My Simple Solution for Getting in Shape

February 1, 2009

Getting in shape isn’t just a matter of being healthy and feeling good, it can have a big impact on your wallet as well. I’ve been getting some big medical bills from the end of last year when I ran into some health issues, which could have been avoided had I been taking care of myself.

Skipping Exercise

As I mentioned in my new years action plan, my life has become substantially busier over the last two years.  Before our son and this site entered our world, I used to jog at least five times a week but that came to an end once our life got busy.  I did want to exercise I just didn’t have the time, sound familiar?

I kept telling myself things would slow down a little and I’d get back into exercising then.  Well, as life would have it, I found myself busier than ever at the end of 2008 and I made zero time for working out until I ran into some health issues.

Time off work, major pain, and medical bills reminded me that you can’t ignore your health forever.  So I sat down with my wife at the beginning of 2009 and made a plan for the year.

Simple Exercise Plan

Now I exercise about 30 minutes, 4 days a week.  Three days of the week I come home from work and head down into our basement with our son, where I hit the treadmill and he plays in the big open space in the middle of the room.  Then we fit in a session on Saturday or Sunday afternoon to make 4 days of exercise.  It’s been working out well, we’re still spending the time together and I get a workout at the same time.

It started off at the beginning of January where I was at the lowest setting for the entire session.  Each day I’ve increased the setting a little more and now that the first month of working is over, I’ve gotten to the point where I work my way up to the 4th setting by the end of the session.

Making it a Habit

I think the most important part of my plan is that it’s easy to follow.  I have a set time and I’m in and out so it’s not a big mental challenge.  Since it’s easy to do, it makes it easier to stick with the routine.

I’m taking a slow approach, not stressing out about how much weight I’ve lost at all.  In fact, I haven’t gotten on the scale since I’ve begun.  I just know if I keep up the exercising that eventually the weight will start to come off and if I incorporate it as a routine in my life the weight (and hopefully the medical bills) will stay away.


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One Response to My Simple Solution for Getting in Shape

  • marci

    I’m glad you’ve found a way to multi-task by having your family with you while working on your health at the same time. And I’m glad it’s working for you! Shows where there’s a will there’s a way 🙂