy. So yes, we do need a second stimulus. For those who don’t want it, send it back!

  • Avg.Joe

    I want to see people get help from the government, but not in the form of stimulus check. Government needs to help people directly with food, Medicare and some other necessary means including shelters for people who lost their homes. The government should also open up career centers for people to learn new skills to find new jobs while investing in things that can open up new jobs (and keep them in the U.S., no outsourcing).

    Stimulus checks will not boost the economy. For people who believe spending will fix this economy, you still don’t see the real problem. Most Americans and the rest of the world are consumed by debt from credits. So what, you will pay off your debts with stimulus checks and rack up another debt again in the near future.

    I am so tired of some people who only beg for money. I am not talking about people who can’t work and really have to rely on help from the government. I am talking about people who can but won’t work. I have seen, along with other who posted earlier, some people living off social security while contributing nothing to the society. I have to work my butt off and being taxed so the government can give my money to these people. America is being held back by some bad politicians and some people who live off sweat and blood of hard working people.

  • Pamela

    I would love a stimulus check. It would help me out tremendously. I could probably turn things around. All it would do, though, is help me to be able to keep up. I’d pay off some bills and continue surviving. My usage of it would not help to stimulate the economy because I wouldn’t very likely spend it on anything. I think another check would just make the deficit larger and not help at all. It would be a good idea in theory, if we could use it correctly.

  • Colleen

    NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! The last stimulus check did not stimulated the economy for the EXACT reasons those of you who say we should get the check are mentioning. People in NEED of the check are paying off debt or using it to purchase only necessary items or putting it in savings this DOES NOT IN ANYWAY STIMULATE THE ECONOMY!!! Now, the difference would be if it were to be required to be used for luxury items.This would would be travel, new TV’s, new cars. Purchase of these types of items are the only way to keep an economy stimulated and not stagnated. Spending a stimulus check on survival alone does not promote anything but survival. It does not create jobs. It does not do the job a stimulus check is suppose to do. Therefore, I support giving the money to the people but with the caveot that the money be spent in a luxury way. Then we all get to have fun and support our economy. If this does not work for you then you could take your check and buy a TV, sell it on ebay at a dollar value loss and still come out ahead and everyone wins again. We all have to do our part to stimulate the economy and putting extra money in to the mortgage doesn’t fulfill our civic duties. If we can not be trusted to spend a stimulus check to get the desired result then the administration would be better off to do it for us.

  • Dennis

    Everybody needs to wake up. Things will not get better. There is too much greed and corruption, and you are foolish if you think they are going to stop or that they care anything about you or your problems. Soon prices will skyrocket. Grocery stores will began to close. There will be nothing. Mob mentality will kick in and riots will begin. Just as in the Great Depression there will be camps of people (by the thousands) on the highways looking for food any way they can get it. I don’t know how religous most of you are, but it might be inlightning to you if you read Daniel 12 : 1. And for you that thinks the Bible is silly, you need only to read the News paper to discover its validity.
    Wake up people!! Its here. The time has come. Things will not get better, only worse. So take the stimulus check and spend it on whatever makes you happy, because there just isn’t going to be much happiness left soon. There is a price to be paid for the governments decissions to work against the instructions of the almighty. This won’t be the first time God brought a country to its knees.
    God has withdrawn his blessings. Nothing can survive without his blessing. Sad times are comming.
    Now you can all write and talk about how crazy I am. But when it all happens you’ll remember what you read today.

  • Jared

    In regards to a stimuls check… I also agree with the rest of the posts that the American public deserves to get back some of that money that we give to the federal government everyday. In regards to the “Big 3” I don’t think that a bail-out was the right move. Let’s think about this GM, Chrysler, and Ford can keep their doors open a little bit longer, but just because they are still kicking (hardly) doesn’t put any money in my pocket! I still won’t be able to purchase a new car. They ask for more money and continue to cut jobs???? So what about the small business owners across the nation, what help is the gov. giving them? Just because a larger corp asks for more money they get it!? Do I believe that America should become dependant upon the federal government? Of course not!!! If you think about, where does the fed. get its money…From our taxes. So the government is dependant upon our money, but yet they have all the control. Put the money in the pockets of America! Okay, I have heard so many different plans and stimulus packages I really don’t know where the government stands, however, myself for example. You put $3K, $5K or $10+K in my hands, I will pay off some credit cards (banks got their money) pay down my car (banks get their money and automakers benifit). Well lets hope Obama has it all figured out

  • andrea shorty

    I hope we do get a stimulas check again. 08 filled my oil tank and I am thankful for that. I work 3 part time jobs and I’m a single mother of three children. I pray the economy gets better because it as been a tough couple of years for me financially living in Maine.

  • JD

    I wish everyone well here, I hope we all get what we want. Im sorry Im so passionate in my discussions about how BIG BIZ gets the tax payer bailout, and abuses the funds by spending the cash on lavish things that are completely unnecessary, and most of the times they do the very types of things that got them into trouble in the first place.

    Heres for a better a future. Lets pray our kids will be ok!


  • cliff

    i think this is stupid i heard one day that to really get this economy going the us goverment would have to spend 5 trillion dollers all this pidly stuff is stupid we are just wasteing the money

  • Davis

    Sure, anyone with sense, knows that we all need a stimulus. Middle class people need it!. Everyone in our neighborhood needs it, and we are all middle class folks with jobs. No one wants it to be this way, but I guarantee they need it. People are hurting.

    I just saw obama on TV speaking about his plan just now, he made a comment that Businesses, Not Government will be the benefactor of this stimulus. yet, the details of the deal sounds like 850 billion is going towards government, and some to BIG BIZ. What a revelation!

    Good Luck everyone

  • Troy N Davila

    As I do not beleive another stimulus check will change the economy, I however would not turn one down. Times are tough for all americans & why should we be left out of getting some of our oun money back! The government has been giving our tax dollars to all of these banks and investment firms to bail them out for making VERY poor decisions.

    We have these bankers taking the bail out money as if it were just a win-fall?

    Having partys and re-doing their offices? with tax payer money which we can now take a loan on and have to pay back more.

    Hell if they are going to give me some of my tax dollars back dame right i’m going to take it.

  • ashley

    Yes we need the money. We need more than that. Do you not realize how much people are in debt. Until we get our debt paid off it will not boost the economy. So the more help we get the better we are. If we had the money we would spend it creating more jobs for more people. Bush has run us all dry and were fighting for the things that we need now. For you to think we don’t need the money is crazy. Maybe what Bush has done in the last 8 years hasn’t affected you like it has the rest of us.

  • jd

    Luanne, or is it Lowell, revoke my citizenship.. Get a grip, And please do NOT call me “Hun”. I am not your HUN and I do Not address you that way.

    Here was part of your original post.
    “I am sooooo sick of this talk about if the bank ceo’s & if the big 3…blahblahblah. ”

    I guess, there were lots of people here complaining of how they (the big 3) could get a stimulus package passed in less than a week, but the politicians have to spend 12 months or more to figure out how to get us anything???

    So. My point was, our government is all about big business, special interest and their own political assignments. Not about the tax payers.

    Your probably a Barney Frank Supporter.



  • nicole

    Ha! says the person that won’t even state their name. This site has no purpose anymore, it’s now just a public forum for abuse between strangers.

  • Luanne

    read it again JD, didn’t say I don’t want money hun, said I don’t want the consequences of the stimulus checks. I get it, you do no question why you’re struggling-& news for ya it has nothing to do with how much your salary is. I really don’t care if you believe how much money I make or not, but I think it’s pretty silly that it took you 20min to think of a rebuttle for the very valid points that I brought up and all you could take issue with is that I might potentially be a liar about my income. Keep your hopes for me to yourself, you don’t have enough sense to advise me, you the blind man hoping someone else finds their way. Thanks Zach, but he’s obviously not letting it go & it makes me furious we all pay the price for people like JD. If the government really wants to help they should do us all a favor and revoke your citizenship.

  • jd

    zach .. I appreciate your post.

    I do pray that everyone gets what they need and that our economy is truly stimulated and gets back on track. But, the facts are that the previous stimulus ideas passed down by our government didnt work. cause here we are, and that… worries me


  • jd

    by the way, Luanne, Your the first and ONLY person, that I have ever heard of that makes $27,000 a year, and that does not want or feel that they need a stimulus check. Wow.. Thats why, I dont buy your story. . .

    I think the other posters see through your 27,000 dollar a year story too. But you go ahead and keep Blaming the TAX payer.. Yeah.. thats good Luanne.. Blame the people who generate ALL of the money for government. Sure, . Its our fault.

    Your so lost! I hope you find your way!

    God Bless.

  • zach

    Heeey Nancy, looks like you hit the nail right on tha head darling. Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day, give him a fishing pole and he eats for life. Same concept, give a man $500 dollars, he gets by for a week or so more, invest into the infrastructure of our country creating jobs that pay him $500 a week, he and his family eat for that whole year. Good call. Luanne, JD, God bless you both, you are both obviously passionate and intelligent people; leave each other alone will ya? We need a stimulus, so you’re both right, we need it to work, we need it to fullfill it’s purpose which is to stimulate the economy, we can’t control/micromanage that everybody will use theirs that way and the last one didn’t work, so…it’s clear an alternative option would be better, but neither of you have come up with it and you guys shouldn’t get mad at each other, neither one of you know what the other one is going through, let us not judge each other, but come to a conclusion where we can all get help we all need. Prayers all around guys.

  • jd

    oh and for the record, Luanne, Im not mad at anyone here but you and lowell. Everyone else here is cool and has expressed their opinions without admonishing people. You and lowell started that mess, and I responded . PERIOD.

  • jd


    Your so wrong. On so many levels that I cant even begin to debate with you. Your position is clear, you believe that I and the rest of the posters on this board are the reason the economy is in the shape its in.

    And sure Luanne, Youd bail out the BIG 3 because youd be saving their UNION workers from Unemployment. Yes.. Luanne lets go ahead and reward BIG BIZ, and BIG BIZ FAILURES. Hell, lets throw money at them, even when they are callous and overspend on frivolous things and plans that dont work. Lets reward them Luanne. Lets do it.

    But, no the poor guy trying to scrape up a few bucks to file for BANKRUPTCY, of all things (GO FIGURE) should not get a stimulus. You are a moron Luanne.

    I simply have nothing else to say to you, Go watch Keith Obermann will ya.


  • Nancy

    You know what I was thinking? Even if we spend gobs of money on stuff like a new car or a big-screen tv, it’s not going to help if that tv & car came over from somewhere else where we are shipping our money back over to. I looked around my house tonight, everything in it says made in china. I spend lots of money, my line of work hasn’t really been hit by the economy crash yet, so I still spend just like I always did, I mean food costs more but not because the government raised the price-because the gas companies raised the price of what it costs to truck it into the stores and because the value of the dollar just isn’t much good anymore. I don’t think America is really spending sooo much less, I mean I’m sure lots of people have to, but not everybody, I think it’s just that most of the money were spending isn’t coming back to us. Maybee…?

  • sherry

    The people that are saying no to the stimulus, IS NOT TO KEEP OTHERS DOWN in order to look down on them. I’m sure nobody here wants others to do without, it’s not a question of that. Its the question of how much damage the stimulus would do vs. how much good. We’re doing worse then last year, and we all got a stimulus last year, which im sure everyone has spent long ago, if it didn’t “bail” you out then it isn’t really gonna save you now, but it could really hurt our country. People are taking opposition to the stimulus really personal, it’s not attack or offense to you, we all want free money, nothing in this world is free, and that $500 check is gonna cost you alot more later then it would end up helping you right now! The government, the government, the government, real easy to blame the government. The government didnt incur your bills, you did. It’s tough for everybody right now. The government should help us, unanimous agreement on that, but not by hurting us more.

  • luanne

    Hey JD

    Why are you so intent on attacking people. None of these commentaries decide whether or not you will get a check in the mail anyway. The debate has nothing to do with whether or not people need or could use the money, it’s whether or not the outcome of coming up with that money would make things better or worse in the long run. For your information, I am not married, & I made $27,000 last year alone; that is the only income my household gets, and I drive an 89 toyota camry. Why are you so angry at everyone else, you said “Spewing your uninformed and unrealistic views of why the economy is in trouble and blaming everyone else but yourself” but who’s pointing the fingers and placing the blame here, all over this entire page? You are. The corporate bailouts were to save the taxpayers jobs, because it would cost much much more to pay all of them unemployment. The taxpayer bailout that you say the government would never give you, that’s whats called bankruptcy and you can file for it if you want to so go ahead. But then when people buy things on credit, and then default on that credit and have to file bankruptcy it doesn’t erase the money it cost to produce the products & services that were purchased or the money that was paid in wages to the employees of those producers, distributors, or retailers; it just put that debt into our national deficit instead. Im sure you love our country, I’m not being sarcastic I mean it, we all do, but you’re so nice to Biker when he says he wants us to go further into national debt to give him a stimulus check for the purpose of giving more debt to our nation(even if the new bankruptcy laws say you have to pay it back later, it puts us farther in the hole right now). Don’t you understand, that’s why we’re in trouble now. Let’s say we do it, print out 50k for each person in America or loan it from another country. What do you suppose would happen, what you think you want & are so vehemently ready to fight about would be a truly disastrous thing. I bet you detest the term & concept of communism, but that is exactly what you are suggesting basically what Paul said before you attacked him for it. No one here is trying to take food or money out of you and your wife’s mouth here, no one is saying-Don’t give money to JD & his wife, but there’s no such thing as a money tree because if there was we would pay for our houses and cars with leaves. Do you understand the concept of inflation JD, do you understand what that would do to our world as we know it? Do you really think the money that saved 100,000s of american jobs via the big3 bailout would have been better spent by sending Biker money to file bankruptcy. I get that you’re angry, we all are, stop acting like you are the only one that has a right to be, it’s very childish and rediculous-JD LALA-LAND. I do live in the real world, and I am talking about real-world consequences to your imaginary magical money-tree idealology. And like it or not, you can cuss out everbody on this page twice over, and you will probably still be struggling because you obviously just don’t get it. As for the people that invested in enron, yes that was horrible, but yes investors have to take responsibility for their investments, nasty but absolutely true and completely irrelevant to the current subject at hand. Have a great day. Moron.

  • Heather

    I’m not for a stimulus check that only offers $500 back to American Citizens. Seriously if you don’t have the money now how is a measly $500 per person going to stimulate the economy? It won’t. I would hold on to what money I could get if that’s all I get. If they offered MORE money in a stimulus check, more than less than a week’s pay maybe people would spend. No wonder last year’s didn’t work, what is $600? Not much. They can spend 70 billion to bail out business’ who are ripping people off [see Citi Group] and taking money and coming out clean when we the people and people who own their own small business’ need money too. The whole economy has gone down the drain and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

  • Teresa A. Caulk

    Oh yes indeed we should get another stimulus check. The government keeps raising the cost of food and services, why shouldn’t they issue a stimulus check to help us with the burden that they bestow upon us? I am a full-time college student and mother. I was fired from my job due to a car accident (even though I had a Dr.’s note), two months before I began classes.
    I couldn’t claim head of household or my son on my taxes, because I didn’t reach the governments minimum of earnings to claim such deductions. So, I personally feel that yes; they do need to help out. It is so hard to find a job at the current time and the little extra cash will rebuild revenue for the businesses where everyone will spend their stimulus checks.
    I voted for Obama, I believed in what he campaigned about, and I will stand behind him! Those who do not want a stimulus check, just want to keep those down that are all ready beneath them, as they see us.

  • Tom (Clevelander)

    The only way to stimulate the economy is to give everyone a big chunk of money. I wrote an article on this topic last year. It was about giving everyone a 50 thousand dollar 2009 stimulus check. If everybody gets a big check, it would *bailout the auto industry without giving them money. People would use the money to buy a car. *Help get credit flowing *stimulate small business growth.

  • jd

    Hey Biker, I hear that man. Sorry to hear it tho. I hope the stimulus comes and you find a way out of having to file for bankruptcy cause, that is no fun. One of my friends filed and it was a very difficult time for him.

    Heres to hoping that a stimulus comes that you can use!!


  • Biker

    I wish they would send one I could use it to file bankruptcy

  • jd

    PAUL You said….
    “Strive to make yourself better, dont strive to have the government make you better.”

    Dear Paul, Im pretty sure None of us here want the government to take care of us. First of all, the government has done such a piss poor job of taking care of things, lately, that it would be impossible for them to take care of the middle class and do it right.

    Hence the last 2 stimulus checks and their thinking that it would stimulate our economy, and every economist on television has said, IT DIDNT WORK. The fact of the matter, we the tax payers, the ones who DO break our backs working to earn a living and paying taxes like clockwork high to the hilt, so that liberal senators and congressman and their ilk can create policies and laws that award big businesses and their associates for their screw ups and malfeasance in their offices. . BIG biz gets billions when they do this, But if one of us tax payers behaves the way Big Biz has, we would face serious financial and personal PAIN and we would either file for bankruptcy, or go to jail.. or both.. Not BIG BIZ THO.. They get a pass.. God help us.

    We all have a problem with government giving billions out to bail all of them out. PERIOD. But, when the workers in this country, the middle class, the worker ants, the people who generate the real tax money, need a helping hand, they take their sweet time with any kind of help, and by the time anything happens, the help they send is so insignificant, that it makes very little difference, it does help, but these little checks will not stimulate the economy. Dont you see., that money is not to make tax payers current with their debts, Its to make them go out and spend it. But they cant or wont because things are so tight and jobs are getting cut. Why would we spend a miniscule 300-500 on a Tv when we may not have a job next month..

    NO ONE wants to live off of the government, but the government can pass a 750 billion dollar bailout for Big biz in one week, but cant get the tax payers a meaningful stimulus inside of 3 months.. come on..

    This tax thing is a one way thing. They just want the middle classes to go out and work their asses off, pay the taxes, and shut up and take it..

    The middle class voice means nothing anymore. ONLY THE POOR, and RICH have a voice. We pay, so they can play. THE MIDDLE CLASS are now the working slaves of the 21st century. My wife and I both work our asses off, we have no debt except for our home, and we still struggle, with the cost of gas, paying employees, kids school, food, insurances, taxes. All expensive as ever.

    Just saying… the stimulus needs to happen, and those who say it doesnt, please donate your stimulus check to someone who truly needs it.



  • Miguel

    Good Evening,

    I believe this question to be very critical to answer. I believe we first have to understand what it means to get a stimulus check. The purpose of this stimulus is to boost our economy for better business and more employments. Let’s not forget about the war in the middle east, this war is also taking a lot of money out of our homes. I personally don’t think this stimulus plan will work, the country will still be in debt because money being spend overseas. To economy will get better when money is converted and being spend here in the country.


  • Doris

    I am in my early 50’s and have worked all my life, and have been paying incometax since I was 13 years old. Now I find myself, like many other hardworking americans, on unemployment for just over a year. A $500 stimulous check may not seem like much to some, but when you only have $275 a week to support a household $500 helps. Although the amount is almost an insult, it is more of an insult thinking that there are people that actually want to take this away from us that need it.

  • Paul

    Looks like a socialist nation is what everyone wants. Spread the wealth.

    Let all our businesses be run by the government, everybody gets paid the same amount of money no matter if you flip burgers at Burger king or you are a CEO of a large company. This way everybody has the ability to buy fancy cars and big houses.

    Nobody would be homeless, unemployed, living in poverty. We all would be educated….

    Think about it people, life should not be a handout from the government. Buck up and be responsible for yourself.

    Maybe we need to educate people of how may societies live. Look at these third world countries. they dont have paved roads, there house dont ahve window, they dont have A/C and heating. They walk or ride a rusted old bike to work or school. Maybe if we look outside of our own greed for luxuries we will see that even the poorest of people in our country have better lives than a lot of third world country.

    No stimulus, no bail out. Let people fail, and then learn from their failure. if you had the opportunity to make great deals of money you would do so, not thinking, that i should sell my yacht because mary lost her job at BK.

    Strive to make yourself better, dont strive to have the government make you better.

    The society we live in gives us the right to be rich or poor. the question is, do you have the motivation to make it big or the idealism that the government owes it to me to make my life fantastic?

    think about it. Their are many governments that could make the way of life much more difficult that our lush land of luxury.

  • jd

    Yes, I think we are setting up for some tragic times. But not just because our economy is in the toilet, but because the rest of the world is watching us, and when we are at our weakest and things start shutting down, they will pounce on us like a cougar after a rabbit.

    Our grandfathers would be disappointed in us and our actions in regards to all this political correctness, the way we fight wars today, the way we try to appease every group, the way they want GOD removed from everything. Our forefathers would have had nothing to do with the kinds of greed and corruption and political correctness, that we hear about every day on wall street , in the banks in our schools, city government etc.. They are criminals. They would have been dealt with harshly and quickly.


  • Christopher

    I feel the same as just about everybody on this blog. It’s so true, if you were to give every working person who works 40 + hrs 25k-50k this would boost the economy BIG time! Think about it. We could pay off old debt, car payments, school loans, etc, etc, etc…… Then we would have more than enough breathing room to buy things and to put back into the economy. We could go out to dinner, a movie, hect maybe even fill up my gas tank for once (instead of the usual $3-$5). It sure wouold be something i tell ya. If the goverment doesn’t do something for the people, the Hard working people, this country is going to crumble and crumble fast. We will have a war and some major problems right here in our own country. GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jd

    LUANNE…. You need help! So all of the workers who lost their money who had invested in Enron, a few years back, ITS THEIR FAULT RIGHT?? Its the American TAX payers fault that CITI comes to the CONGRESS and Begs them for a bailout because they are in dire trouble, they give them a 45 BILLION dollar tax payer funded bailout, and those pricks, within a month finalize a deal to buy a 50 million dollar 12 passenger FRENCH MADE jet? Thats our fault too? Wow.. You are simply delusional .


    The american tax payers are not the ones who created the SUBPRIME LOAN PRODUCT.. The banks and their need for GREED did that. They also threw tons of fees on this type of loan, and took full advantage of unsophisticated customers and the banks knew these low credit worthy customers would have problems paying these loans. . But they did them anyway.. Because they were GREEDY. So you blame the U.S. the tax payers right?

    The BIG 3 Automakers.. They knew what was going on years ago, they saw the trend, but they kept on plugging and did not listen to their customers, and were too stupid to read their own sales reports from previous fiscal years. Losing market share year after year, still they kept the same CEO’s in place and built even more expensive cars that do not compete with foreign cars in performance and fuel efficiency. So thats our fault too right Luanne?????

    Wall Street, … all greedy crooks who would sell their own mothers for a profit if they could.. BUT its our fault these crooks arent good enough to get away with their own crimes, Get caught, and then come and beg for bailouts? So its our fault they are crooks, and its our fault they got a bailout too?

    The senator in our state (who definitely needs to be taken out office) voted for bailout, and I guarantee you, that his email and the phone calls to his office from his state were NOT for it. He did what all of them did, they voted without any regard to the tax payers who put them in office. They (the senators) all did that, they play politics with the tax payers, but when they are together in the senate meetings, they vote with what keeps them in with their other senate friends. So basically they betray us and need to be ousted out of office. NO DOUBT.

    BUT SAYING ITS OUR FAULT??? HOW DARE YOU. . Take your liberal agenda and shove it! YOU are twisted and lost and have no idea what your talking about.

    Finally, if the government can bailout the banks and their corporate greed, the big 3 who are completely clueless on how to compete in the current market, Wall Street and its ilk, surely OUR GOVERNMENT can find a way to stimulate the tax payer by sending them a decent stimulus check.

    LUANNE, you sound like a liberal wife of one of those bank execs driving around in a mercedes and talking out of both sides of your mouth. Spewing your uninformed and unrealistic views of why the economy is in trouble and blaming everyone else but yourself.


  • audrey

    lol whatever save money!!You think you can without something wrong going to happen opp there went your money,And make more don’t make laugh.Us middleclass people always get the shi@ end of the bargain.Poor people get food stamps,wic,tanf,everything to all hand outs.And rich well are just rich and prick a@@hole m@##$# f#@%#@#$ greedy all the way.

  • Jack

    Check this out. explains alot about the tax checks and stuff. Fact or fiction, you be the judge.

  • david

    U know, I completely agree with Luanne. I work for a bank as a customer service rep. Every day I talk to disgruntled customers that swipe their debit card like a endless magic money card, and then get angry at the bank because they overdrew their accounts. Everyone in the free world that has ever heard of a checking account knows that you will get an overdraft fee if you spend more than you have, everyone knows it’s their money, & their account. Yet when they sign up for that account agreeing to those terms, knowing the penalty upfront for overdraw, they want to blame someone else & they want someone else to fix it. If you are eat alive by credit card debt right now, you should be mad at yourself because you knew what the premise of a credit card was & u signed up for it, & u swiped it, u ate, wore, lived in, or drove what u used it to buy It’s not right for any of us to be mad at anybody but ourselves unless we are of the few that are debt-free! I say no to stimulus check to, just an opportunity for us to make things worse.

  • Luanne

    I am sooooo sick of this talk about if the bank ceo’s & if the big 3…blahblahblah. Pointblank people, a bank ceo has the income to afford expensive works of art, pieces of furniture & more than one home-why? Because the customers of the companies they are ceo’s of want to pretend (in jealosy & greed you all have spoken of) that they can also afford luxury items that they do not make an income sufficient to support. What good would a bank ceo selling his summer home do for the economy if you have some blue-collar working-class idiot maxing out his best buy card for a tv the 1/2 the size of his over-sized living room wall. I’m sorry, it is the blue collar working class that got us into this mess, so don’t be mad because you spent more than you had and the bankers employed & financed by the late fees and overlimit credit card fees you then incurred benefited from your poor budgeting. As for this “have fun while you can, because soon you won’t be able to afford a loaf of bread” concept earlier stated-well now we know who the go buy a brand-new car & then file bankruptcy culprits are. GROW UP! Honestly, what good in the world can it do to point your finger angrily at someone who makes $250,000 a year in a job that affords them a vacation home & Vangogh replica. The state of the economy started with the housing predicament, because people wanted to buy their own house twice over so they could buy more stuff. Then they wanted to open credit card after credit card maxing out each one, & then buy 20 & 30,000 vehicles & then trade them in for a new model every 4 or 5 years effectively rebuying their own 20 or $30,000 debt everytime they start to get ahead. Don’t be mad at Mr. Jones because you got into trouble trying to keep up with the Jones’. And P.S. The bank ceo’s aren’t the ones filing bankrupty, defaulting on their home loans, & then asking for a bailout. The banking industries maybe, but that’s because they extended credit to a bunch of people that wanted to eat it all up, & then cry for me, & then blame the bank employee??!! It’s obvious from some of the blogs on this site exactly why this country is in the state that it is in, and it has nothing to do with any bank ceo’s. Blue-collar america is the cause for the need for the bailout money, why, because of idealogy like “have fun while you can, because tomorrow we’ll have to pay the piper and be angry about & blame everyone else” get real dude! Don’t incur a bill you can’t pay and grimace at the guy driving the car he can afford. That’s retarded. I swear, if our government gives the idiots one single dollar more, we should all just kill ourselves now! No wonder every other country hates America. What an overindulgent, spoiled, irresponsible, immature society we are; and we will all pay the price for it, no matter who you wanna be mad at in the meanwhile. Like it or not, you bought that ceo his summer house-handed him the keys, don’t go crying about it now-or do, but I would be ashamed to put my ignorance on display like that in a public forum. I sincerely hope Mr. Obama has just a little more sense then to give a second stimulus check, especially to some of you in particuliar!!!!

  • Luanne

    I am sooooo sick of this talk about if the bank ceo’s & if the big 3…blahblahblah. Pointblank people, a bank ceo has the income to afford expensive works of art, pieces of furniture & more than one home-why? Because the customers of the companies they are ceo’s of want to pretend (in jealosy & greed you all have spoken of) that they can also afford luxury items that they do not make an income sufficient to support. What good would a bank ceo selling his summer home do for the economy if you have some blue-collar working-class idiot maxing out his best buy card for a tv the 1/2 the size of his over-sized living room wall. I’m sorry, it is the blue collar working class that got us into this mess, so don’t be mad because you spent more than you had and the bankers employed & financed by the late fees and overlimit credit card fees you then incurred benefited from your poor budgeting. As for this “have fun while you can, because soon you won’t be able to afford a loaf of bread” concept earlier stated-well now we know who the go buy a brand-new car & then file bankruptcy culprits are. GROW UP! Honestly, what good in the world can it do to point your finger angrily at someone who makes $250,000 a year in a job that affords them a vacation home & Vangogh replica. The state of the economy started with the housing predicament, because people wanted to buy their own house twice over so they could buy more stuff. Then they wanted to open credit card after credit card maxing out each one, & then buy 20 & 30,000 vehicles & then trade them in for a new model every 4 or 5 years effectively rebuying their own 20 or $30,000 debt everytime they start to get ahead. Don’t be mad at Mr. Jones because you got into trouble trying to keep up with the Jones’. And P.S. The bank ceo’s aren’t the ones filing bankrupty, defaulting on their home loans, & then asking for a bailout. The banking industries maybe, but that’s because they extended credit to a bunch of people that wanted to eat it all up, & then cry for me, & then blame the bank employee??!! It’s obvious from some of the blogs on this site exactly why this country is in the state that it is in, and it has nothing to do with any bank ceo’s. Blue-collar america is the cause for the need for the bailout money, why, because of idealogy like “have fun while you can, because tomorrow we’ll have to pay the piper and be angry about & blame everyone else” get real dude! Don’t incur a bill you can’t pay and grimace at the guy driving the car he can afford. That’s retarded. I swear, if our government gives the idiots one single dollar more, we should all just kill ourselves now! No wonder every other country hates America. What an overindulgent, spoiled, irresponsible, immature society we are; and we will all pay the price for it, no matter who you wanna be mad at in the meanwhile. Like it or not, you bought that ceo his summer house-handed him the keys, don’t go crying about it now-or do, but I would be ashamed to put my ignorance on display like that in a public forum. I sincerely hope Mr. Obama has just a little more sense then to give a second stimulus check, especially to some of you in particuliar!

  • Dennis

    If the Bank CEO’s would just sell their expensivepaintings, antique furnature, silver jets, extra summer and winter homes, and give up their lavish life styles, and stop being greedy, they wouldn’t need any bailout money.

  • brad m

    if they gave every homeowner 2% on thier APR it would slash monthly house payments in half,,,,,making for a longer term cash relief for families to live a more month to month comfortable life,,,brad buffalo ny

  • Laura

    Another stimulus check sounds great. It is a great help to many who are struggling due to the economic situation. However, it will not boost the economy. Obviously the first check did nothing to improve the economy. In the end it will just put the country into more debt that will eventually be taken out of your pockets. It may seem like a good idea to you, but it is certainly not beneficial to the economy nor the country as a whole.

  • jd

    The government never bailed me out. Never will. The government will only bail out the fat cats, like CITIBANK, etc etc .. . anyone see the news tonight???? after they (CITI) got their first part of their bailout, billions and billions, you would have thought they would have become thankful and be conservative by putting on the brakes on purchasing a 53 MILLION dollar LUXURY plane that they had planned to buy that seats 15 passengers. But guess, what.. they DIDNT.take the conservative path. . Those BASTARDS spent 53 MILLION dollars on a frickin plane. , what the hell is wrong with us? We all should cut up any and everything to do with CITI. BOYCOTT these morons. They bought the plane, and didnt even flinch.

    NOW.. IF My business gets into trouble tomorrow, and Ive been wanting to buy a new work truck, should I do the same, just go ahead and buy it, because I think the government is gonna bail me out.. I would be an idiot to think that way. BUT CITI.. hell yeah, renovate all the offices too.. yehoooo. . The government wont bail you out. They wont take care of you, They barely take care of the poor. The middle class truly gets the frickin shaft in this country. PERIOD. We are the worker ants and We make work happen and money for the rich. The government does not give a crap about the middle class. They just want to make sure we send in those frickin taxes. And we do!

    And they say they want to help us and they send us 500 dollars, like thats suppose to just change our world or something. How about sending out some cash like they sent out to the Banks, and Wallstreet pricks whose greed got us into this mess in the first place. or sending us cash like they sent to the BIG 3 Auto Losers, who cant even design a car that gets real world gas mileage of 34 mpg. Yeah, lets send the big 3 money.. Sure sure. as it was the government had to GO TO THEM a while back and say, listen up boys, we have a new law , that says ALL NEW CARS MUST GET 34mpg by 2012, if they dont, you are in violation of the law. Big deal. . They will just ask for more money to retool. .and our government will give it to them.

    Whats really ironic, is its our money they are giving to the auto pricks, so does that mean, we get discounts when we buy a new car???? NO, it means, the cars will cost more, because they will spend billions(OF OUR MONEY) to try to learn how to do what the japanese having been doing for years now. And the price of the US Vehicles will still be higher.. In the end.. we get the shaft. grab and ankle boys and girls.


    Stimulus. Yeah. Bring it on. Im gonna use every damn dime of it to pay my bills.

  • Paul

    No Stimulus check. The government is not here to bail you out on your decisions you made in life. The bail out for big industry is to help 100s of 1000s of people from lossing thier jobs and not even getting that $150/wk. (Hell, the government will give you that plus some on unemployment.) Maybe we all should just quick our jobs and let the government do everything for us. this is the way the stimulus check converstaion has gone. We need money, because we made bad decisions. We wanted the nice car, the nice house, the nice phone. think about people in africa that dont even have running water, who eat bits of rice for a meal, and live in boxes, and sleep on the dirt. You are looking pretty good now arent you. The american way is to live off of credit until you have gone to far, and then let the government bail you out. We need to stop this mentality, the only way we will get back on our feet is to stop relying on the government to help us, but to help ourselves.

    I have over $10,000 in credit card debit, and over $60,000 in student loans. I pay more in debt payments a month than some of you claim to make. I made bad decisions, and bought lots of stuff i could not afford, I put myself through school and i own a house.

    I dont want the government to help me.

    People in this country need to learn to live off what they make and get away from using loans to help them live that luxury life.

    Freedom is earned, it is not a priviledge. Luxuries are earned, they are not a priviledge.

  • Dennis

    Whats wrong with the people wanting a stimulus check?? The money given to the people is a very small amount of the over all stemulus package. And what does it matter what the people do with their stemulus ckecks?? Like it or not Bars, the alcohol industry , hotels, casinos, resturants, sports, are all part of the society we built, and all these employ many people. So if the people spend their money at any of these places they are helping to stemulate the economy and create jobs. Do you think those fat cats aren’t spending big gov. dollars at these places. Yes – take your stemulus ckecks and have fun while you can, because soon there will be no money at all and even if there is everything will cost so much that you won’t be able to afford a loaf of bread or a gal of gas no matter how much of that tiny stimulas check you saved.

  • Jarrett

    If we truly wanted a stimulus check to do its job then this is how it needs to be presented. The government should send “visa cards” with a specific amount on them that can only be used for goods or services that accept that form of payment. Similar to a visa gift card. The card would have an expiration date of 60 days forcing us to spend it. Yes, I would love to have an unspecified amount of money to spend on whatever, bills, fun, put away, etc, but think about what it would do to the economy. That is why the 1st one didn’t work. Everyone always wants to be handed something free in tough times. Don’t get me wrong, ive got bills, but id rather do what i can to help the economy rebuild itself.

  • Melissa

    I m little kind of confused about second stimulus check.. I juz want to ask u some question.. Last year I did get stimulus check $300.00.. so I juz wonder will I get another second stimulus check ?? because of some of my friend said there wont get second stimulus check because I already got it last year.. Only for who did nt get first stimulus check .. I need ur information to make sure to clear some question.. thank u

  • Irina

    I absolutely, totaly, completely AGANST it. Before you say yes to a freeby think where will those money come from. Rich people? Big bankers? Monopolists? Billioneers? No, government will have 2 options; tax more or print more. If you honestly for a second think they will tax rich (and what is rich? A millioneer?) you are in lalaland. So they will tax middleclass. They will tax somebody like me or an average american. I work 3 jobs because I want better for myself, because I want my children to have more, see more and learn more. The more I work the more I get taxed!!! Is this fair? And where do those taxes go? They go to a lazy person who seats at home, breeding like a rabbit, don’t go to work and says to the goverment ” I am poor, give me more” People like this get their childcare paid, their power and telephone bill paid, foodstamps and money in their hands. Will they ever go to work? NEVER!!!! WHAT FOR?
    Money never appear out of nowhere. Somebody will have to pay for it. And its going to be just an average Joe.
    Then government can print more. And guess what? You will see the largest inflation you saw in your life! I lived through something like this in 90s in Russia. And you will hate every single minute of it. When you go to store and milk is 30% more then it was yesterday and you have no idea how much its going to be tomorrow. And your salary stays the same.
    So just get yourself together, spend less, get a second job and live by your means.

  • Steve

    Why not give every family in America a voucher for a house? If every family had the ability to get a house they would have equity, they would have better credit, they would have more money to spend. It would also put millions to work building houses again! It would have to based off their income of course but what would that cost, a couple tanks, jets, toilet seats? Come how many Billions to we blow on stupid things, when you could turn around the state of the economy in one swift blow! I know its a pipe dream but goverment does waste so much on pathetic pork belly schemes. At least this benefits all that dont have.

  • sherry

    A second stimulus check is a temporary fix to a long-term problem that will eventually further inflame the cause. By borrowing the money from foreign countries to fund these stimulus packages in exchange for importing more foreign made goods(such as the loan from china for 2008 package) to be purchased by the stimulus package checks to our consumers-we are effectively selling ourselves to china! We are outsourcing more & more & spending the few american made dollars we have left on supporting foreign goods & labor. These stimulus packages may be a hand-out to our Americans but a leg-up to foreign coutries. And we aren’t reinvesting at home. The previous package for most Americans was gone before we got it, going to overdue credit card accounts and prime equity lines-so that it basically just extended our ability to live beyond our means and pro-long our period of debt. I agree with the previous blog, it is definitely going to get much worse. A stimulus check is a bad idea, it is obvious Americans are very bad at deligating how to responsibly allocate their funds, giving them more money in which to use unwisely can only hurt in the long run though it might give us a false sense of relief and security temporarily. Don’t get me wrong, I am a democrat. I am not simply regurgitating the views of the party I support, but think about it. Id like to have an extra $500 myself, but is it ever a good idea to cause a detrimental increase in debt, an investment with no promise of return, in exchange for the personal need for additional money? Baaaad idea. If anything the economy is doing much worse since the last stimulus package and that should really say something to us all. As a side-note to all the religeous references, the bible says the end times will begin signified by someone in the middle east coming to power over the rest of the world & the prohibition of worshiping the Lord God & Jesus under penalty of imprisonment and death-Exactly what is happening in China today. Selling ourselves to China and giving them financial & economic power over a broken country is very scary when you think about that. Work overtime, get two jobs, do away with cellphones, internet, and other unnecessary luxuries. some positions will always be in need-people will always get sick, people will always need to eat. Find practical applications for your skills, don’t stop spending money-but spend on American made and owned products and services that do not outsource their employees to strengthen someone else’s economy, & for heaven’s sake(literally) cut up your credit cards & close your prime-equity lines! A waitress could have told you 2 years ago we were going into a recession, I agree with Dennis, it is going to get much worse & we need to stop looking for these horrible temporary solutions that dig us a deeper hole in the long run!

  • Dennis

    I say yes take the stimulus checks and have as much fun as you can while you can. Wake up people… The whole world is broke. Europe, and asia are borrowing 3 trillion dollars within the next few weeks. China has said they can no longer buy our debts and will be borrowing money also. Greed is what set the world on fire. Lies, legal thievery, laws made for the rich to get richer and the poor to become poorer. Blame all the greedy elected officials for passing laws that got the world in this shape. This was no accident, it was greed ran wild. Too many fat cats with their hands in the cookie jar. If I had handled my finances the was government has, I’d be in prison. I say enjoy all you can get now because there is a depression comming that will make the great depression look like a picnic in moma’s back yard. It makes me sick to hear our elected officals keep saying “God Bless America” while they keep doing everything God said not to do. Now we’ll see what happens without God’s blessing. Get ready people, its going to get really rough. It aint bad yet, but soon its going to get unbievablly bad.

  • Hungry Family

    I think we should pray about it let the Lord handle it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John McNamarra

    A second stimulus check would definetely help because I would head to the grocery stores to buy food to put on my table! The tax cut plan does not really help, the American people need real money NOW, to put food on the table. A check of around a thousand dollars would guarantee food for my family for several weeks, and it would give me time to find a source of income for thereafter…

    sent from: [FID4789259]

  • Cate

    I recently filed bankruptcy because in the past I spent too much money. If I wanted it I got it- I used credit cards mostly or would write checks the day before payday, spending all my money before bills. We got behind on our mortgage and everything else and when I tried to get help to avoid forclosure, no one would help us. All the “help” that was suppose to be available from companies and such that they talked about and advertised was complete bull. The ones I attempted were available not in my state, but the one next to us- what?? That should have been nationwide, not state to state. Anyway, we decided that bankruptcy was the only way to avoid repossesion of our family car, forclosure on our home and losing our dignity. I am now realizing that money is more important than what I was making it out to be. I don’t know what I was thinking spending all that money- did I not know that it would eventually catch up with me? I paid my utility bill on time last month and it felt so good. I pain $25 extra on my phone bill this week and I am very proud of myself. It is hard having 2 children and owning a home. No one wants to be ashamed of themselves and everyone wants to have nice things. We all must realize though that there is a way to budget your money and still have nice things. I really love what timeandtide commented above my comment. She hit it on the head with her explanation. She seems to “get it”. I got it, I just had to learn the hard way. I am starting to live by what my mother has told me for years, “decide if you WANT it or NEED it”. A government stimulus check would be nice, I don’t NEED it to survive like I did when the last one was issued. This time I will actually be able to save it and maybe spend a little and not feel guilty because the utility bill hasn’t been paid. I have a new outlook on life and my money situation. I just pray that everyone else will to- someday. Maybe schools should start teaching a class about budgeting money. Since the economy is so messed up, it should be a required 2 year course. I am worried what todays children will become and how it will affect our nation in 20 years. There is too much divorce, abortion, drugs, abuse, gay marriages, and things that God doesn’t want us to be doing. We will take God out of everything but has anyone stopped to think, maybe that is why this nation is becoming such a mess??? GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!

  • timeandtide

    I think greed has a major role in the economy being the way it is right now. People do not need to live beyond their means. If you only make 50,000 dollars a year in your salary don’t go out and spend 100,000 on stuff you don’t need. I am a single mother with 2 children ages 7 and 14. I support my elderly mother who is 73 as well. I made less than 20,000 dollars last year. I work full time in a local grocery store as a sales clerk. I also went to college full time to work on my degree. I will make the same this year as last year. But here’s the thing. I pay my house rent, electric bill, internet,cable, phone, water, trash pickup, propane for heating my house, cell phone, credit card, bank loan, car payment and insurance, and my kids medical insurance. I buy food and necessities, and gas to travel back and forth to work. Now here’s the thing. I pay all of that monthly on my salary and I still have money left over. Because I shop smart. And I don’t spend beyond what I don’t have. I do not use my credit card and I don’t borrow money. I live within my means. Its called a budget. Unfortunately a lot of people now days don’t know what that is. I hope there is another stimulus check this year. I could use it, but to spend on my kids and help the economy not because I can’t survive without it. I learned a long time ago from my granny that you don’t have to make a lot of money to survive, you just have to be smart with what you do make.

  • me

    hey i got 36,000$ from a civil suite and it lasted me only 5 months. Yeah i was stupid and spent the majority of it on things i wanted instead of bills and things that were needed. I can say alot of other americans would and will make the same mistakes. I can say i help the economy a little but one person cant do much imagine what the whole us could do.. Wal-mart alone made 20,000 of me I live at wally world. cant say i spent it on bills or to save. Yeah i bought a car second hand and paid gas to go see family 100 miles away like 50 times in 6 months some people will pay bills some will spend but either way it goes it will help. If the government wants to make sure that they are spent for certin things give people gift cards instead.

  • Rdldydragon

    Ok 500$ yeah thats great especially for people like me who can only find a job that makes less then that in 2 weeks. If u can even get a job. Giving money to people that have a job for a year straight or more only is bull. At least they make somthing. Some of us spend hours and hours a day filling out applications, and having job interview and trying to figure out how to go to school to get a job when u dont have a job to pay for it. Yeah give us move money. Quit giving non us citizens help. Help feed America not Africa. Don’t elp other countries if we cant even help ourselves. Try raising 2 kids on your own when rent for a decent place costs u more then u make in 2 weeks. add the cost of diapers, gas, food, and just your everyday needs and your almost paying your job to work for them in this economy. I need a car cause mine blew up, money to pay rent, keep my kids healthy, a job, and just money to be able to afford time to relieve stress before my head blows off. Cut out all these million dollar houses and make some good affordable not hazardous to your health houses so people like me can survive in this world and we might actually have $ to spend to boost the economy. How do u expect u to help the economy when no one helps us. By the way. I do not own credit cards. I do not spend thousands on jewelry, 20 foot flat screen tvs, and half a million dollar vehicles that crash or break down in a few months. I pay my bills and feed my kids and barely buy the pack of diapers i need every pay check. help the people that at least try to help themselves. Not everyone that does not have a job is a drugee, lazy, bum that is trying to live off of everyone else some of us try to do everything we can every day and still dont get a break. Help the little guy help himself

  • Rdldydragon

    Ok 500$ yeah thats great especially for people like me who can only find a job that makes less then that in 2 weeks. If u can even get a job. Giving money to people that have a job for a year straight or more only is bull. At least they make somthing. Some of us spend hours and hours a day filling out applications, and having job interview and trying to figure out how to go to school to get a job when u dont have a job to pay for it. Yeah give us move money. Quit giving non us citizens help. Help feed America not Africa. Don’t elp other countries if we cant even help ourselves. Try raising 2 kids on your own when rent for a decent place costs u more then u make in 2 weeks. add the cost of diapers, gas, food, and just your everyday needs and your almost paying your job to work for them in this economy. I need a car cause mine blew up, money to pay rent, keep my kids healthy, a job, and just money to be able to afford time to relieve stress before my head blows off. Cut out all these million dollar houses and make some good affordable not hazardous to your health houses so people like me can survive in this world and we might actually have $ to spend to boost the economy. How do u expect u to help the economy when no one helps us.

  • jd

    I own my own biz, I dont make stupid loans I can not pay back. In fact, we no longer make loans, we pay cash for every tool, or piece of equipment we want to buy. NO cash for the item… NO BUYING.. PERIOD.. We wait, save.. and then buy. PERIOD

    If banks had not dangled the 100% loan carrot in front of poor unsuspecting and unsophisticated people, the HOUSING crisis would NOT have happened. And there lies the RUB.. ( G R E E D ) Greed is what caused all of this. They charged enormous fees and points to these individuals, fattening up their commissions and selling that paper like it was cotton back during slavery. The whole ordeal was fueled by banks GREED and the high of making The quick buck for loan processors and loan officers. Everyone was making MONEY on these loans, and a lots of it. Even the president wanted everyone to buy a home. Home Ownership is the american dream, they sold it beautifully, it was nice and neat, but not requiring 20% down of the loan price should have been a clue to these buyers, but they took the bait anyway. Well, didnt your daddy tell you nothing is free???

    When are people gonna learn,… if you want something today, your just gonna have to work for it. If it comes to easy, your not gonna appreciate it, respect it, and chances are, it will have so many catch 22’s in it, that you wont ever want to have it again..

    Surely, the people who took these loans regret them, because of these loans, most are probably in the process of losing their homes because a. they can not refinance into a traditional loan because they are upside down. b. they dont have the cash (or savings) to put down towards getting into a conventional loan. c. the house has depreciated so much that none of the above options make financial sense.

    In regards to the BIG 3. They should have seen it coming for a very LOOOOOOOOOONG TIME now.

    1st. The japanese manufactures have been outselling them in this country for years, and consistently, year after year, kept increasing their engines performance for more fuel efficiency.

    2nd. While all this was going on, the big 3, faced the union workers, and strikes, etc etc. they wanted more money.. money money money. ok. so they gave them more and more.. and more..

    3rd. So their paying more to their workers, and that didnt increase reliability of these cars they were making, and the big 3s cars all ranked lower in dependability than the Japanese automakers .

    4th. They recognized they were getting beat, and losing sales big time. Instead of cutting back then, changing direction, they continue on, and creating vehicles that still can not compete with the japanese cars in gas mileage and most importantly … PRICE.

    5th. The OIL debacle. . It hits.. and it hits hard… Toyota has has the prius and has had it for a loooooooooong time, and Honda has the Insight. The big 3.. NOTHING.. No forward thinking.. No thinkers, Just CEO’s making huge salaries and not watching their foreign competitiors, and certainly not competing. SAD. Not only do the Japanese cars beat them on price, but cost of operation as well.

    6th. All My life, I have said I would not buy foreign. Im gonna buy american. I drove GM trucks and car and Ford trucks and cars. But after I had enough of their service problems and experienced their many dependability issues, I bought a Honda Accord, Then an Avalon. I would not buy another car from the BIG 3, unless they come up with something that beats the Japanese cars, in performance and in price. PERIOD. I will not buy unreliable american made products to say Im buying american anymore. I

    6th. The world economy crashes, and LOOK who steps up and asks for a BAILOUT. UNBELIEVABLE! The sad part is they get it.

    I still say, the government should have let them fail. >. Some say, they are too big to fail.. Bullshit… The market will work itself out. Their are plenty of major companies filing bankruptcy, shutting down, doing what they have to do for lack of sales. Thats the nature of the beast.

    If my biz gets in trouble, can I get a bailout.. Hell NO. Im gonna fail, and my employees will be UNEMPLOYED. It will suck, but it is the reality of the situation.

    Self preservation is the only way to make it in these times. If you dont have saving to rely on, then your gonna have a hard time. This stimulus will be no different than the last one. People will use it to pay their bills, or late bills. PERIOD. They arent gonna go out and buy a new fur coat or a fancy tv with the money. 1000 dollars per family is not gonna budge this broken economy. It will take quite a bit more money to truly stimulate this ecomony.


  • Joel

    “Its the banks fault for issuing loans to people who didn’t deserve it…” That is the most ridiculously selfish and greedy thought a person could have especially in a time like this. Undoubtedly they made mistakes, but let us not forget the requirement of the borrowers signature on these contracts implying understanding of the terms. Simply put, this is a two way street, two parties were involved and therefore two are responsible. As far as contract details and functionality, you are responsible (not the company) for the contract’s contents that YOU sign and if YOU don’t fully understand it then you must take it upon yourself to find out what it means. Also, to argue that helping the Detroit three is not to help the middle to lower class of society only highlights ones own ignorance. Who do you suppose works for GM, Chevy and Ford, do you really think wealthy people run the lines? Newsflash for you, GM Chevy and Ford are responsible for employing 100s of 1000s of jobs to the lower and middle class. It is easy for us to blame big corporation and that’s why the media, politicians and just about everyone else does so. Exercise due diligence and find out for yourself, unless your completely biased (which I whole heartedly expect) then you will quickly see the error lies at each of our feet; big company and individually.

  • RRack

    I agree completely. Thin out all the private industry bankers and CEOs and other big-wigs. We always hear about the pro athletes and their salaries. Believe me. That’s why we can no longer afford to attend any pro games anymore. That is peanuts compared to these people. Recently, the lifestyles of some of these CEOs have been brought to light. These people are spending millions on extravagant items…a $100,000 toilet? a $700,000 area rug? Yachts…Multiple homes around the world…Private Jets… I mean there’s rich then there’s these people that have more money that god himself. This is all money that the hard working American is paying for. I’m not saying that they don’t “earn” a big salary. But come on! It’s all bragging rights at that level. I like that caps have been recently put in place. However, no one knows what those caps are. These major companies need to cut their salaries of their management and let the savings trickle down to us. I know. I know. It’s all “private industry”. However, the government now “ownes” big chunks of these companies. ie we the tax payers “own” them. Why are we, the American people, not allowed to voice our opinions and act as board members of these now “public” companies?

    As for the stimulus check issue. I really don’t think another check will do much. That is, unless it is substantial…ie double the last one. I work in law enforcement and my wife is a school teacher. Fortunately, we are in jobs that are fairly secure. However, we are still feeling the pinch…gas, groceries, utilities. Everything is going up. I know that we merely put the last check in the bank and carried on as usual. We made no effort to spend more especially not knowing what the future of the economy holds.

    Sorry for the rambling…It’s early and I’m frustrated. 😉

  • Sarah


    Reality check: not everyone can still eat. I have to use Angel Food Ministries each month because I can’t afford to shop at my local Wal Mart.

  • Krista Koenig

    Yes I do think another five hundred would do some good. Not everybody is rich , and it helps people who arent rich out.fIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS IS ALOT OF MONEY TO SOME PEOPLE. i think the rich should think about that. Maybe they should give up their five hundred to the people whod appreciate since another five hundred dont mean much to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RICH ASSHOLES

  • Chad

    Say NO to 2009 Stimulus Check !!!
    Say YES to Real Stimulation of the economy !!!

  • Chad

    So another mortgage on our country is what you all want? I say we put the nose to the grind stone and tough it out – I could use the money – but I’d rather save the money for something really needed. We can all still eat right? So what if we don’t ALL own our own houses and cars and land and appliance. And for everyone suggesting 100k refunds.. absurd! Spending would increase so fast that nothing would be left to buy prices would sky rocket on everything only setting us up for a BIGGER crash and a stronger choke on the lower and middle class. If there is too much product laying around in the us that we cant sell – SELL it elsewhere and bring the money back in these borders. The only problem with our economy is honestly its not OUR economy. Its truly China,Japan, and everyone else we rely on to make the things we want. Am I missing something?

  • jd

    MR MRB.

    YOU and LOWELL, oughta hang out together, you both have the same attitude.

    AGAIN, this site is for people to post their comments on whether or not a stimulus check or help is coming, and their opinions count, just as your opinion counts. Making personal attacks is not what this blog, forum, comment board is about. People are really hurting here and feel like sharing their personal stories so let them. People are really upset, let them be upset. Post your story, and let us know if you feel the stimulus check would help you or hurt you and so on.

    your message to me about people living in a 785 dollar a month house vs your small apartment is a relative comparison and just does not hold water. The fact is most intelligent people use whats called a monthly budget system to determine where they will live, and how much they will truly and comfortably be able to afford to pay for a mortgage or for rent.

    This includes having an emergency fund established in the event that a job loss or other catastrophe could happen and this all done prior to taking the leap into home ownership or renting your own place.

    MRB whatever you do, I do hope your situation improves. But generally, people make purchases or rentals based according to their budgets and on their salaries

    The facts are.. that things are tough on working class folks right now. I think we all could use a stimulus, and NO I do not think 1000 dollars will budge our stuck economy. Nor do I think that this amount they propose to stimulate us with will really help each of us all that much. 3k -5k per family.. yes.. that would help, but OLE baracco is gonna find that out the hard way very very soon.


    The point of this

  • mrb

    mr. jd, so sad to hear your thoughts, becouse if you want to blame those congressmen and senators sitting in those fat little chairs high on that hill you might as well blame yourself, your votes landed them there, you people think that you have tight times with your cozy $785 a month mortgage for a house that in this area isnt worth 25,000, quit complaining, your giving me a headache, i live in a one bedroom apartment with cutbacks at work only working 35 hrs. a week bringing home 110 a week becouse of a greedy ex with my son that i never get to see becouse the state says i have no rights to him, but you know what i have a roof over my head and supper everynight so really what the hell is there to complain about, come on people we are better then this, lets start thinking positive and work towards a solution instead of dwelling of past problems with the economy, staring at the past aint looking towards the future, think people use your heads come up with ideas to cut costs at work, when you go to the store buy what you need to survive not what you want, instead of lining the pockets of the big three automakers, put that huge bank note on fixing up the old beater that gets you back and forth from work, put a little extra effort in at work while your there, its your livelyhood anyways act like you need it at least, im not out of things to say im just tired and am looking forward to go cutting some logs for some extra cash for food in the house tomarrow, thats how im doing my part to help the economy what are you doing………

  • jd

    Jenna, they will never let us do that.. it sure would be great though!!!!! Count me in for that!!!! You see the government likes to have that cash flow, and its a huge pile of cash coming in every month every check. while we all bust our asses to make ends meet. FAT uncle sam, just racks in the dough, the senators, congressmen, and their counterparts all sit high on a hill, and pretend, with a straight face, that they are doing what they are doing to help us. BUT really, they are just… helping themselves.! We, bring in the cash, they sit on their ass, and try to figure out ways to spend the money we give them. Create more government, a committee to oversee this committee, a task force to enforce this, a new building to house this new committee office, vehicles for everyone involved, gas, insurance, expense accts, hey, welcome to government..

    Thats the bottom line. . While middle class people such as myself and my wife worry, work work,try to save save, pinch pinch every penny we can, and try to live a good life and provide for our kids.

    WORST economy Ive ever felt, Im 38. But I remember my grandmothers stories about the depression, and let me tell ya, I dont want anything to do with that kind of economy!.

    Barrac better wake up and figure out that 1000 dollars is not gonna help middle class working families. We need more stimulus than that.

  • Jenna

    I say yes to the stimulas check. I also say yes to stop taking taxes out of my check every month. If my husband and I didn’t have to pay taxes out of our check, we would be able to afford to live. I don’t see the point of them taking taxes. Most people file a for a refund at the end of the year and get MORE than they paid. Just let me keep my money up front. It would make my life easier.

  • jd

    It would be great to get something guys, but here is the reality of what we WILL be getting. As of today, and Ive read the press corp release, and it read that the stimulus for US, will mean one of two things…

    500 per person, if you make less than 75k per year. Husband and Wife get 1000 provided their combined income is not over 150k. It will come in the form of a tax deduction and be part of , or added to your tax refund check. or if you have already done taxes this year and the BILL has not passed yet, it will be in the form of you getting your paycheck from work with 500 dollars worth of taxes NOT withheld.

    Still I just do not understand what they think 500 dollars will do to help people. Seriously, in these times, who is gonna receive 500 dollars, and go and spend it on a luxury items. NO ONE with sense will do that. People are gonna pay bills with it, or save it. Period. Sure some of it will get spent on normal expenditures like gas, food, etc. but Frankly, I wont spend a nickel of it. It will go into my save for a rainy day savings account.

    I will have NO problem telling the government THANK YOU for it, But really, they are paying me a check with my own money that I WORKED FOR AND PAID IN.. PERIOD.

    I agree with previous posters who say, stimulate us with real money, 3k or 5k per family, that, would make a difference in things.. that would help. .

    Just my two cents….


  • Dennis

    What good will it do to create three million new jobs if ten million are going to lose their old jobs?? Think about it !!!

  • Dennis

    Give everyone over 18 years of age $100,000 and let the money trinkle up instead of giving it to the fat cats and letting it trinkle down to the bottom (where it never gets to). This would be cheaper than what they are planning now. Just think : everyone could pay off credit cards, morgages, student loans, Cars, buy cloths, toys, TV’s, furnature, do home repairs, take trips, pay off Dr bills. This would truely be a stimulus, a real shot in the arm. This would stimulate and reach every area of our economy. More people would be put back to work just to provide the products and services that would be demanded by everyone spending the $100,000 stimulus check. Think about it !!

  • Sarah

    I agree with you sam. It would be great if Obama could create a better job for me in the next year or so (which, let’s be honest, is how long it would take so see actual jobs being created after these programs finally get up and running.) However, some of us could really use a little help right now. Like those of us -me included- who don’t have ANY credit card bills or outrageously unpayable mortgages, and are in trouble through no fault of our own. I guess the only way my situation is my fault is by choosing the wrong major 11 years ago when I started college, or not wanting to move to a different state for a chance at a hypothetically better job.

  • sam

    I think most the people on this site are wrong. You shouldn’t get money. Obama should make the work group projects to create jobs and then pay the individuals that give our country their sweat and blood. It benefits our nation when schools and hospitals are repaired and tax breaks are given to companies who will hire full time american citizens. Not someone who needs 500.00 dollars to pay there overindulgent credit card bills. Get rid of illegals sending money back home, get rid of overpaid unions (auto industry and etc.), and lets bring back that U.S. kick @ss attitude. (People need a sense of purpose, not a handout)

  • Sarah

    This is going to get pretty in depth and a little personal, so if you don’t want to read another “sob story”, I suggest you move on to the next comment.

    I know that everyone is in a bad way right now, but some of your stories sound like a dream to me. I’m 28, I have a bachelors degree, I’m a graphic designer (which sounds cool, but it’s really not in my situation), and I make $10,000 a YEAR. That’s the best I can find right now. (For a little evidence of how bad the job market has gotten in Michigan: I made more per hour as a cashier at Cracker Barrel in 2001 when I was in college) And I’m only working 24 hours a week. I’m actually the lucky one at my job because I wasn’t laid off completely. After taxes I make $150 a week. That’s $600/month. Now, I did everything right. I went to college, got a degree, never got myself knocked up, have no credit cards and no loans other than a $20,000 student loan. And what do I get? I get refused government assistance because I live in a very poor county where all of the money goes to crack whores and unwed teenage mothers. So I’m stuck trying to pay my bills, of which I have few because I’m not dumb enough to try to buy a $250,000 house or rack up thousands in credit card debt, with $600/month. I have really cheap rent in a great place because I researched and waited until the complex dropped their rates, but now I have to move back in with my parents because I can’t even afford $290/month in rent. I have to buy my own (really cheap) health insurance each month because I could afford to visit the doctor without it (and I’ve been to the emergency room with no insurance- it’s about $2000 just to walk in the place), there’s another $100/month (not including deductibles). Gotta pay that student loan, $140/month. Electric and gas, average $50/month. That’s $580 each month right there. So far I’ve been able to live off of my savings, but that account has $17 in it as I’m typing this.

    Yeah, I know… cry me a river, right? Well, according to every adult and teacher and public figure that I listened to as a child, I did everything right. When I was planning my future at 19 years old, I considered what would happen if I ever ended up in this situation. And you know what I was told? My government wouldn’t let me drown. They would be there to help me. There are programs in place to help people like me who did everything right. You know what I’ve actually gotten?

    The shaft.

    So yeah, I’m all for another stimulus check. I received $300 last year and I would be over the moon for another $300. That’s 2 weeks worth of pay for me, or one more month I can stay in my apartment.


    How does it help to give companies in trouble bailout money to operate when consumers still have no money to purchase.
    Taxpayers need access to funds to purchase needed items.
    This would intern help the companies who have the needed items.
    Some families need transportation.
    Some may need groceries.
    Some may need a TV.
    Some may need Healthcare.
    If the consumer had funds to spend the companies would intern benefit and so would the government on receiving state and local taxes.
    When the consumer spends both parties benefit.
    The only people who benefited from the last bailout are the companies who most of the time do not pay there fair taxes.

  • daughter of an unappreciated vietnam veteran

    I know that, we the people had better start making our voices heard . Expecting answers lets make our government hear us ! I just want to thank everyone who has their SPOKE THEIR MIND we are all in this together MAY GOD BE WITH ALL OF YOU . GOD PLEASE BLESS US AS WE UNITE, DEMAND AND COMMAND OF OUR LEADERS FOR YOU ARE THEIR GOD TOO!

  • Drew

    The thing about it is….People are in so much trouble. 500.00 is just enough to catch up a payment on a house or a vehicle. After we get done catching up…we turn around and we are in the same situation that they we were in…in the first place. 500.00 is not anything.. when your 3,000.oo behind on a house payment. Whats 500.oo? They say its for the economy…screw the economy …i want to keep my house. If the goverment would have given us the money INSTEAD of General Motors…They could have given everyone in the United States 100k. The unemployment rate keeps rising. We need more money….otherwise…the stimulous check will not have the effect they are hoping…500.00 will be useless to the economy. – Drew

  • diane

    you know why if we would had got the check like they said we migh would help out some people have pented before they got.becaues is did come with say.pray and hope we get a 2ND stimulus in 2009

  • Andy

    Looks like it will be rebates this time around, no checks. $1000 will be nice to see in my tax return, but honestly I don’t this will make much a difference in the medium to longer term. I hope some of the other infrastructure spending is more effective.

  • Justin

    I think that a second stimulus check is a great idea. I soon will be having foot surgery and am on a VERY! tight SSI income. As most of us we have those past due medical bills, with CO- pays and late fees building up. For the one’s out there opposed to a second check, let’s switch lives because disabled individuals such as myself who can’t work; need this to held with medical CO-PAYS and medications. We have heard that Bush is opposed to a second check, but he’s just mad because he is no longer president and he wasted more time making it worse for all US individuals, and forgetting his promise to the people. I am glad that Obamma is now our new president and futhermore that he is trying to pass a second stimulus check, because $300.00 dollars is like $3,000 to me who struggle month to month. I believe that we all need financial help, we are just to proud to ask for it. It’s ok to say I am behind a bit can you help me by cut us one more check? We as americans forget when we are ahead, about that what if senario. But with one more check individuals such as myself can use this second check to get ahead, regroup, and reorganize my continuing financial rutt, and make it through the 2009 year, with a little less stress. I hope that If you are reading this, then you will get a check if and when they are issued; because you deserve a second chance and a second check. So everone keep your fingers crossed and your hearts open for everyone out there who a happy with their lives and just want to get by, and are glad for what they have day to day.

    God Bless Everyone

  • Mike

    Yes 4 or 5 K thats what i mean

  • jd

    I definitely can see both sides of the issue. But the truth is, I saw Ben Stein on Fox news the other day, he is a brilliant economist, and he said, the government CAN print money out of thin air, and they should!!!

    So, The issue here is the government is broke. . hmmmm. well, the senators all voted themselves a 5000 dollar raise a few weeks ago. Thats was cool. Uhhh whose paying for that? Then the government wrote some insanely large checks to the BANKS, Wall Street, and Now the Big 3 automakers, Ok… who payed for that? WE DID, we paid for all of it. Its time for people in this country to realize, that we are the ones that are powering all of this nonsense and overspending and bailing out of companies like these. WE are responsible. WE are Responsible. We are responsible. It is greed that has driven these companies into the positions that they have found themselves in. Nothing else.

    The banks.. because they saw the quick and easy way to make more piles of money by charging ridiculous rates and fees to unqualified buyers.

    The Big 3, because they refused to see the writing on the wall in regards to oil and oil consumption in this country. They should have regulated themselves, and adjusted for their own business trends, for instance, making a car that gets 40 miles to the gallon, as opposed to still churning out expensive vehicles that get in the 20mpg range. I mean really people, is it our fault that these people have a terrible management team, and should we have bailed their asses out. NO.

    A 1000 dollar stimulus check is a joke in my opinion. Sure, I will be glad to cash it, but the truth is, that it will only go to paying high costs of utility bills. If they want to stimulate the economy, how about 5k per familiy. That would do something, that would get a lot of people spending some of it on real purchases and not just applying all the money to bills.

    Unlike Lowell, who does not care to hear about other people tell their side of things, I DO care about people who are struggling in this country of ours.

    My Dad use to say this to me when I was a kid and I live by this motto today. IF YOUR GONNA DO SOMETHING, DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, and YOU WONT HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN. A 500 dollar stimulus check per person will NOT do anything to move this economy, just like the last one did not work, and here we are again, looking at another similar proposal.

    The senators who vote this stuff in have no clue on what its like to live on 50k a year or be middle class family. If they once were middle class, they cut all ties when the entered the senate and obtained the power to vote themselves their own raises.

    Frustrating to say the least!


  • Mike

    We are a young coupel with two Kids I work a lot to keep up and am very thankful
    of that .yes, I think we shuld get a Check try like $1000 per Person
    this is the USA we will spend it for sure.

  • holly

    i hear all of what your all sayin and i know the government is broke but they are gonna borrow one way or another. basically we are damned if we do or damned if we dont so i will take the money

  • OverworkedMechanic

    the bailout of the big 3 pissed me off. the government will help them from going under, but will still only give us, the people who pay the governments paychecks, 500? F*** that! as it is, i highly doubt the big 3 are going to go out of business, so i reccomend buying shares of GM (3.70 a share right now) so when the economy picks back up, you’ll be making money. i know i plan to. and the money i dont use to take care of my family, will be going towards people who need it. sure, id love to have a Ferrari, (have had one) but id be more than happy driving around my beatup 1988 toyota truck cuz its good on gas and is reliable. i say YES to a stimulus, no matter how big or small, because it will put extra money in our pocket, (*though the money is actually OUR money, HA) for bills and such. hell, even if it only means a week of eating and maybe seeing the newest movie, its still helping the economy a bit. PULL OUT OF IRAQ, THEY DONT WANT US ANYWAY. ungrateful bastards.

  • nicole

    Additional comment – I have to somewhat agree with Tony, I may not like the fact that he is being a realist because as previously stated my familly needs it but where is the gov going to get it??? Isn’t the US pretty much flat broke and in dept until the end of time?

    Tony, please just understand that people are just hurting and sometimes even an extra 100 could help heck for some that may be groc $ for a little while or the extra $ on their power payment, you do make a very good point though.

  • nicole

    I have a comment first to Lowel… YOU CHOSE TO READ the so called “sob” stories. You must not need any money and if that is the case then why do you care if you receive 500 or 1k??? That was a pretty cold and heartless thing to do to the people who are reaching out to others. This world is hurting and poeple need to be kind to one another, TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED… LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. I think that if you focused on that more than the 500 or 1k dollars you would be way richer in life. I thank God that there are people on here that maybe can get some comfort from this website designed to be helpful, informative, and a message board opened for comments. Yes by all means you have the right to say what you want and well so does everyone else so good luck on anyone wanting to help someone who treats others the way you did. I will pray that some sort of compassion finds your heart!!!!!!

    Now, onto the topic of the check. I agree that I am not sure how much 500 or 1k can help anyone. I would love to see the gov try to live with a family of 4 on 65K a year and my household paid in over 10K in taxes in 08 because a huge portion of what we make is considered bonuses with my company. Maybe we shouldn’t have to pay so much taxes on that…. 30% taxes inflation is a big % taken from a “bonus” check. On top of that, we deserve some kind of breaks I agree that we need to pay SSN tax and things like that. I think the gov needs to try and help the hard working american people are working their tails off for a family and barely making enough to pay bills and buy the high groceries. I think that IF people could get caught up on their bills and maybe make a payment ahead then they would be able to spend money but companies are shutting down left and right.

    My husband was laid off after being with a company for over 10 years, there was another laid off after being there over 30 years. If is awful having your already small income down 50% to making 200 week unemployment and there are no jobs out there. Poeple are hurting, my family included. We are just trying to live by the grace of God and just know that He will provide. We may not have things we want but at least the things we need. So no a stimulas check would probably not help the economy because poeple are losing their homes, cars, going hungry, and without even things they need. My hot water heater has been going out since 2 weeks after my husband got laid off, then Christmas came for my 2 boys(bless their sweet hearts they were so understandig), so needless to say you have about 3 minutes in the shower before you are freezing even today.

    People need something to happen or the economy is just going to get worse and worse. The banks and the big auto dealers are not the ones needed the billions of dollars we are the people that may the high taxes everywhere we go….. I hope there is something Obama can do to help this economy or the banks and the auto dealers are going to need way more than what the gov has given them. I just hope there will be some breaks for the working low/middle class and I hate to tell the people low income is not under 15K a year that is almost poverty, 60K a year is not middile class that is low class.

    To be honest, i would welcome to additional money God knows my family needs it but helping the economy is going to take more that 1k a family.

  • jd

    Ok. so what your saying TONY is , lets instead STIMULATE THE BIG BANKS, and THE BIG 3? Because they need more stimulating than the american public?????


  • jd

    Lowell, I have to agree with Patty, your tone with the people who posted here sucks. You need help. In the meantime, you may try calling the WHITE HOUSE or Barrack personally to find out for sure.

    Either way, please let us know how that turns out for you


  • patty

    Hey There LOWEL. well, apparently you cant read too well, because, the header of this page asks its readers a question… “Will There Be A 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan” Second Stimulus Check?

    How dare you come onto this board and insult the people who have posted their current life stories and daily struggles to make ends meet all in regards to a topic of receiving stimulus check.

    You LOWELL, need to learn how to use GOOGLE, and be more cordial to others who may or may not share in you self righteous positions. You asked the question twice, no one answered you tho, I was going to point you to it, but since your last post was ugly towards the posters on this board, I have decided not to.

    Try… even though your impatient LOWELL, to be respectful of others opinions, and show a little, even an ounce, of humility in your posts.

    January 21st, 2009 9:29 am LOWELL WROTE

  • Kim

    Bush opposed a second stimulus check and the white house said they would veto a second stimulus plan so I don’t see any hope for a second stimulus check and I desperately need the money the same as most Americans. The government seems to think they know everything. We have all these so called master minds at work for us trying to figure out how to spend the money that we had to borrow in the first place and I don’t see how anything they are proposing so far that will help the American people. I say give the money to the people and let us figure out how to spend it. I would pay my mortgage so the bank would get some money, then my car payment so the bank would get more of my money and the list goes on and on. So the banks and car dealer ships and everyone else the government is giving millions to would get their money anyway but I along with millions of other Americans would sleep a whole lot better knowing my bills were at least caught up and my phone not ringing off the hook from bill collectors calling.

  • scott redding

    bush should owe or go to jail,because he gave stimulus moneys to american peoples then lost economic,lost job and hurt americans. goodbye bush and welcome oboma.

  • smalltown jan 21 2009






  • SOLO

    Will the stimulus check from ’08 be deducted from our tax return?

  • Witz

    I think we all deserve a big stimulus check, bigger than in 2008.. how much have we given out so far for this bail out ? and has it helped our economy ? hell no it just helped to pay out some big bonuses.. The greedy goverment and these banks have robbed me you and our kids for years to come. Millions of jobs lost, millions losing homes. If you robbed somebody in a big city they would probably blow your head off.. Maybe a more humane thing would give all these people some jail time they deserve atleast that for all the suffering they have caused..

  • jd

    I agree with Barbara, this has been the greediest government Ive ever seen. They also are the most liberal in their spending of tax dollars on failing companies who needed to fail. Greedy in that, they vote themselves raises, of 5000 extra a year, and squabble over giving us 500 dollars in a stimulus. . RIDICULOUS BASTARDS. I think moving to another country is out for me, so maybe I can just stop paying taxes because I disagree with my government, ooooh, but if I do that, I will be arrested and jailed .. . Yeah, they got me, they have me really good. It sucks to be middle class..


  • Barbara

    It really does not matter if our government is democratic or republican, they are all crooks and in the position they are in for no reason except theirselves. This is one of the greediest governments I have ever seen. People ought to just pack up and move to a country that actually cares about its people and I know they are out there.

  • jd

    Well, I believe a meaningful stimulus is definitely in order. Not 500 or 600 dollars. The government would need to send 2-5 thousand per person. and 1 thousand per child. THATS, a stimulus, THAT would help people catch up on things, THAT would maybe even get people a month ahead, and have an emergency fund of some kind. I do understand, that even 5000 per person wont truly fix everyones situation, but it sure can help us with keeping the bills paid and the house warm.

    The stimulus politicians want us to go out and buy things, like tvs, cars houses etc. But we as americans are responsible people, and when theres a stack of bills on the table about to come due, we will use the stimulus to pay them. What the stimulus politicians dont realize is that we WOULD go out and buy things for ourselves if we werent barely making ends meet, or being past due on bills in some cases. So.. if we were all current on everything, and had a few extra bucks in the bank for emergencies, we definitely might be inclined to go out and spend some of the stimulus on a luxury item. Right now, the only luxury, is trying to keep a house warm, feeding young babies, feeding ourselves, having enough to buy gas (have you seen the prices going up again) and other medical bills or prescriptions.

    I heard the senators just voted themselves a 5 thousand a year raise. NICE. (NOT!!!!) wish we could do that and vote ourselves a stimulus check like that. WONT HAPPEN, But they will give a zillion dollars to the big banks, the big 3 automakers, and God only knows who else before they ever give the american tax payer a fricking break. Give me a break. The truth of it all is we are (the american tax payer (middle class worker) is paying for everything. The rich dont pay taxes, and neither do the poor. The middle class, mom and dad who bust their asses all day long at their jobs trying to earn enough to make ends meet are the ones who pay the taxes. The RICH find shelters, and divert their money so no taxes are paid. And only pay a small amount of taxes they probably should be paying. The poor, have nothing, they try their best to keep the lights on, but its usually gov assistance that keeps them alive and going. So they pay no taxes.

    So, people, if your middle class, YOUR FUCKED. Get it through your head, Your gonna pay a lot of taxes, because the rich dont want to pay them, and the poor cant pay, and they need services. Its a vicious cycle and we are in the middle of it all.

  • DC777

    Go Obama! Hopefully he does the right thing and allows for another stimulus check to be distributed to its citizens. I believe it will boost the morale of Americans and persuade many to start think of Obama as a 2 term president…who is looking out for us.

  • Tim4presme

    Lets face it! The government is not interested in really helping the American and non-American people. They are the RICH and we are the poor. They need us to be poor! Who else will work for minimum wage at Mcdonalds and all those factory jobs that make rich people richer. How can the fat rich politicians help us, when they have no idea how poor and middle class people have to live. Do they pay and pump their own gas? Do they shop at Wal-mart because they have to watch a budget? Do they sit at home in pain or hurt, not able to go to the doctor because they have no way of paying? The American dream died the same time our Constitution Died, when the people who took an oath to help their communities and their states, figured out they could change not only the laws that govern us but the Constitution itself, to take the power away from the people and set themselves up for life. I don’t think Pres. Obama could change this no matter what he tries. The rich politicians have built this machine and until “We the people” destroy it, nothing will really change. As I tell the troubled kids i work with everyday, Hope for the best-Expect the worst.

  • Anonymous

    I strongly agree that people of the United States could really benefit with another stimulus check. I am currently a College Student and that would really help. I work at a bank but that doesnt mean I get all the loans I need for free it is just as hard to get one as anybody else. I need books, gas, food, pay the house bills, and I want to pretend that my tuition is cheap. $500 is really not much but it would help out alot. I hope we get one.

  • Anonomous...

    Instead of calling it a “Stimulus Check”…..lets call it Government Grants…and give us what a Grant could offer…100,000 in grants could help create your own business…people could be more independent and maybe start the job theyve always wanted….there is too much competition out there…but thats the way the “Home of the Free” is…

  • Justin

    If Obama does do another Stimulus Check……Go big or get out of the Kitchen….600 Dollars in 2008 just didnt cut it it was enough to survive one week…bills, food, etc….thanks Bush for the ONE WEEK Check…Like I said its gotta be ALOT bigger than 600 dollars…lol…I think were all doomed…Thank You and God Bless

  • Justin

    If Obama does do another Stimulus Check……Go big or get out of the Kitchen….600 Dollars in 2008 just didnt cut it it was enough to survive one week…bills, food, etc….thanks Bush for the ONE WEEK Check…Like I said its gotta be ALOT bigger than 600 dollars…lol…I think were all doomed…


    CHIP & DEB how are you stimulus does it work????????????


    FAIR TAX .COM I like MONEY!!!!!

  • Georgia NicK

    Q & A This is 4 ages 16-40 as it stands we or most of us pay taxes, right, Well what if the GOV. came to you and said MR & MRS SMITH what you have put into the income tax will now BE DELETED ,.So 4 now on what you mk is now yours to keep ————– WOULD 100% OF AMERICAN AGREE TO THIS OFFER. OR DO WE NEED THE GOVERMENT TO TELL US WHAT, WHEN. WHERE,&, WHY…..

  • unemployed American

    We all need to thank this web site & its host for allowing us to post our concerns.
    We are all Americans, at lease I think we are we need to say somethink to our goverment. Allowing people with out a nest egg to invest in a home Iam sick and tied of a tax payer to pick up the tap!!! or to bail out. STIMULUS,SIMULUS its a way to keep YOU coming back to the GOV.History is going to repete it self, LIKE TAKING “GOD” OUT OF IN TRUST………… I’M mad as hell. And for the vets, I’m pissed off they get treated like s***We should be a shame of our action V.A its bulls*** TOP PROIRITY.

  • aNGEL

    To help the economy -cut our electric bills in half! That would give a monthly lift for all of us!

    Electric Bills need work, so do phones and taxes that are taxed over and over! All Politicians should have to take paycuts and pay taxes.

  • unemployed

    Hello everybody: Just thought I’d say a little more. We all need to thank our host for this opportunity to speak our minds. THANK YOU!!!. We as Americans have to get in touch with our congressmen & congresswomen and let them know how we feel, before Obama takes office I will give this man 2 years before I say anything bad. What are the lower class going to do with $19.000–26.000 because they are the ones paying 40% of income taxes Obama said he would tax the rich even more. I don’t think that’s a good idea, If we do that the rich just move away to mexico, jamica well I guess you understand what I mean. So YES to the STIMULUS CHECK bring it on………..

  • the daughter of an unappreciated vietnam veteran

    We need 1950’s prices in a 2009 economy .We the people have to UNITE and demand and command of our government . I mean ,after all ,it is the government
    that rapes our checks and our unemployment checks . So lets do a little math …
    between nov-dec approx 1,122,000 jobs were cut ,so that’s 1,122,000 jobs that
    they are not getting tax money eventually they’ll be able to dry F*** themselves.

  • jd

    Sad Sad Sad. The government will not do what they should do, NOOOOOOO that would be the sensible thing, that would be logical, and honest. I believe the government will add more government jobs to do less work, and we will foot the bill for all of it like we always do. The IRS needs to go away, GONE, goodbye,. Mike Huckabees tax plan was to get rid of the IRS. Yaaaay.

    Hey how about no taxes for two years from us tax payers.. and the government starts voting themselves cuts in their salaries. So a senator, makes 50k a year. Do you really think they need 200k a year salaries? give me a break, and thats their real salary, not to mention all the hidden special interest money and under the table cash we only hear about when one of them is caught. They are all fattening their pockets, and going with the flow on our dime. Lets get them to take a 150k cut and also get the rest of the gov to cut some jobs. The back the big banks and shit on the little people who are the worker ants in this country. Period!!!! Its time for change in this country, tho I doubt we will see it in the next 4-8 years. Bush was no better, he backed the BIG Banks too, and they were his largest campaign contributors, (FACT) BUST backed the bankruptcy reform bill, which has got to be the biggest slap in the face, for poor people who are struggling and hurting in this economy. Its terrible. The Big Fat banks were all smiling when he signed that bill, ( they get to keep nailing people with ridiculous fees ,interest,, and the rest of their nonsense) and now makes it very difficult for a borrower to seek protection of a bankruptcy if needed. I wish the gov would have let them fail. I really do. No one stepped in to help us when our business was in trouble. That is a fact. In the end, it fell, and we moved on, and those banks are no different, they should have fell. The market will work itself out.

    Whoever said earlier, that the gov doesnt care about us, YOU ARE RIGHT… They only care about us, when and if we stop paying taxes. Then we become their priority, and they hunt us like we are wild animals. It will take something like not paying taxes to get their attention I firmly believe. They cant make it without us, But we sure have to make it without them. We struggle, things are tight, and we go without. This is a very low point in our nations history, I sure hope something good happens and soon.

  • Anonomous

    I think a Stimulus Check of a Years Salary would be nice….then we would all be a year ahead…..

  • Anonymous

    I think a Stimulus Check of a Years Salary would be nice….then we would all be a year ahead…..

  • Family of 3

    In all honesty NO. A 2nd stimulus check would just be a temporary solution to a long term problem. A better solution I think would be this:

    I think the government should cancel out all credit card debts for all middle and low income households in America. This will then allow alot of people to go and purchase a new or near new vehicle which will save the auto industry.

    As for banks losing out on all the canceled credit card debts, it is just something that they should have to suck up for charging such ridiculous interest rates. And speaking of that I think there should be a cap put on how high interest rates can go. I’d say NONE should EVER go above 12%.

    I also believe that property taxes should be based on a households income because each and every household earns something different and people shouldn’t have to be expected to pay something that’s not within reason of what they earn.

    I also believe that once your children are finished with school you should be excused from having to pay any taxes for any school unless you still want to.

    As for welfare recipients I’d say everyone should get $100 in foodstamps per month per person regardless of their income so long as their household qualifies them for public assistance.

  • David

    A second Stimulus check would help me and put money back into a business. I need my car repaired, I can’t afford it unless I quit eating for two weeks. A second check will get the car repaired, I can give the state of ohio their parts for the “echeck” I have to have to go pay for the tags I have to have and pay for the car insurance I have to have and then for the gas I have to have just so I can get to work to pay my raising gas bill, raising water bill, raising electric bill, raising car gas bill, along with my raising food bill. I know I am leaving something out that is rasing (My paycheck isn;t raising!). So all you people out there that think a second check wouldn’t end up back out there, come pay my life supporting bills and tell my kids I can’t drive you to scholl on a bad day because dad can’t waste the gas in the car because my company needs to be bailed out first!!

  • LC

    I think that we need to get rid of the old goats that are supposed to be our goverment and so called back bone for this country and get some new blood in there………….maybe some fresh new ideas. Ted Kennedy has been in congress since I was a kid and I’m now 54. Now Caroline Kennedy wants Hillary’s seat, imagine that. Will she get in because she is a Kennedy. I wonder.

  • unemployed&pissed off

    Dear Readers
    I hope & pray I did not affend anybody, but america has me mad like I said I live in GA. the capitol of loaning people who don’t have money for a homes,
    I guess I can safely say if you give me a check I’ll cash it,. Stimulus: Stimulus is a word use to discribe (foreplay) see the only thing I want stimulated is my marrage other then that,who pays-we the tax payer.
    Like I said stop taking income taxes out and you will see the economy bounce back from what ever its in, So as americans we need to take back our GOVENMENT for many years they ran this country down $$$ spend,spend,spend I’m not a democrap) “I LIKE MY MONEY” repub, everyone pick up your history books a see what the democaps!!! have done for this country (Bill Clinton) what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!! repub, did what he did he would of be hung………

  • Coco

    Give $50,000.00 to people who make less than 100k a year. Lower the price of food, gas, pg&e, ect….. With the cost of living getting higher and higher every year how do the Government expect us to live. We need help now today!!!! Give us a Stimulus check that will go a long way. Help people with housing, jobs, health care. God Bless

  • Alex

    A Stimulus check would help anyone…..500.00 or 1000.00. But in order for any of us to get back on our feet. the gov. needs to give out like 3000.00 check, this way we can pay our bills and have some money for enjoyment. Or even better give us a stimulus check and next year don’t take any money out of our taxes that we make from work. This way we can use that money to pay some bills and we would have money to put back into society. But like that will never happen in a million years, but we can dream….Sooner or later I bet that 90% of Americans will be living on the streets, unless the governments starts to help out the little people.

  • Kim

    is our government even listening to us?! As far as I am concerned none of our opinions are counted…do you really believe that any one of them are reading our comments? I am so sick of being disabled, on a fixed income and trying so dang hard to adjust to this fixed income!!! Last year was a complete miracle to me when I found out I will receive an extra 300.00 from a stimulus check…Unfortunately it didn’t do all that was needed to be done, but it helped, it made it easier for a few weeks!
    Does any one else realize that when you are on ssi and social security as well as foodstamps that when we get our cost of living raise, which adjusts our foodstamp benefit which results in a mind boggling whole few dollars extra each month, If truth be known, I don’t want the raises…It’s hurting me worse!!!!
    Open up more people, we aren’t being heard!!!

  • we need another stimulus check

    i would like to see another stimulus there are 5 in my family and we need it like yesterday another 1500.00 check would get us completely caught up


    I am a Yankee and I live in GA. I am a tradesman in the construction field(GRADING & PIPELINE). Everybody is looking for a hand out .It started w/ Reagan with him thinking that 40hrs is a great work week.Well,I’m here to tell you that killed my over time pay in HALF! Now I have to work 40+hrs to get overtime pay. We used to wk anything over 8hrs and that was overtime pay. We all need to stop paying taxes and delete the I.R.S., then MAYBE people that earn between 28.000- 48.000 without income taxes taken out get to do what we want and need.I’m willing to pay 10 to 15% in sales taxes THINK about it … ” NO INCOME TAXES.”
    Back in the 20’s the GOV. invented a system called (SSI). It was a temporary fix to a country that was having money problems with war.SSI was just to help wives, mothers,etc. to survive while the men & women were at war. Thank you
    Democraps for a wonderful 100 YEARS of S E R V I C E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JAM

    I also say yes to another check, I was on a job for over 30 yrs. I got laid off last year in march I get $314.00 in unemployment that will end in a couple of moths and $264.00 from my job’s pension check and $227. goes for health ins. can’t get food stamps , or SS, so what am I to do? Like everyone else hope for some help from the government!!!!

  • Ty_82

    REPLY TO JD: second comment. Crappy right. Well get this. In 1991 honda built a japan exclusive car called the Beat. A convertible, small, Not fast, semi sporty 8100 rpm redline and 0-60 in 9.9 seconds…BUT IT GOT 50+MPG. Odd the U.S never saw them. CLEAR BACK in 1972 honda built the Z600 but known in the states as the AZ600, also known as the N600 or Z360, now known as the civic. The original msrp was a real wallet buster at $1800 LOL. This little car with a rpm redline of 9000, capable of 75mph and a 22 second quarter mile was definately not too sporty, but amazingly IT GOT 100 MPG. Yes you heard correctly 100mpg IF DRIVEN LIGHTLY AND SOME CASES LISTED AS MUCH AS ALMOST 140 (136 TO BE EXACT). Neither of these cars could pull a fifth wheel but instead carry a tent, and couldn’t be a 200mph death trap or time bomb to us who happen to collide with it at that speed. But practical and efficient…. With all the technology advances how have we managed to go in the complete opposite direction? Instead they tell everyone how “we are working on a way to better the gas mileage.” I have to call BS and call it greed-thanks oil companies…..Wish i had a Z600 right now and im probably not the only one.

  • Ty_82

    WOWWW….How could this be a question? Of course there should be a 09 stimulus check, but if $600 didn’t do any good last year, the question should be- Why would we only get $500 this year? Especially since fuel and air fares have gone down significantly. Start it at around $1200 a person so they could pay a good portion in bills and food but still have 2 to say $400 left for personal spending. Instead our government wants to give banks, car makers and insurance companies “X” amount of millions…….Most of us our wondering if we are going to have a job next week (if were not already laid off, as i am) and not even thinking about another loan, or new car etc A.K.A. more debt. Multi-billion dollar insurance companies are taking secretive quote un-quote businees trips (parties) that are costing hundreds of thousands of dollars that YOU and I could really use right now. Last but not least lets not forget to mention the fact we get screwed by our own government on every check we receive……HOW….Its an illegal tax called FEDERAL INCOME TAX…..Thats correct. there is absolutely no law saying we have to pay it but instead there is power and imprisonment that gets us to. Most people dont know that 99% of the federal income tax actually goes to pay the interest that the GOVERNMENT ows the FEDERAL RESERVE every month. Your state tax goes toward roads, social security, and all state run activities and jobs…..Start helping the tax payers who are bustin our asses to scrape pennies. SO YES WE SHOULD DEFINATLY GET A 09 STIMULUS CHECK, BUT THIS TIME RAISE THE AMOUNT.

  • Timo

    nicole, I believe you missed my point.

    Most of America Lives life on a regular basis deep in debt. The problem with our economy has stemmed from people living off credit instead of financial security. That might sound hard now, at this stage in life. BUT, if a person started out that way from a kid, all thier financial decisions would have been based on that way of life.

  • jd

    I forgot to mention one other thing that has been burning in my mind for a while.
    Last year, I was driving to home depot to pickup some sod for our lawn. On the way, I heard they had some kind of promo going on and had a DEMO test drive
    Day of Hybrid Vehicles. . If you drove a hybrid, filled out your info, they gave you a 20 dollar gift card to home depot. .. I took them up. I wanted to drive a hybrid Tahoe, Yukon by GM…

    I got in it, and a rep from the company rides with you. We buckle in and He starts telling me about it, and how much money they spent on the technology and the build and yada yada yada.. It drove fantastic. I loved it. So I asked, whats the mileage like? He replied. “its about 19” I said excuse me? He said it again. I said your kidding me right? he said “no”. I asked him how much for this 19 mile per gallon vehicle? He said “this one is right around 54k.” I put the brakes, on and turned around. I said YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? He says “what”? You guys are crazy, youll go broke trying to sell this on the american public With the serious economic and oil issue looming in this country, The best GM can do, is come up with a 54 thousand dollar SUV that gets a mere 19 mpg.

    Are frickin kidding me. He admitted it was pricey, but stuck to his rehearsed pitch of GM is making an effort to increase the mileage in all their vehicles.. yadayada.. I pulled back up to home depot, handed him the keys, and said, I would never ever buy a hybrid vehicle for 50 thousand dollars, that gets less than 19 mpg. You guys are really really out of touch,. thank you for the test drive and I dont even want the home depot 20 dollar card for the demo. You guys keep it, your going to need it more than I will. I wouldnt plan on selling many of these if I were you.

    So. GM spent, billions on this.. for what? so people who are idiots with lots of cash might buy this? Are there really that many stupid people willing to pay that price for that technology and that level of performance? Last I heard, as I suspected the sales were horrifically terrible. BUT WE ARE GONNA BAIL THIS COMPANY OUT??? Such forward thinkers? They deserve to fail. and fail miserably. Is this the best that GM can do? Im worried for them, even with the bailout they have coming.

    Sorry again for the long rant.

  • JD

    We Need More!!!!! A 500 dollar stimulus will not cut it. It will take more than that to move people and stimulate us. how about a 3000 to 5000 dollar check for a married couple. If youve Got Kids??. add 1000 per child. Some of you think Im kidding here, but Im absolutely serious.

    As mentioned above, yes we are the ones who make the money, and move the economy, the banks are the ones who screwed us, and this country because of their greed of the almighty dollar. The Automakers are idiots, for not seeing the writing on the wall. They had plenty of time to mend their ways, and they still kept on manufacturing vehicles, that were very sub par on gas mileage, and still as expensive as hell. They were dreaming! The heads of those companys should all be fired. New slate. Start over. Mandatory!.

    The economy does suck right now. anyone with an extra 5 thousand in their pocket would surely spend some of it purchasing goods and services. The tiny 500 dollar check the government sent us before barely bought a months worth of groceries. Also, with gas as high as it was during that time, that offset a lot of that money anyway.

    All senators, congressmen, representatives should have a 40,000 a yr salary. PERIOD. I firmly believe that if we didnt pay them at all, we would get better more qualified and concerned candidates for the job, who truly care about our nations issues and laws. Maybe some of our grandpas and grandmas who know the difference between right and wrong, and dont try to find a grey area in every issue.

    The government missed the boat by bailing out the banks and now the automakers. Its unreal>.. They should have let them fail, and work the situation out as it goes. They used fear to scare sell us, saying payroll couldnt be met if the banks fell. BULL SHIT. Those who use CREDIT, to make payroll would have fell, And they NEEDED too. I run a business, I have employees, I would never dream of using credit to pay payroll. Im a nobody, and I know better than that, so you mean to tell me that the banks didnt know that? You mean to tell me these big companys didnt realize that using credit to make payroll was stupid?

    How stupid does our government think we are. I feel mostly insulted by the barrage of this and Im sure the next administration, ramping up to bail big companys out. They are all in bed together. Stroking each others back and living and breathing greed.

    If my company gets in trouble tomorrow will I get a bailout. No, I will get a blowout, a bankruptcy, or God Knows what else.

    In closing of this rant.. THE TAX Payer, IS the MONEY in this situation. WE fuel, everything. WITHOUT US and our dollars, there can be NO Government spending.

    I vote that Obama passes a NO INCOME tax plan for 2009. wow. I said it. NO Taxes in 2009. Sure, government will hurt, .. GOOOOOOD. . Let them make cutbacks, reduce salaries, GO to all the politicians and renegotiate their salaries down to 40,000. Cut useless programs and gov spending. Reduce welfare, and make it available to people who truly need it. Not people who have strong backs and dont want to work. I see it everyday. I know people who get checks and theres nothing wrong with them. Strong as an ox, but taking advantage of the system. Free Money, WHILE you and I work to make just to make the ends meet in this greed driven world.

    Sorry for the short novel post. Sad times in our country tho.


  • L.L.

    Of most of the sites i have visisted this one is way too funny(but serious).People are upset that the GOVERNMENT BAIL OUT is helping who they want to help and yes that is not fair.But remember people don’t put all your trust in government alone first put your trust in JESUS and he will deliver to GOD our needs and wants.Keep in mind what happened the first Stimulus check thing how angry people were calling the IRS and if not them people out for trying to do their jobs.It was not their fault it was the timing.I
    we can’t forget about that mix up.But if it’s in our favor to get another Stimulus check we better first and up most Thank GOD.not OBAMA not the government.Yes they will have something to do with it but if not, hey JUST DON’T BLAME GOD!!!just blame it on ourselves for putting to much trust and faith in MAN!!!(for those of you who don’t know what i am saying Man it means all of us WO-MAN AND MAN).

  • Hannick

    WE, the American people need and deserve that boost! I say YES to a second Stimulus Check!! my two nephews were born in ’08, no xmas for them… rough year it was… after her maternity leave (which hasn’t been paid yet) my sister in law goes back to work, for only a week, to find out they’re moving the business!!!
    My brother with two other mouths to feed barely worked 6 hours last week!! My older brother got injured picking up his mail and fell on the ice, he’s out of work for a while, he’s got a kid and wife to take care of. I am single with no kids and still am struggling despite of being a retail manager. Noodle soup is on the menu! There are times when I cannot afford the public bus because I don’t have a dollar to my name! YES I WANT THAT STIMULUS CHECK!!!!

  • Lisa Loving

    You know. I agree with the fact that the only ones saying no to a new stimulus is the people that already make enough to afford gas at 10 bucks a gallon and a loaf of bread at 4 bucks a pop. The fact is. I personally am from a low income family. I have been all my life. My mother barely made ends meet. Was it because she’s lazy? NO. She worked 9 and 10 hours a day 6 to sometimes 7 days a week busting her butt at a restaurant for 11 years. And for what? For a whopping 150 bucks a week. But to you rich people, she doesn’t deserve help because she’s not making your precious 60 or 70+ grand a week. The fact is, the stimulus checks last year were completely backwards. BASED ON INCOME?!? Good job BUSH. MAKE THE RICH RICHER. Oh jimbob made 100k last year, lets give him 2k check while Susie worked twice the hours but only made about 15k, we’ll just give her 500. That’ll help right?!? ARE YOU STUPID?!?!? How about flipping the tables? Less than 15k last year… 10k check…. 15-25k… 5k check… 30-50k.. 2500 check… and anything over 50k gets 1000. That way the people stuck working their butts off at the best job they can get without “MONEY” for a degree can actually get something to get them started. To help them. The fact is, the tax thing in itself is completely a waste of time and money. Let’s see, say the gov takes 2500 in taxes in 2008. You file in 2009 for a return of and pay the tax preparers to GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!!! WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE?!?! You want to stimulate our economy? Force businesses to cut their prices. Give a nationwide pay raise. I live in hot springs, AR. Our min wage is 655. working 40 hours a week after taxes and medicare and ss you’re looking at a whopping 200/week check if your lucky. That’s an 800/month income. Then look at our rent prices. For a 30 yr old 1bed/ 1 bath apartment I pay 500 a month. That leaves me a whole 300 dollars to pay water, electric, groceries, gas just to get to and from work, and go forbid anything should ever happen. And people wonder why our economy has gotten so tanked. It’s because the rich are given more and get richer while the middle and underclasses are looked down upon like dirt and never given a chance to do anything better. If you want to stimulate our economy stop catering to the rich, stop making the poor pay their checks and bail them out. For once, make the rich pay. Make them give us back what we’ve been giving them for years!

  • the daughter of an unappreciated vietnam veteran

    if our government can f*** our veterans they can f*** us . My father was sleeping
    under bridges, do you think they give a s*** about us . Until governmental
    families are affected by the economy ,untill they are sitting back watching
    mexicans and their huge families enjoy our money, untill they are the ones
    standing at a foods banks,untill they are the ones losing their homes .until they
    are staring down the eyes of their children who are depending on them .untill
    they themselves are humbled we are all F*****!


    The american taxpayers should be the ones getting bailed out not the big 3 automakers or the banks. I lost my job and I am having a very HARD time finding anything! I am a single mother that does not get childsupport which is HARD raising children on unemployment and when you try to get assistance to help with bills or food you are denied. The banks are the ones who helped get our economy in this mess anyway, loaning money to people with bad credit, putting people on an arm rate when people didn’t fully understand what that meant. These banks wouldn’t bail those people out so why should we bail them out. Greed is running this country and our government. People who work a 40 hour week that keep this country going are the ones being crapped on. I know when I would get my check every week what I paid in taxes and if you take that amount from even 75% of the american people our government shouldn’t have a problem with money at all. These big companies paying their top executives ridiculous amounts of money per year is their own fault. If the government wants to boost the economy why don’t they cut these senators, governors, and congressmans pay to 50,000.00 a year and let them see how it is to live like most people in this country. Then they can go from there to getting rid of all these immigrants and give americans back their jobs but instead they will lay off americans and allow immigrants to keep working. This country has went down hill every since George Bush Sr. was in office and decided to pass the job outsourcing and bring ing immigrants into this country to take our jobs. I am so sick and tired of going to the grocery store to watch Mexicans fill their carts with food from WIC vouchers, and food stamps and they are dressed better than me and driving a better vehicle and their MANY little ones wearing gold jewelry…whats up with that??? We need to quit paying for their living and worry about ourselves. I would love to be able to look for a job that doesnt say that you have to speak both english and spanish!!! If they are going to work here they should speak english, why should we have to learn to speak spanish just to be able to get a job??? The company I worked for had mexicans that had been working there for years with out a green card, and let me go but kept them because they would except working for less money, heck I would work for less money too if I had 14 realitives living in my house and half on food stamps or goverment benifits! The problem is they know how to fool the system and GET BY WITH IT!!!! If you dont believe me, look around open your eyes and you too will see it. Go into a store and just look…. walk out into the parking lot and see what they are driving!!!

  • sara

    an added thought: I do not believe that the companies that were bailed out deserved it. I do believe what the entry above mine said about fiscal irresponsibility. However, it is what it is and it had to be done. WE dont want these irresponsible corporate assholes to be the undoing of america do we? I think the gov’t should put restrictions on these companies that have recieved help. Regulate their salaries among other things, until the bailout money is paid back. I dont think the gov’t should seize controll of these companies, just give them some rules to follow, if they dont like it maybe that will light a fire under their butts to pay the money back.

  • sara

    I agree that we should get a stimulus check, but purely for selfish reasons. I could use an extra 500 dollars any day. However, do I think it will boost the economy? Probably not. So is it a wise decision ? Probably not. I do agree with a lot of what people are saying on both sides, but so many of you are saying if the big companies derserve it so do we, or calling them crooks, or saying that they should not have been bailed out. Get real people! Have you even begun to concider the state the economy, and the american people would be in if all the US auto companies went out of business? Do you realize the impact that would have on our employment rate, and therefore the economy? Not to mention the housing market plummeting further, because of all the people that dont have jobs and cant pay their mortgage getting forclosed on. Things would be in a MUCH worse state than they are now. You would like to think that the economy would be boosted more by giving the money to us, instead of these companies, and it probably would, very temporarily, and then it would plummet worse than we have seen it yet. How will there be an economy with that many people out of work and homeless? We would swiftly be returning to a time of “haves” and “have nots” . There would be the rediculously rich, and the poorest of poor and nothing inbetween.

  • Nicole

    Gosh Timo and the rest of you who seem to be assuming people would like a 2nd stimulus to buy a $400,000 house (I think that was mentioned by someone). Personally, I would like to be able to just rent an apartment that I could turn the thermostat above 50 in the winter and not have my electric bill be $200 a month. Of course, a stimulus check won’t help me with that, but my point it I have worked hard my whole life, finally went back to school at 30 and got a degree. I now work hard as a Registered Nurse helping others every day, and then go home and freeze. Do I have enough to eat? Yes. Do I have a car? Yes. Do I have a roof? Leaky, but yes. Do I blow steam out of my ears when I go to the store and see people loading their carts with ribeyes while I am getting cube steak and then watch them pay for the cartful of food with a welfare card and then climb in their SUV with the 22’s mentioned above? HELL YES! I have worked my whole life to obviously support a system that REWARDS people to sit on their asses and do nothing but have babies.

    Our government had no business bailing out AIG, any banks or the Big Three. Their trouble did not just stem from our economy. It stemmed from FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY on their part for DECADES. Their officers didn’t need 6 or 7 figure salaries. They didn’t need to go on retreats to places the average American only reads about. They don’t need million dollar homes or six figure cars or private jets anymore than sports figures or entertainment figures need them….and don’t even get me started on the ridiculousness of the salaries people are paid in Hollywood. Why don’t we start giving those kinds of salaries to people who are actually contributing….doctors are paid exorbitantly…why aren’t Nurses, Firefighters, police…people who save lives and protect lives each and every day and put their own life at risk in the process. I think that’s more valuable to society than someone who sits in the corner office twiddling their thumbs or playing golf while the people in the cubicles make them richer and richer…..and THAT you who call the rest of these people greedy are some of the reasons people are so upset. It’s not greediness….it’s the ridiculousness of American society that takes from the workers and makes the rich richer. Average Americans don’t stand a chance, and the recent bailouts have made that clear like it’s never been made clear before. The American people are having to pay the price because some rich guys are freaking out that they too might have to sit in an apartment under an electric blanket so maybe their electric bill might be $100 next month instead of 200 so that maybe after paying the bills there might be more than 12 dollars in the bank account considering the hard work that is put in every day…..we aren’t being greedy…nobody has said they would like to run out and buy 22’s except the naysayer who was making fun of them….but America is getting tired of paying for corporate mistakes and getting tired of paying for lazy people to continue being lazy…..there is absolutely no reason that we shouldn’t get some help too in some form…..I’m looking forward to my check.

  • shopgirl

    Another option is for a stimulus for the economy would be: For all the taxpayers or Legal US workers, For 12 months stop taking taxes out of our pay checks! That would help the economy all year.

  • Timo

    We need to all stop trying to control what is happening. If everyone would do what is good and right, And pray to God for help, things will be fine. You might not have the Nice car or the fast Bike. SO WHAT? I think we have all been spoiled, myself incuded, and we all need a lesson in humility. We need to live life by our means, not beyond our means. Only buy what you can CASH. No credit, EVER. I know that sounds Extremely hard right now, but lets face it, if we lived this way, we would all be okay now. no payments to credit. This is how our parents and grandparents lived their lives. That would help. God blesses those who do what is right and he blessed this nation for many years. Now things have gotten very ugly with divorce, abortion, immorality, etc. If we don’t live how God wants us to, we will not be blessed. That is the truth. You can disagree, but if you want the truth, ask God to reveal it in your life and he will.

  • Barbara

    I have already decided that we can write whatever we want, our government does not give a shit about us. My husband and I are probably going to have to file bankruptcy and lose everything. I am so sick of trying to figure out wich bills to pay, go to the store and get the bare essentials and still spend 60.00 to 70.00 dollars. I just hope we do not get sick because we have no medical insurance. I guess we will just have to last as long as we can and then find a couple boxes and a bridge to live under, but oh well as long as our government employees are living well that is all that matters. I just heard where they voted theirselves a 4,000.00 a year raise, that should help the economy. I for ine am sick to death of goverment.

  • chris

    To the people who are against the checks,just remember its are money in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    try jesus

  • Kathy Stone

    $500 is not going to do much just like the other stimulus checks. Like many have stated in their comments – the American people need BAILED OUT! A minimum of $25,000 per person is needed and more like $50,000 per person would bring the economy back to what it should be. If someone is unemployed – this money will help them until they get a job. If they are employed and have gone into lots of debt to stay a float like me then they money will help pay off the debt. If they are doing ok – the money can help them to buy all the stuff that’s on sale right now – especially real estate, which will help boost the economy. I know the big guys in the financial corporate world got their BILLIONS to be saved, I know that helps all of us somehow – but it’s so hard to watch the CEO’s get their MILLION dollar parachutes when all most of us need is $50,000 to save our asses and make the American People feel comfortable spending again. We are all scared and will stay in our financial shells until the government decides to focus on us! I would even love it if I could take the money out of my 401k without penalty, without taxes and pay off my debt! I currently have a $33,0000 401k loan at my work of which i have in the 2nd year of paying back by my employer taking out $800.00 each month! I am drowning and need help!! Please BAIL ME OUT!

  • Bonnie

    It is all and good to give tax break and put money into creating jobs and education but what about people like me and my husband, That would not help us at all. We both are diabled and have many health problems and are on a fixed income and do not file taxes because we both are unable to work. We are on the borderline for getting help from goverment in the form of medicade and foodstamps and make 200 dollars too much. The goverment pays our medicare preium and that knocks us above the cutoff line for help and that is all the help we qualify for. We have to pay around a thousand dollars out of our pocket in medical bills for three months to qualitfy for emercy help and we only bring in around 1500 dollars between the two of us and if I could pay out a thousand dollars out of pocket I would not need medicare and food stamps. See the irony in that? Our doctor bills are piling up and we have no way to pay them. Our credit is maxed out and ruined because of doctor bills and we have about 200 dollars left affter I pay bills to buy food for month, put gas in car, doctor bills , medicine and other nesseties. I am facing major surgery to replace discs in my back and am living with the pain and putting it off because I have not paid much on my last 4 surgeries I have had in last three years. A second check would be like a god send to us and I think it should be more than 300 a piece we got last year. What about seniour citizens who can not work and do not file taxes and are struggling like we are? I am at my wits end on what to do. I know a second check would not solve my problem and is a tempory fix but it would be so nice to have money to buy special food we need to be eating for aleast a couple of months instead of ooddles of noodles that we bascially living on. I would love to buy one soft drink at store just to remember how it tastes or buy a pack of sandwich meat to make a sandwhich. I would love to have enough money to buy my vitiamns I need or pay at least one doctor bil so i would not be imbarssed to go to the doctor and have to tell them i can”t pay anything.l. My husbands and my health has went downhill in the last 5 years due to us not having money to do what we are suppoed to and me being under so much stress.We have made debts trying to stay afloat and now they are coming back to haunt us. So my opion I think we need a second check and for it to be more than last year. It is easy to say we dont need one when you are not up at night and cant sleep cause you have to get everything cut off and have to use your friends computer because you had to sell yours to get money to buy food and wondering where you are going to get money to buy food or get your medicine and so hungry you are thinking about eating the furniture you have left.

  • jan white

    I am SO SICK of the ppl that HAVE money making the decisions for those of us who struggle wk to wk. I am disabled, and my husband works HARD to put food on our table, and a roof over our head. When I COULD work, I DID. YES, YES, YES, we need and want that extra money to use. If the losers who got us into the mess we are in can just throw away millions to ‘save’ those crooked bankers, why not help the ppl who work hard every day in this country.

  • molly

    yes for another check i heard that it suppose to b between 500 to 1000.00.
    i think every1 should get one except for those thats well off give us a check for people thats work hard all their life disable poor and social security and more.i vote yes. but i did listen to obama today during a tv report he didnt mention of another ck. it was about tax cuts and so forth. i hope he will get in there and first get the checks approved to all like he said he would a few months ago.hope hes not backing out of his word.

  • timeandtide

    People need the money from a stimulus check right now. Whether it is 300 dollars or 3000 dollars at least it will put food on some tables to feed them or buy gas to look for a job. I agree with what Amy said, any of you who don’t agree with a stimulus check going out has obviously not had to stand in line at a food bank or local shelter to get enough food to last for a few days. I’ve been there and I’m afraid that alot more people will be there before this is over. But we will make it through. Our grandparents and great-grandparents made it through the Great Depression and we will make it through this one. Everyone just needs to stick together and help each other. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish by working together with your family, neighbors, and friends.

  • Amy

    I honestly think it’s an absolute tragedy that so many of us, including myself have been forced to lose faith in our government. I used to be so patriotic. Dressed in red, white & blue from head to toe every July 4th, also told my Grandpa’s WWII hero stories, bragged about my uncle who retired from the air force, etc., etc. While I am still very proud of their accomplishments, I am, for the first time, ashamed of the government they represented. (NOT THE PEOPLE they fought to protect)! I am all American. I love my fellow Americans, and I would spit in the face of anyone who said a cross word about any of our soldiers past or present. I just can’t believe that the “body” that was supposed to be “for the people” has completely ignored our basic needs for so long. How is it possible that every single time there is “situation” in another country, good ole USA is the first in line with Aid and $$Millions$$ to help out? How is this possible when I waited in line for 2 hours at a local food pantry last month to receive 1 paper bag of food for me, my husband AND our 3 children? I was only jobless for three months and lost everything. My husband works construction and barely brought home enough to supply the gas for his truck to get to the next job. (on the rare occasion there was one) We ate peanut butter and mac n cheese, so I could have just enough gas in my car to go fill out applications one or two days a week. I have now been employed for 2 months, but every check goes to trying to catch up and keep from getting the lights cut off. When the yearly tax check comes in, it’s gone already. If the government decides they want to do something for me, they can write a check to Verizon for 927.63 (they are filing suit), Cash Advance for 353.75 (they are filing suit), Ameron Electric for 355.46 (cut off notice expires in 4 days leaving a balance of 183.47), Advance Auto Repair for 610.00+10.00 per day staorge fee (broke down on highway on Christmas Day), and while they are writing all of my checks, I would also like to have ALL of my Social Security back. It’s not like it’s actually going to be there for me in 25 years. But then again, just keep it all. I’d hate to ask you to deny the financial assistance of your Fortune 500, mansion dwelling, Bently driving golf buddies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the millions of you out there struggling and losing it all, you are in my prayers. All we can do is hang in there. Don’t give up. Somehow we will make it out of this. To those who say 09 stimulus is a stupid idea, I only have one question: Have you had the humiliation lately of standing in line at a food pantry for 2 hours, while there was a local CBS news crew filming a story on how sad it is that WE are losing our jobs and can’t even feed our children? You bet your butt I would have rather been at a grocery store with a $300.00 check. Which would you choose???

  • Michele

    I agree with timeandtide…all those people that have lost their jobs due to the crooked 3, begging for a bailout so they are able to keep paying their mortgage on their $500,00.00 houses!! They should have at least had to move into middle class neighborhoods but instead the ceo’s continue to live in luxury..that is crap! And the goverment hands us $300.00, wow! I feel horrible for these people that are getting laid off. Its a shame, now everyone’s credit is being ruined, etc. At least give us some of our ss taxes we have paid on for years!!!

  • Patrick Skadowski

    First off…the government doesn’t have $750 billion. It’s all on paper. Printing more money doesn’t fix anything. Our dollar is weak and much of our nations actual “money” is in the banks of other countries. Look to arbitrary federal spending, off shore accounts, mega corporations etc to find the problems. If there is going to be $750 billion spent it needs to go to already existing fegerally and state supported programs that have been cut drastically. A good example would be in our soon to be X-pres George W. Bush. His administration cut medicaid benefits in his own home sate, not to mention the whole country. In Texas alone there was an $8 million cut in Child MHMR and a $2 million cut in adult MHMR. This alone resulted in an increase of domestic violence, child abuse, murder, theft, drug abuse and a bucket full of misdemeanor crimes. This is just a small example but you can imagine the overall results on a national scale. The cost of administering justice in these results puts a burden on local and state levels financiall exceeding the initial cuts. Backing up court dockets and over populating jails. Use the money to return the support to the already federally funded programs to the extent those needs don’t result in an increase of taxes on the public. Still…the simple solution has never been the way of our government. As long as special interests slither on the floor of congress…”right” will be kept in the darkness of the left.So sue me.

  • Barbara

    We all know the government is not going to give us another stimulus check. Obamas stimulus isn’t the answer either. If Obama wants to do something, the first thing he should do is send all unamerican immigrants back to their country, that would open jobs for real americans, second quit allowing American companies to outsource our jobs and give Americans a chance to do those jobs, and cut senators, governors, and congresses pay back by 50%, and cut government jobs by 25%. If you figure this and I didn’t because I do not need to figure this to know it would save millions of dollars. However know Obama want to start new jobs for government to watch what is happening with the money he is giving for roads, schools, and making govt. buildings green. If he is that worried about someone cheating the govt. then fire all of them and start fresh. Myself and millions of other Americans are fed up with hearing one lie after another, and fighting everyday just to live while high up government sits back in their mansions and eat and live well. I guess everyone has noticed the price of gas going up again, that is a smart move, more people are out of work and now have to worry about gas for their vehicle so they can try and find a job. Kudos to our ignorant and wasteful government.

  • Confused

    I totally agree with both sides. I would love the Govt to give me an extra 500.00 for spending on my new flat screen or on a Xbox 360 but i just dont see how 500.00 will do anything? i like the idea of a bail out, I am 24 and I have one year left of school with over 50,000.00$ out in student loans. I am working my but off right now as an Assisntant General Manager for Marriott hotels and I show up and work over 60 hours a week. I agree with the no stimulus check in the fact that if we all put in a little work we can get through this. however, i hate the fact that Citi (who where my student loans are thourgh) calles me everyday asking where is there money. I make payments as much as i can a month. they are asking for 900.00 + a month and at this point i just cant afford that. HOWEVER, i do pay some which is more than what some people say. they have the nerve to yell at me and are trying to take away my wages. i tell them that didnt the GOVT come to save their day and give them a 20 BILLION dollar bail out??? so they can give me a little break too AT LEAST I AM TRYING!!! so yes i agree NO CEHCK but a little help from the govt as in taking away intrest rates or something would help alot more and a 500.00 that im just prob going to spend on stupid things. I working to pay my way out of a hole that i got myself into and dont want money help i want help as in laying off me a little and stop stressing us out ha ha….ok im done venting now…. BAIL US OUT GOVT….20 BILLION IN MY POCKET WOULD BE GREAT…F U CITI!!!!

  • Angela


    I am a single mother with three children. I am 32 years old. I just graduated from college. I am making over $20/hr now. It is better than $10-13/hr that I was making before college!!! I still struggle. $20/hour is not a lot!!! A stimulus check in the amount of $1200 would go towards bills and would do nothing for the economy. Even though it would be greatly appreciated!!! You have to think outside the box. What the government needs is a housing stimulus. $25k towards the purchase of a new home or towards the refinancing of existing home would decrease payments and get people into AFFORDABLE homes. I rent and have my whole life. I pay $950/month for a mediocre home in the state of Michigan that has a leaky roof. If I owned it I would probably pay about $650/month. I have no credit. I have never owned a credit card and can not get approved for one because I have no credit (which is worse than bad credit) and have medical bills on my credit report because I have three kids. Having help with the purchase of a home for my family would allow me to have more money to purchase other things and help stimulate the economy. An extra $300-400/month would be spent on clothes for the kids and things needed for school and a little bit of the “extras” that we then could afford. The government should also put a law into effect that puts a limit on financing charges. Making a law that cut financing charges to a FIXED 3% and cap it, would save people almost 1/4 to half the monthly payment. They should also make balloon payments illegal. Many people get into trouble with those and loose their homes. The house would have to be based on income and you would have to have an income wether it be from work or Social Security or what not. You have to be able to afford what you buy and live within your means!!! Americans need to stop being picky about jobs at this point and work whatever or wherever they can wether it be McDonalds or a gas station. Something is better than nothing!!!!! If I could work full time, go to school full time, and be a full time mom with no help and make it…..anyone can!!!!

    So lets recap
    $25,000 towards downpayment/refinance (One per household…not per person)
    3% fixed interst rate
    That could save low to middle class Americans anywhere from $300-1000k/month
    We could then spend that money in stores and towards other purchases to boost the economy.
    That money could equal one stimulus check of $600 in our pocket every month.
    It would not turns things around over night but within 5 years we would be sitting pretty good again….I think.

    Oh yeah, forget bailing out the multi-billion dollar companies that will go bankrupt anyway because WE THE PEOPLE still won’t have money to buy things. It is our money they are giving away!!!! INVEST IN THE PEOPLE not the companies.

    One other idea would be that … we could elect to put an extra percent on the financing charge that would go into a saving account of our own towards retirement. or place it in a 403b account. This is money we wouldn’t even see!!! We need to teach Americans the importance of saving and try to get rid of all the Credit BS!!!!!

    Thanks for listening… bad Congress and the big White House won’t!!!!

  • timeandtide

    As to No2Stimulus’ remark, I totally disagree. You said that the American people are lazy and don’t care for one another, what gives you the right to make that judgement. You think the person that got laid off from lack of work or the person who lost their job because their employer shut down because they couldn’t afford to keep the business running are LAZY. You my friend need to open your eyes. The majority of us are hard working, honest people who do all we can for our families and our neighbors. This is a bad time for everyone and we all need to pull together to make a better America for our kids and grandkids. Yes we need another stimulus check to be sent out ASAP, and it needs to be enough to make a difference. At least a thousand per person or more. I am a single parent with two kids and thank God I am working at least for now but my heart goes out to those families who aren’t . I know that I could use the extra money to help get caught up on bills and buy food, so I know that it would make a huge difference to other people in situations worse than mine. So my suggestion to those of you who don’t want another stimulus check sent out. When you get your check, give it to a local food bank or charity that can use it to help those of us who need the extra boost.

  • SusanB

    I agree with most of the persons who wanted another check. It should be more than $600.00. Some of the amounts were not reasonable. Two thousand five hundred is more like it something you could use. I hope that Congress will approve an increase!!

  • need more money

    everyone who saying they don’t want the check is just telling a story if that check came in ther name they would cash it just as fast as the ones who are waiting on them becuause i can’t wait give me my money i have worked hard i deserve a bonus every now and then wether its from my boss or the goverment you feel me

  • need more money

    eveyone needs a little help as much moey bush tricked off why can’t we get a little to help our families he spent it all on his and on top of that so many than lost there jobs thanks to his mistakes or were they mistakes

  • the daughter of an unappreciated vietnam veteran

    GIVE US OUR MONEY ! Weather a second stimulus saves us or not… it will put food on the table and pay a few bills, ya know for us folks who amazingly have paid taxes all our working lives .Yet, dont qualify for any assistance . If uncle sam
    is not going to help us ,the people who work hard .WHO ARE THEY HELPING????? DEFINITELY NOT My husband who has dedicated many hours of off the clock work ,showing dedication . Because of seniority ,we are at the mercy of folks who dont have a clue . Any government employees…senators
    or any gov official wanna trade, an unemployment check for your salary?????

  • Anubis

    I believe it might not help as much as hoped, however, it will give a small boost to many people, like myself. Either way the big guys will benefit from it because if you’re not buying something, you’re paying a bill, that goes to a big company.
    I don’t agree with the foreclosure hold, however. I work in the business of evicting on Freddie Mac properties, and we’d end up jobless if this would happen. What’s the use of a stimulus if jobs will be lost anyway?

  • sara

    I do believe that the first stimulus payment did help the economy. It may have not helped a ton. But it did help. much more then anyone expected. I think another one would help a lot more. I work in retail and there was difference in what people were buying when they got their money , I believe it also helped because some people were able to pay off more of their debts..Wither it was credit card. debt. something wiht their houses. either way. it did make a difference. It clearly was’nt going to just fix the problems that we had. But it did make a dent. I think another one would be good. 🙂

  • hardworkin' waitress

    i completely agree with No2Stimulus. i am a waitress, the resturant i work for is closing next week. i make a whopping $2.59 per hour. i am not in debt compared to most of my 30 something peers. i have a 30,000 mortgage and 2 paid of 10 year old vehicles and that is the extent of it. i still live hand to mouth. i could use the money, but what i don’t understand is this greed and the americans desire to consume everything in its path. what possesses a person to skip on the rent or electric bill to pay 1500.00 on a pair of rims??? i saw a mexican woman come through the cigarette store driving a nice new envoy, jewlry all over, a car load of kids and paid for a carton of cigs with welfare card!!! and as far as the government is concerned. . .
    if i had an employee that wasn’t doing their job and was stealing money from me i would fire them!!! we pay the government to handle our finances. . . to pay the bills, and to make sure we are safe. they are not doing their jobs, epic fail and they are stealing from us.
    i say we FIRE them!!!!!

  • No2Stimulus

    We don’t need a stimulus check… What we need is a society that knows hard work. We need to get back to the basics. There is no reason to own a $400k home for a family of four. If everyone refuses to pay those high prices, they will drop. If you can’t afford something, save up for it. Uncle Sam has made us dependent on his money (BTW – where did he get it?). We need a government that manages national resources, not people. Americans are very lazy and could not care less for one another. Let’s wake up and take personal responsibility. Quit blaming everyone else. I’d like to put 22’s on my Big Wheel 🙂

  • MIKE

    we need a second stimulus check of at least $2,000 to $3,000.

    wall street and AIG got bailed out. we are the people who pay the taxes in this country.

  • Rob

    i agree we could use 30-50K but we need to get out there and let them hear our voices in large numbers instead of sitting quietly hoping we get a real check. if we make a big deal about it we could get somewhere.

  • a girl that works my butt off everyday


  • Chris Addison

    This is just ridiculous, greed is just taking over all of you, yeah we have helped out our government we are suppose to we are the land of the free. Theres alot of talk about we should get this and we should get that and alot of people do deserve money, but then theres the familys that have 10 kids and they believe oh i should get 500 for every kid well thats just plain stupid.Just because for some reason you felt you should have all these kids you believe that you should get all this stimulus money on top of the money you are already getting in taxes back for each kid that you have. Then theres the people that say 1000 back isnt enough, well you know what , what is how much is it going to take for you to be happy. There is many people who are behind on house payments and some are for because they have lost there jobs and that understandable, but then theres the hundreds of thousands who purchased homes that they couldnt afford with a certain type of loan, but because they wanted a house they couldnt afford they did what they wanted to to get into the house, and dont blame it on the mortgage brokers, because its not all there fault, some I admit is, but it is the individuals fault for getting into a house there was a strong possiblitly if the floor fell out they couldnt afford and there stuck and they want money.

  • LC

    Why do we continue to bail out the crooks. Why don,t they give the money to us…..I,m sure we could put it to better use. My take is let these companies go under……….. what would they have done if there was no bailout? I guess what really bothers me the most is that the CEO,S from these companys stll have their jobs,while people like us loose our jobs because now that they are “SAVED” they fell the need to cut jobs in order to save money. Well why not cut some of their jobs and let them see what it is like not to have a job, but it wouldn,t matter to them because they have already lined their pockets and they could live just fine if they didn,t work. As far as these auto makers, get them go under too, then maybe we could sfford to buy a car. I think we need more than 500 or 1000.
    Give us something where we can pay off our debt and than maybe we could us our paycheck for those of us that get on to buy things that we need to suvive instead of having to pick and choose ……whether to eat or get medicine….it,s pretty sad what this country has come to.

  • Sarah Beavers

    Well.. I have figured this.. yes i want another check.. i think that last year most every one didnt have as much debt as they do today.. i am sure atleast 50 percent of people probably bought luxerys but.. i think if we got one in 2009 a HUGE percent would go down in buying luxeries and more being paid in bills.. we were ok last year this year.. with my husband the only one working and he works in a factory of making car parts.. his work went from 40 hours to 27.. which totally sucks.. every one including my self will probably be putting all that check in morgage payments car payments and any bill thats probably two months late… i think if they notice a big percent actually going to moragage they will understand how bad we need this money

  • Jennifer

    I remember reading something about food stamps and the way they are spent. I have to agree with that person. People use food stamps badly. I often see soda, candy, cookies, etc. in a basket of a food stamp carrier. I have two little girls and can’t get food stamps. I understand the “want it” value of candy, cookies, and soda. But those are luxury items for most people. People get food stamps because they need food, but most of them use them in a wrongful way. I know that someone sees everything these people buy somewhere in the government. Why can’t they limit how much soda and snacks are bought? We make like $2 too much to get food stamps and we struggle ever month to pay out $784.00 on our mortgage. Why is it, that the people who truly need help can’t get it? Feeding my children is my main priority.

    Okay, now about the stimulus check. I have a go both ways attitude. We SOOO need money, but where is this money coming from? Other countries….. I’m not so sure it’s right to steal from others, in fact I know it’s not. We spend so much money in other countries like Iraq to try to better their economy, when WE are the ones that need the help. Isn’t the US supposed to worry about it’s people first?? If we continue on the track we are on, the rich people will stay rich and get even richer, and the poor will stay poor. I don’t like deciding whether or not to pay the electric bill or buy food. I would agree that a bigger amount would be better than a smaller one, but I’m a firm believer in any amount helps.

    Credit cards are the devil. We are in so much debt it isn’t even funny. We never answer our phones anymore. Last year with our taxes we paid off credit cards and that is it. Stimilus payment 2008 paid off more credit cards. We are giving up on throwing away money, because with the interest rates credit cards have, that’s all we are doing. I am a full time student and my husband works 60+ hours a week.

    The only way we make it, is because we have faith. Once that is gone, there will be nothing left. I say a second stimulus check to only those who need it. Anyone, who has lost their job or who makes less than 50K a year definately needs a second rebate check. Honestly, I believe like others as well(even though I’m contradicting myself), $500 doesn’t help much when that doesn’t even make the mortgage payment.

    Good luck to everyone and God Bless!


  • Johnathon

    I really don’t understand the reasoning of giving the banks and the big three any money directly.
    My thinking on this issue has always been, put it the tax payers hands.
    Not because I am want any money from the gov, but why the money to the banks. Everyone still has to pay there mortgages and loans. That’s just extra to the banks. And trust me, do the math for it. Not everyone is faulting on there loans. Only a percentage. And on the mortgages, Those loans are secured buy the property. The bank resales it to make there money. somehow or another.

    Why give the money to the big three. How long is that going to help if people still can’t afford to buy a car from them.

    I learned a long time ago in business, not to throw money at the problem by making more expenses, but pay off the bills so more money is there to be had.

    By the gov only giving out $500.00 per person. That resolves nothing. It only adds up to a big bill that we all can still not afford to pay back. And more issues for the future.

    Think about it. If the gov lets say had given 100K to every one. The banks could not cash all of those checks. So what has to happen. People have to deposit it in the bank. That in itself would have stimulated the banks.
    The people who didn’t have large debt would have most likely went out to buy a car, therefor stimulating the big three.
    Then the people with larger debt would have been able to pay some of it off.
    If smart pay there houses off, or at least most and refinance the remainder to have a lower monthly payment.
    If the average person is paying 1000.00 a month for there mortgage that could pay there houses off then that would add up to 12000.00 a year of free money to them if payed off.
    And lets say the average person saves 30% of that and spends the rest.
    Using a figure of 25,000,000 people by guessing ,because not all of us over 18 own houses yet and not all of us that do could pay them off with a 100K.
    At roughly 8400.00 a person a year that equals up to 2,100,000,000,000.00 back in to the economy a year.

    The money that most of us received last year was a joke.
    It only teased us. Like sitting in a nice place to eat and only being able to afford a soda…lol..

    The way i see it is , if the government wants to step up to the plate and help.
    Help the tax payers………Not line the pockets of rich people.

    Just my thoughts………..

  • kevin

    Suspending penalties and income tax on early withdrawals from IRA and 401(k) accounts.
    Would this be retroactive, I am using my 401k money for a down payment on a home this january 20th. The penalties are HUGE. If anyone knows please let me know.KEVIN

  • Anthony

    haha Birk I like your thinking, but not your math… $85B divided by 200M people is actually only $425 per person…

  • April

    I got this in an email. Probably one of the most intellegant things anyone has ever writte, Tell me what you think!!

    $85,000,000,000 bail out proposal:

    Subject: The Birk Economic Recovery Plan
    I’m against the $85,000,000,000.00 bailout of AIG.
    Instead, I’m in favor of giving $85,000,000,000 to America in
    We Deserve It Dividend.

    To make the math simple, let’s assume there are 200,000,000
    bonafide U.S. Citizens 18+.

    Our population is about 301,000,000 +/- counting every man, woman
    and child. So 200,000,000 might be a fair stab at adults 18 and up..
    So divide 200 million adults 18+ into $85 billon that equals

    My plan is to give $425,000 to every person 18+ as a
    We Deserve It Dividend.
    Of course, it would NOT be tax free.
    So let’s assume a tax rate of 30%.
    Every individual 18+ has to pay $127,500.00 in taxes.
    That sends $25,500,000,000 right back to Uncle Sam.

    But it means that every adult 18+ has $297,500.00 in their pocket.
    A husband and wife has $595,000.00.
    What would you do with $297,500.00 to $595,000.00 in your family?
    Pay off your mortgage – housing crisis solved.
    Repay college loans – what a great boost to new grads
    Put away money for college – it’ll be there
    Save in a bank – create money to loan to entrepreneurs.
    Buy a new car – create jobs
    Invest in the market – capital drives growth
    Pay for your parent’s medical insurance – health care improves
    Enable Deadbeat Dads to come clean – or else

    Remember this is for every adult U S Citizen 18+ including the folks
    who lost their jobs at Lehman Brothers and every other company
    that is cutting back. And of course, for those serving in our Armed Forces.
    If we’re going to re-distribute wealth let’s really do it…instead of
    trickling out a puny $1000.00 ( “vote buy” ) economic incentive that is being
    proposed by one of our candidates for President.

    If we’re going to do an $85 billion bailout, let’s bail out every adult
    U S Citizen 18+!

    As for AIG – liquidate it. Sell off its parts.
    Let American General go back to being American General.
    Sell off the real estate.

    Let the private sector bargain hunters cut it up and clean it up.
    Here’s my rationale. We deserve it and AIG doesn’t.
    Sure it’s a crazy idea that can “never work.”
    But can you imagine the Coast-To-Coast Block Party!
    How do you spell Economic Boom?

    I trust my fellow adult Americans to know how to use the $85 Billion
    We Deserve It Dividend more than I do the geniuses at AIG or in
    Washington DC .

    And remember, The Birk plan only costs $59.5 Billion, because
    $25.5 Billion is returned instantly in taxes to Uncle Sam.
    Ahhh…I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

    Kindest personal regards,

    T. J. Birkenmeier, A Creative Guy & Citizen of the Republic

    PS: Feel free to pass this along to your pals as it’s either good for a
    laugh or a tear or a very sobering thought on how to best use $85 Billion!!

  • Bengal2887

    I agree with Tennille on Dec. 28. If the government would give the American people a large lump sum (with the stipulation) to help them out rather than a little at a time they would see a bigger improvement in our economy and way of living. As it is, the small amounts don’t even help pay rent or let alone a car payment these days. And if someone has credit card debt or other debt, $500 is nothing in reducing it for most families.
    I can’t believe the government can bail out banks and automakers but not the American people where it needs to start!!

  • Shayne Hill

    Why is my goverment Bailing out these banks that continue to waste my money ?
    Why not give every tax paying citizen a real stimulus check it’s our money!! instead our goverment gives it to there cronies, now the big 3 how do i get in on this gravy train? if the goverment gave everyone $10,000.00 they could afford to pay off some of there debt or get current with their mortgage and we wouldnt have to bail these banks out!!

  • Norma Campbell

    Being a senior with a very modest income, I appreciate any extra $$ I can get. I would like to get a second stimulus check. It would be a great help to me, since I don’t have enough income to get any kind of tax refund. Tax rebates are useless for me….my income is too low to pay tax anyway. BUT I did qualify for the stimulus check.

  • Terry

    Any stimulus check or tax rebate used for whatever purpose will stimulate the economy. Even if it is used to pay back taxes. We are all consumers and many of us are in debt. If the checks are used to pay off debt or buy goods and services or put in the bank as savings it is all good for the economy. Republicans would mostly agree that any tax cut puts more money in the wage earner’s pocket. To me, these stimulus checks are money that we the tax payer overpaid the government. Now, I do think that it is stupid and wasteful in the way this program is being administered. The payments should be included in our tax returns thus saving the US Treasury from using all the manpower to cut another seperate check for each individual taxpayer. Call it what you will, economic stimulus or tax rebate it makes no difference. It all stimulates the economy. The main role of the Government is to provide for the defence of the country, not to bail out banks that make bad loans. The problem with bailing out the big 3 automakers is that it does not fix the problem. Japan will still continue to take a large portion of the car market in America unless we get away from a global economy and go back to protectionism. Most liberal college proffessors say protectionism is a form of isolationism and is what causes war. I do not think with the internet or our media technology that we would ever have a form of isolationism, freedom of information is good however we have to protect our interests at home. We should place import tarriffs on foreign made automobiles in order to balance the trade and help slagging sales on domestic products.

  • Carol

    I agree with you Brandon. And as for you Micheal, bring our troops back here and send the immigrants back to their home land. OUr money spent in Iraq could be used here to help the soldiers find other jobs. I had rather pay for them back at home than them over there. We gave Wall Street money so why not help them get back into the society. One of the ceo’ embelzed billions of dollars and not to mention the money the oil companies made with the gas prices. Traffic hasn’t stopped where I live and didn’t stop when it was 3.50 a gallon or more. All this is just political. Just when the republicans saw where the democrats were going into office the oil prices dropped dramatically. Did you know that all the big 3 companies donated lots of money as well as automobiles along with Harley Davidson when the 9/11 happened. Not one penny came from Honda or Toyota. So yea they need help instead of Wall Street. If we get the bail out I WILL be putting it back into the economy. ALso Hyundai donated money to the 9/11. SO when you go buy a vehicle consider who has been there for the American people.

  • unknown

    i think another check would help,and as said in an earlier comment if they can bail out banks and car industries they can help us. i will say the bail out for the foreclosure on houses was not worth taking out. im still getting ready to lose my home. the banks got there money,but im not getting a deal. they jack up interest rates to where you couldnt afford them if you tried. my family and i are behind on everything heck it would take a miracle to get us out of debt. a new stimulus check would help,but i say 1500 per member and 2000 per child. if they really wanna help they gotta do some thinking. i mean 300 or 500 doesnt pay for hardly any bills these days.

  • Harriet

    $500.00 may not help but it wouldn’t hurt anyone. It would pay a bill or pay down on a bill and it will boost some of the economic things we need to keep going like the electric/gas/water. — Who am I to turn away a gift?

  • Mick

    I believe that for a Stimulus check to work it has to be significant. I understand that this means a lot of money that the government must pay out but consider this. If i get $500, or the family $1000 am I going to spend it on things to help stimulate the economy? Some, maybe, but for the most part that amount will go to pay off a credit card, pay down a loan or something else. Now if I received a large check, lets say $5000, then I would be inclined to use it as “found” money and maybe take a trip, buy a vehicle, etc. The larger the amount, the more it will go into the economy for purchases versus paying off debt. Heck, give everyone $25,000 and I bet you will see a lot of cars purchased and then the Big 3 may have their bailout!!! Another ghought would be for the government to forgive all student loan debt. Think of the amount of money freed up from making those payments monthly and that will go directly inot the economy every payday!!

  • Robin

    Yes, we all need a stimulus check. We all need a LARGE one. I think thats just the beginning though. We need to fix the main problem here- immigration. All these ILLEGAL immigrants that pay no taxes, get free medical, and send our money back so they can go live a life of luxury. I say we need to take this problem into our own hands. I am tired of the government saying they are working on it. They take jobs just because they will work cheaper. Thats only because they keep everything they make. I would gladly work for 7.00 an hour if everything I made I got to keep. They say we need them because they do jobs we wont. Tell that to everyone who cant find work, pay bills, or even put food on the table. As long as we are carrying these criminals on our backs, we will never get ahead no matter how much money they give us.

  • Brandon

    Couger i know your speaking your mind and it;s cool… however that stuff you have listed on the bottom there is jobs that are being cut right now… I know i said to make it 50k. But i came to terms and came up with this… 10k for Individuals and 20k for couples and kids. It;s just mathmaticly more logical with that price. I’m 7k in debt creditors always calling me and harassing me I want this crap to stop so i can only bitch and complain to our government. Plus i would like to go away for a bit and it’s been 3 years since i have taking an vacation to somewhere i would like to go… So i hope this comes true

  • Doug

    I’m not a Financial Expert by any means , But All the Good Folks against another Check should consider that if we , The Middle Class or Poorer do not have Money to spend on items of our choose , The only Business Left will be Walmart. Does everyone want that ? Or a better one yet , How would you like to Ride a Horse to the Soup Line because everyone is to broke to take the car ? My biggest Beef with this whole thing is why Does the Government think that by Bailing out Banks and the Big 3 are going to do anything for the average person working his Butt off and getting further in Debt ? As for Retailers Raising Prices because veryone has money to spend , So What ? They do it now anyway. Whats Better , Paying a few Bucks More , Or having God knows How many more Small Business Owners going Belly Up ? Gee , Heres a Brain Fart…. If we all had more or Extra Money to Spend….Some of those Small Business Owners might Hire some more people to handle the extra Business. Damn , wouldn’t that be a Shame? Anyway I still want another Check , and not just a Teaser , I want Real Money to do with as I Damn well please!

  • charles simpson

    i think all working class blue collar people should get a stimulus check i have been married for 32yrs working every day and i cant even afford to take my on a vacation we have never had a real honeymoon. i am just barley making my house payment. cant afford any extras in life

  • cougar

    I think that they shouldn’t be just handing a check over to any one and everyone it depends on the situation that they are in, yes i would like another check to spend freely on what ever i feel necessary but i don’t think that would make a difference, yes the check was nice but it didn’t help boost the economy and i don’t think that we will ever see a large check that every one is hoping for, when you think of the big picture money that was printed decades ago was backed by gold and silver right now the money is just flying off the press with nothing to back it, i say that we are all fools for thinking that handing out 10,000 + in checks is going to help i say nay, it will not help because the us dollar is more and more going into the red for its value and when the value of the dollar is down to nothing what do you think that is going to mean for the prices of every day products that we buy on the shelf, you hand us all a big check and what do you think the grocery store, convenience stores and the big box stores of this country is going to do? they are going to raise their prices because they know everyone just got a big check and are willing to go and spend it! I think that taxes being exempt from lower income populus say anyone that makes under 75 or 50 thousand should get the tax break they need that alone would add money into everyone’s pockets, look into welfare and what people are spending their money on, look at food stamps alone and see what people are wasting their money on….a lot of people are spending it on non necessities like soda, gum, candy, energy drinks and that is just some of the list!!

  • don

    Yes, there probably will be another stimulus check for each in good standing American tax paying citizen coming next year. But, if the government doesn’t do the right thing this time around by just providing those of us with a huge ONE-TIME personal bailout check of say in the neighborhood of maybe 20-30k then only one thing is clear & that being our vote to elect those into office means literally nothing more than the fact we’re merely a number in a system. A system for which currently isn’t working. To dole out a meager $300-$1200 to each not only will be gone in a heartbeat it will be repeated before the next time around (within a year) they will be trying to figure out how to boost the economy. Not to mention the $$$ that will be spent printing,mailing out checks to us a second or third time & more…c’mon !? Lastly, The big 3 should consider merging w/the big oil companies for whom rake profits quarterly what they seek…HELLO one hand feeds the other !!!

  • Jared

    What the Government needs to identify is the average debt (not “house” debt, but Credit Cards, Cars, etc) and issue checks based around figures like that. If an individual has no debt or less debt to hold them back, they will buy that new big screen tv, or the food that they haven’t been able to afford.

    Using the below numbers just as an example…
    Jane Doe has $10,000 in Credit Card Debt.
    Jane receives a $500 check
    She then applies it toward her Credit Card balance.
    No net gain.


    Jane Doe has $10,000 in Credit Card Debt.
    Jane receives a $10,000 check
    She just paid her Credit Card down to a Zero balance.
    The paychecks from her job will now allow her to purchase new items without racking up her credit card and the feeling of guilt from that Credit Card will be gone.

    She will either A) be responsible and purchase only what her paychecks allow her to buy or B) rack up that credit card balance again. Either way, she SPENT MONEY.

  • Tony

    If we can give hundreds of billions of dollars to the crooks on wall street to use for bonus money then why not a helping hand for the hard working middle class?

  • Brandon

    Yes, we the poorer Americans need another stimulus. I got fired from my job for having an Anxiety attack and on big time medication (Lexapro and Xanax). At my job i’m lucky to make 13k a year and the type of work it demands it’s not enough. I think the government needs to give everyone who need it 50k and be non taxable. If this so called 1.6 Trillion is made then everyone gets 250k with it being taxable… I have debt and being out of work and no work to be found life is hard. PLEASE GOVERNMENT STOP GIVING A COUNTRY WHO DOESN’T WANT US THERE 13BILLION A MONTH AND GIVE IT TO US

  • Jenny

    I think a second stimulus would help the american public. No matter if the money gets used to spend or to pay bills. If it does get used for bills, the amount can later be spent. However, I don’t think it would help the economy to simply deposit it into a savings account to watch the interest grow, this is not what it was intended for, it would not get spent, maybe for years.

    My husband was laid off a few months back and I am working to support the family with 2 kids. He has been great to take care of the house and the kids while I’m gone but things have gotten tough

  • Tennille

    I was talking to a financial assistant who sat down and did some math. He said that if the goverment gave every FAMILY who has been steadily employed for the past year 1.4 million dollars it would be cheaper than giving $500-1500 to each person. But give the stipulation that they 1) had to buy a house free and clear and 2) buy a new car free and clear. Then the rest is theres to spend freely. This way the housing market and auto companies get the boost they need without the government bailing them out and the true people who could use the money get it. It makes sure the money is getting put back to boost the economy not to pay bills or try to save or even going to the people that just need their next drug fix. (which where i am almost everyone getting help or assistance is abusing the system just to stay on drugs) I really wish there was a way to convince the government to look into doing the stimulus this way not $500 at a time.

  • Michael

    Has anybody looked at what the effect would be of bringing home the troops and putting them back in the work force? Mind you, I am all for bringing them home, but consider this: How many of them are National Guard and Reserves who will be put out into the private sector shortly after the get back to the states? How many of the active duty soldiers also held part time or full time jobs near their base to bring in some extra money? Can the economy handle an extra 200,000 people unemployed in the short term?

  • Carol

    I agree with all of you. We should be the ones to get the bail out. Just look what one of the ceo’s from Wall Street did with his bail out. We could have turned the country around instead of not knowing where it went to by giving it to Wall Street. If Obama DOES bring our troops back home then that will save us about 10 million a day and with that then it would’t take long for this to be paid back. So we DO need to give Obama a chance. Just remember he can’t undo in a days time what Bush did in the 8 years in office.

  • Barbara

    I believe it was Obama who said if Bush didn’t sign the stimulus package for taxpayers that was the first thing he would do when he got in office. Now his stimulus package doesn’t even mention it, imagine that. This just proves to me that all presidents, congressmen, senators and governers just say what you want to hear until they get into office then you realize they had their own agenda and it usually is all about them and theirs. I think everybody ought to just go file bankruptcy on everything and see how that will help the economy because our government has already put alot of people in that situation by outsourcing our jobs, allowing immigrants in this country to take our jobs and lower the wages, allowing gasoline to sky rocket, so they can fill their pockets. They ought to drop income taxes all together and drop the governments pay to 50,000.00 a year. I am on the verge of filing bankruptcy and lose everything but can’t get any assistance for heating, lights, groceries or anything. I have worked my whole life and for what, just to hand it over to the government so they can feed immigrants who are supposed to be coming to this country to make a better life and doing it on welfare. I think our government is a joke, starting at the president all the way down to state and local government. It is pretty bad when Americans are packing up to move to other countries to live.

  • Savannah

    I agree on a few things that I’ve read. Yes to the stimulus check and that no taxes for the 2009 tax year would be worth a try. Hell, they help all these big companies and they forget about the people who really make up this country. It isnt all the big hotshot companies out there, its all of us average americans who work our tails off every hour, day, week, month and year and for what? not much of anything. We still have to work extremely hard everyday just to make it. I’m a student and i could greatly benefit from this stimilus. As for the no tax thing I had read about previously, well the government is so willing to try extremes like going to war to solve a problem, and all this other stuff, well then why not at least try not making people pay taxes for a year and see what happens, i know it would help me out greatly; that extra hundred or so dollars i would have would definately make it so that i would go out and spend more money. And if it doesnt work well then at least you can say you tried it. I think it would definately be something worth trying, worth experimenting with, it wouldnt hurt anything anymore that it is hurt already. And i say stop bailing out all these big companies and start helping the people who really need it, the people who contribute the most to the economy.

  • Super

    Stimulus check? Cha-ching. Living is expensive, and I’ll gladly cash that check. I don’t believe it’s stimulating much other than my urge to buy new shoes and handbags. And for all you stimulus package nay sayers: spend that cash on illegal substances.

  • Joey

    No. Take the 700 billion and dived to all eligible taxpayers, then issue that check ..and then YES that would boost the economy.

  • andrew h

    . it is so hard now i have been just laid off due to lack of work. bank of america got 125 billion and still going to lay off 35,000 people that makes sense. one guy wrote that if regular americans got that 700billion money it would equal 33,000 for every american . picture what that would do every body would pay off there credit cards , past payments, fix the projects around the house ,pay off the cars, start new projects , build new houses have money for down payments on houses and so much more. and people just think its our money anyways why shoulded we get and the economey would move if everybody got 33,000 that would mean 66,000 for my house hold i woul be able to pay off my truck ,redit cards which are not high and stsrt building my new house and i would be paying people to work. i mean i just got laid off by my own father thats the last thing he wanted to do. but he could keep his business if he got the money no ones going to bail him out cuase there no construction work. my niegbor is 90 years old world war 2 vet and he says this country is the worst he has ever seen it. pcture that this guy went through wolrd war 2. everybody just try to hang in there everything happens for a reason best of luck to all in these tough times

  • andrew

    yes we should get the money. it is so hard now i have been just laid off due to lack of work. bank of america got 125 billion and still going to lay off 35,000 people that makes sense. one guy wrote that if regular americans got that 700billion money it would equal 33,000 for every american . picture what that would do every body would pay off there credit cards , past payments, fix the projects around the house ,pay off the cars, start new projects , build new houses have money for down payments on houses and so much more. and people just think its our money anyways why shoulded we get and the economey would move if everybody got 33,000 that would mean 66,000 for my house hold i woul be able to pay off my truck ,redit cards which are not high and stsrt building my new house and i would be paying people to work. i mean i just got laid off by my own father thats the last thing he wanted to do. but he could keep his business if he got the money no ones going to bail him out cuase there no construction work. my niegbor is 90 years old world war 2 vet and he says this country is the worst he has ever seen it. pcture that this guy went through wolrd war 2. everybody just try to hang in there everything happens for a reason best of luck to all in these tough times


    i really feel we should get a second check, the first check I bought a bed cause I didn’t have one. Every little person or poor person can use a little etra cash to pay off a bill or buy something they didn’t have. I hope with the new adminstration we can see some of that and to lower the poor people taxes were they can get something back. I sure hpe that something good come out of the new adminstration cause the old is just that old.

  • Donna

    I know at least in our area people really could use the extra money and the second stimulus check will really help. Alot of us folks think if you are giving out money it should be to the little folks like us instead of the big wheels. If you were to give each family 25,000 or 50,000 dollars we all can tell you the economy would start looking better because we all would have some money to buy some things we can’t buy now. If you continue to bail out the big guys, it still doesn’t help because the poor people don’t have money to buy anyhow. I honestly think it is a matter of getting the money to the right people and it is the lower end people that really needs it. It is a tough deal the whole way around but something has to be done so people can live! We are a small business owner and have to struggle all the time and no one is ever there to bail us out.

    Sure hope and pray something good comes out of all of this for everyone!

  • harry newhall jr

    We need it for my wife and I really bad.We are a mortgage payment and a half behind,doing all we can to make it.I am a trucker over the road,my company is really slow as freight is scarce.

  • Dawn

    It appears to me that most everyone can use another stimulus check. Agreed, this check will probably go to pay bills that have been neglected. However, for every old bill that is paid new monies are made available for purchases. If someone chooses to put the money in savings then let them. That in itself creates more security enabling us feel that we can afford to buy the extras. To say that a stimulus check is defeating the purpose is absurd. There is always going to be that trickledown effect when it comes to money. This brings me to the comment made on bailing out the “Big Three.” Again here we go with the trickle down…….. If the government would not have bailed them out we would all be much worse off economically. The amount of revenue the companies introduce into the economy is incredible. Just think of the purchases THEY make for products and service (many of which are from the small businesses) and how many people do you think are employed through these companies? Where do you suppose the wages paid by these companies goes? It goes back into the economy. I say give the check.

  • mark

    come on people are we idiots or what? any additional income can only help not hurt the economy. The only people who are opposed to the stimulus checks are those individuals who don’t actually need the check. Yes, I can definitely use the extra money-yes to stimulus check.

  • Bonnie Texter

    Why don’t they just eliminate taxes for 2009. Give us a chance to take our money and see what we are able to do with it. They are printing what they need anyways and passing it around. They can give ” the big three” all the money they want…I still wont be buying a vehicle from them or anybody else. Who can afford to do that now….we are all barely able to get by, struggling to pay more and more taxes. If they do give us a stimulus check, mine would just go toward paying property taxes. It is rediculous. Give us a break…no taxes in 2009!

  • Daniel

    Although I would love another check and could really use the money…the fact of the matter is, the Fed is printing this money out of thin air. Every dollar they print as stimulus or bailout or whatever is rapidly decreasing the value of the dollar. Simple supply and demand, the more of something there is the less it is worth. All this is doing nothing but hurtung perhaps not our lives but that of our children more than ever. America is no longer the world’s most pwerful and richest nation and we have not been for some time now. We need to quit focusing on keeping up that persona and truely get back to business…First, we need to end the Federal Rweserve (a privately owned bank by the way…no way shape or form a federal entity.) we need to stop paying the income tax (it is an illegal tax by the way) as it only goes towards the interest of the debt (therefore we’ve been paying these banks since around 1913) and return our wealth to us…these banks have taken our wealth (the gold and silver that backed the dollar) and gave us a uselwess piece of paper that is no longer worth anything.
    I Say No to anymore stimulus!

  • Clubb

    I believe that a stimulus check could help, however only if it is a large amount. $500 will it even cover the cost of taxes we will have to pay to bail out companies who will not even give us a loan. The american people are in a losing battle with no where to turn. Why would the government not help out the people who are ultimately going to make or break our economy? Think about it……. $500 wouldn’t even cover one mortgage payment. With so many people out of work that amount would have to go to things such as gas electric food. NO BIG CHECK=NO $ TO SPEND ON PLEASURES SUCH AS TV’S ECT……….

  • andy

    Based on recent poll I ran on this topic at my blog, most folks thought the stimulus payment would be made in Jan 09. But looks like Obama has other plans and it could be mid year before we see the second stimulus.

  • Doug

    I Say way not get another Check? If the Government can Give Banks 700 Billion to loan money to people who don’t need loans…… Why not give some to us poor saps that couldn’t get a loan if our life depended on it. For most people , me included , the last thing we need is more Debt with another Loan. What the Hell got the Banks in the trouble they are in now ? I say give the people the Cash and let them decide how to spend it. It’s ours anyway! Don’t tease us with $500 a head , if you want to Jump start the Economy , Give each Family making less then 100K a year a 10K Check and I’d bet theyed do thier part in getting the Enocomy rolling again. I’m with most people , Fed up with Huge Banks and Corporations wanting a Bailout at our Expense so they can still get thier million dollar salaries and Bonues bigger than most people make in a lifetime. I’m done rambling , Give the Hard Working Blue Collar Workers thier piece of the Pie !!

  • JC

    Yes, we should, but it should not be something to count on every year. As long as the money is spent out in the economy. Last year when everyone got their checks gas prices were skyrocketing. I had plans for my check and specific “I want” items, but instead the entire check was saved and spent on gas for our two vehicles. If we come around to having another stimulus package I would just hope that specific companies don’t raise the prices on necessities so that the dollars could actually be spent, not just cover that higher price of something we all already use.

  • Leslie Marie

    Yes to a stimulus check, but a greater amount. My daughter who is out of work with a degree in the sciences doesn’t qualify for any assistance because she was a responsible adult and did not bring children into this world she couldn’t afford, When she went for some welfare and food stamp assistance she was denied. She put 18 years into paying taxes only to watch others reap from her sweat, She applied at ToysRUS to clean toilets to be told she didn’t qualify, this is one of menial jobs she has applied for and was turned down; since the field she was in was research and those jobs have now become scarce with the
    economy. So to help people like her they need to increase the amount and it really needs to be on what have you given to the economy over the years. Is it fair that welfare people can make a little money and get a check? How do they qualify for EIC and why not make them report them food stamps and medical assistance as income. I have to pay for my health insurance and I don’t get a break unless it exceeds a percentage, WE the real taxpayers do deserve more stimulus money in these hard economic times, we worked hard and now need some help. If they gave every American that worked hard for a living a checked for at least 25,000.00 that would stimulate the economy!

  • sandy

    The answer is yes. For what the government has cost us I feel that we deserve one in the amount of at least $1000.00 for every adult and $500,00 for every child. This amount wouldn’t even cover all the problems all the taxes cost us instead of paying our bills on time.The government spent our tax dollars on helping everybody but us. Now it should be our turn to receive some help, It would be nice if we could help the whole world but we can’t, Every country has their own leader. We have ours. sandy

  • sandy

    The answer is yes. For what the government has cost us I feel that we deserve one in the amount of at least $1000.00 for every adult and $500,00 for every child. This amount wouldn’t even cover all the problems all the taxes cost us instead of paying our bills on time.The government spent our tax dollars on helping everybody but us. Now it should be our turn to receive some help, It would be nice if we could help the whole world but we can’t, Every country has their own leader. We have ours. Mr.Obama, my prayers are for you. Sandy

  • Alicia Mathis

    I believe a second stimulus will help those that have been laid off as well as low income families. The reason the last stimulus check did not boost the economy is because the price gasoline and food where outrageous and had no effect on the economy whatsoever. With gasoline prices going down to almost a $1.65/a gallon I believe it can help the economy a little with a second stimulus. Meaning people would be able to travel to see friends and family for the holidays or just because and it help for a little while with families who have to deal with unemployment.

  • Barbara

    The american taxpayers should be the ones getting bailed out not the big 3 automakers or the banks. My husband lost his job, when you try to get assistance to help with bills you are denied. The banks are the ones who helped get our economy in this mess anyway, loaning money to people with bad credit, putting people on an arm rate when people didn’t fully understand what that meant. These banks wouldn’t bail those people out so why should we bail them out. Greed is running this country and our government. People who work a 40 hour week that keep this country going are the ones being crapped on. I know when I get my check every week what I pay in taxes and if you take that amount from even 75% of the american people our government shouldn,t have a problem with money at all. These big companies paying their top executives ridiculous amounts of money per year is their own fault. If the government wants to boost the economy why don’t they cut these senators, governors, and congressmans pay to 50,000.00 a year and let them see how it is to live like most people in this country. Then they can go from there to getting rid of all these immigrants and give americans their jobs but instead they will lay off americans and allow immigrants to keep working. This country has went down hill every since George Bush Sr. was in office and decided to pass the job outsourcing and bring ing immigrants into this country to take our jobs. I am sick and tired of going to the grocery store to watch Mexicans fill their carts with food from WIC vouchers, and food stamps and they are dressed better than me and driving a better vehicle. We need to quit paying for their living and worry about ourselves. I also feel like we need to keep our noses out other countries business. President Bush thinks the American people are just stupid and blind, he says we had to get Sadaam, he may have had a hand in on the towers but he also humiliated his dad when he was in office and needed to get revenge. Iraq does not want us their so get out. If the U.S. cared truely about these foreign countries and their people being killed why didn’t they help in Africa where people were being slaughtered. My feelings is becouse that country had nothing our government needed. I think it is time our government learned that charity starts at home!!!!!!! I also feel likepeople are fed up and people are going to become desperate and there will end up being a war right here in our country .

  • Bonnie

    I think we should get another stimulus check. Way more than what we got the last time. 100k sounds good. Why shouldnt we ask for that, the banks got billions to get them out of debt. and we the tax payers get to pay that back!! If I have to help pay that back then I should be entitled to get something that will help me out as well. Let me pay off my house, truck, and school loans so I can afford the increase in taxes that are about to come because of all this bailout stuff. Bail us taxpayers out!! When the gas prices go up, some of us dont get to pay a bill. Heck some of us dont even make enough hourly wage to pay the bills now, we struggle. So any check I get will be spent on bills not to boost the economy

  • Joshua Ogawa

    I personally don’t think a $500 check will boost the economy. Regardless of the future penaltys, we need immediate action. We can’t always look too far down the road, remember tommorrow is never promised.

  • dub

    There most certainly should be another stimulus check. Everyone wants to make a blanket statement that we are all on the credit diet. Times are also hard for those of us that try to manage without borrowing. We are all affected and there should be some support for those who have lived smartly but must deal in an economy built on the laziness of credit whores

  • Angie Tennyson

    On Nov.6 of this year I was laid off, due to the economy. My husband is a self employed Horse Trainer, I guess you can figure how his bussiness is doing.
    Needless to say we have three children to raise and no work to help us do it.
    I just started School again in hopes that a degree in another line of work will help.
    In the mean time I think another stimulus check would go a long way in helping to boost the economy if giving enough money to boost with. I also agree we should get more than $600. per person, If they can give billions to the “BIG THREE” & the Wall Stree MESS; Why cant they give us, the ones who really need the help a few thousand?

  • Carol

    I agree with all of you. Then when you think about it when we are out of Iraq war where we are paying over 10 million a day or more then we would have that money to help with this stimulus check. Also did you guys here about the guy from Wall Street who got caught embelizing some of the money he got? That is why we should have it in our hands and let us put the dollars out there instead of giving it to those who are already so wealthy they don’t know what to spend it on. The oil companies who made billions too should be taxed to the fullest from all the wealth they made as well. There high prices really set the economy back alot. I do hope the next stimulus check will be worth their time so WE can get the businesses backk on some kind of track.

  • Josh Foreman

    Yes, there should be another check. In reading other comments across the web i feel that most people would use the extra money to pay a bill or something of the sort. In turn that money that they didn’t have to use on the that bill payment could be used to buy goods or services. So the title of ECONOMIC STIMULAS would in the end be used for that purpose. I also believe that the amount of $500.00 wouldn’t be enough to boost the economy. If there giving us anything then give us something worth spending.


    yes i truly agree with ksren…we should recieve more than 500.00 dollars becuz if the last stimulus check dint was becuz people were in debt and in finacial crisis..i feel if congress or whoever gives more to the american people..then u will see folks buying and spending instead of jus paying bills and saving…i mean the american people are hurting…my wife jus lost her job and we are survivng by the grace of the Lord Jesus but i feel if we pay taxes and can bail out these big companies whove been robbing us blind..then i do feel that the government can not only give a taxt cut 2 us but also a nice stimulus check to boost the economy..if they dont give a nice stimulus check then i am convince that the economy will worsen.1love n Jesus

  • ksren

    I feel the tax payers should get more than 500.00 per person if they can help the banks that got in this mess then why can’t they help the tax payers I am selfemployed and we have been taking from saving each week because of no work and it is about gone give each tax payer 30000.00 dollors and watch thing pick up because most people would pay off homes/or credit cards then the banks would get back there money so people would not go under

  • starfish1009

    The previous entry is a perfect example of why a second STIMULUS check won’t help. Naturally, everyone would enjoy an unexpected $500 to just plop in their laps, but the purpose of this money is not to save or pay a bill. The intent of distributing this money is to stimulate the economy by spending it toward goods & services. Unfortuately things have gotten so bad for so many people, self included, that it is safe to say any additional monetary assistance would not be used for the government’s intent but rather used to pay a bill or put away.

  • Herb

    Yes some of us need anything funds we can get. I am self employed and have not had any work in 6 weeks. Yes, I am an entrepreneur, but a stimulus check is a boost…not a means of constant support. Since I make a contribution to paying taxes, I feel I should be entitled to occasional governmental support when times are rough.


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