ReadyForZero Review: An Easy Way to Pay Off and Track Your Debt

January 8, 2013

ReadyForZero LogoOne of the best things you can do for your finances is to get out of debt. However, staying on track can be difficult at times. Without seeing the progress you are making, and without proper organization, it’s difficult to remain motivated. can help you with that. If you are looking for help organizing your debt – and tracking what you paid down – you can get free help from ReadyForZero.

What is ReadyForZero?

ReadyForZero is a web application that allows you to link up all of your debt accounts so that they can be viewed in one place. Then, a plan is created for you. You enter your basic information, and ReadyForZero will analyze the situation and your debt, and help you decide how much you should put toward debt reduction each month, as well as help you determine which debts should be tackled first.

ReadyForZero has you focus on your highest-rate loan first. So, while you pay the minimum on your other debts, you put more toward the loan with the highest interest rate. Mathematically, this will help you pay off your debt in a way that is faster, and that reduces the total amount of interest you end up paying over time. In order to keep you excited about your debt pay down, there is a progress bar, so that you can watch your progress and be happy about your accomplishments!

Other Features of ReadyForZero

One of the features I really like about ReadyForZero is that it keeps everything organized for you. You can see when payments are due and receive reminders. It’s an easy way to see everything in one place, keeping you on top of the situation. Additionally, when a payment is made, it is automatically recorded, since ReadyForZero is connected to your accounts electronically. If you don’t want to go that route, though, there is an option to enter payments manually.

Another helpful feature are the “Actions.” ReadyForZero helps you take action to get out of debt faster. You can find information on a number of actions to encourage you to move forward with your debt reduction. The actions are all practical, and they are steps you can take to improve your financial life. The progress bar at the end of each action item encourages you to treat each as a mini-goal to work toward.

ReadyForZero offers a free iPhone app, so you can take your debt pay down progress with you wherever you go. There is a great resource center with information on various types of debt, as well as budgeting tips. You can also rest assured that your information is safe, since ReadyForZero makes use of 256-bit SSL, as well as firewalls and security keys.

What Does ReadyForZero Cost?

You can set up your debt reduction plan and access a number of resources for free with ReadyForZero. You get a dashboard and a personalized plan for paying off your debt with your free access. However, if you really want to take your debt reduction efforts up a notch, you can sign up for ReadyForZero PLUS, which is $4.99 per month. The main advantage to PLUS is that you can make your debt payments directly from ReadyForZero. This makes it easier to manage your payments, since you can schedule them all at once, and ReadyForZero takes care of the rest. It’s a very useful tool at a very reasonable price.

Bottom Line

ReadyForZero is a great debt reduction tool. It helps you organize your debts, and (if you are willing to pay a small price) can even help you make your payments. If you have had trouble creating a plan and sticking to it, ReadyForZero might be able to help you finally get your debt under control.

Have you used ReadyForZero? What do you think about it? Leave a comment!


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