Saving Money on Vacations – Travel Tips for Cutting Costs & Still Having Fun

May 15, 2008

Saving money on vacations doesn’t mean you have to take away from the fun.  In fact, if you combine enough money saving tips you might be able to have even more fun by staying an extra night or visiting an extra attraction.

Best Travel Deals
Finding the best travel deals has become even more important lately with high gas prices making it more expensive for everyone to travel.  As the summer vacation season approaches and you begin to make plans for your family trip, use the tips from this vacation guide to help stretch your dollars.  Whether you’re going to Disney World, the beach, or on a big camping trip there are always ways you can save money or get a better deal on part of your vacation.

Planning Your Trip
A big part of saving money on things like hotel rooms and plane tickets is researching prices, comparing your options and planning ahead.  Although planning a vacation can be a lot of work up front, it’s usually worth the extra work for the money you save.  Not only that, having a good plan can save you time once you’re actually on your vacation and help you get more out of your trip.

Researching Your Options
The Internet has made it so much easier to shop around for travel deals and get better prices.  For example, a Kiplinger article on travel websites lists some of the best resources for planning and saving on vacations:

You can use these sites in conjunction with the topics we’ll cover below to have fun this summer without spending all of your hard earned money.  You can sign up for free daily updates to receive each of the money saving articles below either in your email inbox or your feed reader as they’re published.

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Follow along the different ways you can fit a trip into your budget.  As you do the research and start planning a vacation you may even have fun just figuring out what you’re going to do and building the anticipation of the trip!


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7 Responses to Saving Money on Vacations – Travel Tips for Cutting Costs & Still Having Fun

  • Rachael

    These are some fairly good tips. You’re right about planning – a lot of savings start before you even set out for your destination. It’s important to plan, whether it be a romantic vacation for two or a family vacation.


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