Restaurant Gift Certificates – Giving the Gift of Food

November 18, 2008

Restaurant gift certificates are a great holiday gift for friends or family that love to eat out.  Choosing the right gift card when it comes to food can be kind of tricky so you really have to be sure you’re picking a place they like to eat.

If you know of a restaurant they like but aren’t sure if gift certificates are available, you can visit the website to do some research.  It’s a national directory of over 8,500 restaurants that you can search by state, city, neighborhood, zip code and food type to find a nearby restaurant that your friend or family member will enjoy.

Dinner of the Month Club

The website has a program called Dinner of the Month Club that you can buy as a gift for someone else.  They will automatically receive a $25 gift certificate each month in their email inbox that can be redeemed online for a restaurant-specific gift certificate from one of the 8,500 restaurants across the US.  Of course the neat thing about the Dinner of the Month Club is that they can choose someplace different to eat each time they go out.

Gift Certificate Savings frequently has specials where they will offer their gift certificates at substantial discounts.  For example, through this Thursday you can get 80% off of the purchase price of a $25 gift certificate or 80% off a Dinner of the Month club purchase.

Eighty percent is a pretty big discount, if it sounds like something you might use to buy gift certificates this holiday then try it out during this promotion and see what you can find.  Use the links below and enter the coupon code of SURPRISE to get the 80% off savings:


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One Response to Restaurant Gift Certificates – Giving the Gift of Food

  • Jacqui

    You even get a free gift certificate for buying a dinner of the month club. It’s sent to you separately, so you can keep it for yourself, or forward it to a friend. With the 80% off deal, the free gift is worth more than your purchase price! Sweet.

    I bought this for my brother for his birthday. He’s always tough to shop for, and he would so not be interested in a giftcard to TGIFridays. I got it back on the Halloween special. This was a great way to send a gift worth a whole lot more than what I had budgeted! And he can use it to explore a different local Thai, Italian, etc. restaurant each month instead of some tacky big name chain. I didn’t realize when I made the purchase that I would get the free gift, not him, or I would have opted for the full year plan instead of just 2 months!