Personal Finance Software Giveaway for Mac Users

March 7, 2009

Mac vs PC

Are you a Mac fanactic or a PC devotee?  Personally, I use a PC, I’ve never owned a Mac.  So when the people from IGG Software contacted me and asked if I’d like a free copy of their iBank personal finance software for the Mac I almost said no thanks. Then I realized that in the wide PC vs Mac world there were sure to be some readers that use a Mac.

iBank Personal Finance Software

The makers of iBank have agreed to sponsor a software giveaway contest, to enter simply leave your top 3 reasons why a Mac is better than a PC in the comments below.  One winner will be chosen at random and IGG Software will send you instructions and a coupon code so that you can download and install iBank software for free! 

After the winner’s had a chance to try out the software, they can send me an email about their experience.  Of course, this isn’t required, it would simply be nice feedback that I can pass on and let other Mac users know your thoughts on the software.

PC users, don’t feel left out.  Tomorrow I’ll announce a software giveaway for you as well : ) 

Contest Rules

Again, to enter, simply give your top 3 reasons why a Mac is better than a PC in the comments below.  The contest will end on Friday, 3/13 and one commentor will be chosen at random and notified that weekend.  I’ll pass the winner’s email address onto IGG Software and they’ll send you info on how to get your iBank coupon code for a free copy of the software.  So Mac fans, here’s your chance to let us know why you think your computer is better than ours, Good luck!


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Ben Edwards, the founder of Money Smart Life, saved up enough to buy a Nintendo back when he was 12 years old. When he used the money to buy shares of Wal-Mart stock instead, he knew he wasn't like the other kids... His addiction to personal finance has paid off for his family and now he's helping you to afford the life that you want. Check him out on the web at Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

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19 Responses to Personal Finance Software Giveaway for Mac Users

  • Luis Garcia

    Core Image: A built-in technology in Mac OS X allows graphics applications fly… On Windows systems they just can “run” but not fly.

    Stability: Mac programs would freeze up sometimes, but they would never take the whole operating system with them as in Windows.

    Safety: Mmmmm … There is something to add on this subject?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • George

    Or you guys can check out Fortora Fresh Finance and use it peacefully on both your Macs and PCs since it’s compatible for both 😉 Plus it’s super easy to use.

  • Karen Greenstadt

    I have just purchased a MacBook after many long years of working with PCs as a Windows IT Professional. I always assumed that the Mac would be too cute and too dumbed down for my taste. However, that isn’t so. I know this because I am running VMware Fusion and XP Pro SP3 on the Mac and I can compare both environments side by side.

    I am thrilled with my Mac and I now prefer it to the PC. From the moment of opening the packaging and all that follows, the one word that come to mind is elegance.

    1. Apple has designed everything for the Mac to be aesthetically pleasing to look at, to touch, and to use; very important to me as a consumer.
    2. The interface is not only easy to use but easy to modify or to fix. Support is also beautifully thought out and accessible to the end user, which makes for an enabled, happy customer.
    3. Thirdly, there is continuity. Everything (from hardware to software) fits and works well together.

    Needless to say, these experiences rarely happen in the Windows environment. I’m a believer!

  • rob hillstead

    1. stable, virus free
    2. makes me feel like i’m part of a cool elite club
    3. it’s more expensive

  • Sara

    1. I never have to worry about viruses, and even leave an open wifi connection on all the time for others to ride on, if needed.
    2. I worked as a web designer for 6 years and now have a mac computer that is almost 10 years old which has been upgraded from OS 8 to OS 9, to OS X without any issues related to memory, processing speed or even plain old capabilities.
    3. My husband finally left the PC centric life he was leading and allowed an additional mac to become the family computer, and he totally admits the ease of use and sheer aesthetic appeal won him over. I was right and he admitted it!

  • Mike

    Hello My Name is Mike and I am a Mac Addict.

    Top 3 Reasons I’m enjoying Mac life over PC life:

    3) Quality Software – The GUI’s of native Mac applications generally have a more refined, simplistic look that are esthetically pleasing and easy to use. There is a program for everything and many times you can find a free program that does the same or more than the Windows alternative. (Handbrake for video encoding, Cyberduck for FTP)

    2) Hardware – Apple designs are tough to beat. Their innovation and dedication to continually improving on their already industry leading design is impressive.

    1) Support & Extended Warranty – The fact is no computer is perfect and all will have issues, including Macs, but the difference is how a company responds. When you call Apple or visit an Apple Store with support needs they assist you until the problem is resolved and they do it with a happy and positive attitude. In my opinion, the extra cost for Apple Care is worth every penny. They stand behind their products!

    It’s tough to only list 3 reasons why I love my MacBook but in keeping with the terms of the contest I resist the urge to list just a few more points…

  • Will Martin

    1. When my first generation Intel iMac crashed with a Kernal Panic (the Mac equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death), it took less than an hour to automatically archive my stuff while reinstalling the OS from CD, then automatically unarchive my stuff and update patches up to current status, and I didn’t lose any of my stuff. Same passwords. Same files. That happened a couple years ago and that iMac is still chugging along without any further problems. Try THAT on Windows after a Blue Screen of Death. I DARE you.
    2. When I set up admin accounts for family members to use my computer, they can’t see my files. Try THAT in Windows XP.
    3. It boots faster. It shuts down faster. It runs in 32-bit mode on a Core Duo and in 64-bit mode on a Core 2 Duo, with the same drivers and applications. I can run Windows on it if I absolutely have to. I can transfer files among machines with a Firewire cable and Target Mode without having to administer a frigging network. It’s beautiful to look at, delightful to hold… Windows is obsolete. People just haven’t figured it out yet. When they do, I hope Apple can make Macs fast enough.

    I started working with PCs in 1987. I still do. I started working with Macs in 2001. I didn’t shift easily into the role of the Mac bigot I’ve become. The episode described in reason #1 pretty much won me over. The years since have only reinforced my sincere belief that Microsoft has lost its way, and Apple has become much better now than they’ve ever been before.

    They do things well. In these times, that’s rare and wonderful.

    Maybe Microsoft will wake up some day and become helpful again. I hope they do. Apple could use more competition to keep them on their toes. These days, Microsoft is not fulfilling that role.

  • Stacey

    1. user friendly
    2. never crashed or needed virus protection (already stated but needed to be said again!)
    3. the dock

  • Ben Stakely

    Since 2006 my Imac G5 has:

    1.) Never crashed or needed virus protection
    2.) Never crashed or needed virus protection
    3.) Never crashed or needed virus protection

  • Brian

    1. Better included software
    2. You do not have a thousand background processes that you have no clue what they are doing
    3. the toolbar

  • Kim Burge

    It’s an awesome MACHINE!

    1. Ease of music and video editing for education purposes.
    2. Ease of use and stability
    3. Tech support and free classes

  • Ben

    I converted to MAC Pro last year after 4 years of frustration with video editing on my PCs. You have to think a little differently with a MAC, but I’m truly ‘sold’ after doing the conversion, and I was able to connect it to my 2 PCs and just link to archived files as needed verses transferring all the data files to the MAC hard-drive.
    ” I LiKE MAC ” because:
    QUICK boot-up (and shut-down) times, even with Eye-TV in the auto start stream.
    EASY importation of files… truly drag ‘n drop into applications
    TIME-MACHINE for simple recovery of deleted files (like old TV recordings). No ‘Ghost’ programs to manipulate.

    I still use my “Money” program in XP…. so I would be interested in trying a financial program on the MAC.

  • zach

    i’ve got to say that these are the top three reasons why i love my macs:

    – stability (my macs have yet to crash, one is almost 3 years old, the other a year and a half. they both have not crashed ONCE.)

    – designed for the average person (everything is simple, colorful, intuitive, and built with the average person in mind. even if you’re a computer whiz, it still makes doing work much more efficient and logical)

    – fun (i love the design, the branding, and the applications that are available on macs. they just seem much more relaxed than windows machines [perhaps i’ve bought into their campaign, haha] and i’m a very laid back person, so i’m into it)

  • Joe

    I use a Mac at home and a PC at work. Both have their pluses. Macs:
    Are more stable
    easier to use
    run latest OS ( I was using Tiger on my G4 400 until I bought my Mac mini recently)

  • The weakonomist

    I’ve used both for a very long time and like both for their strengths. Here is where Macs stand out these days:

    Newbie usability
    OS stability
    Video editing capability

    Honestly I don’t know why everything ended with “ility”. Windows serves as my primary machine, but I’m leaving this comment on a iPhone. I’m as brand loyal as Judas.

  • Nate @ Debt-free Scholar

    One more reason that I wish I had a Mac…


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