Microsoft Office Only $9.95!

July 10, 2009

Microsoft Office is a software product that I use extensively every day.  Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are the two apps that I use daily and Access and PowerPoint are programs that I’ll use off and on.  Unfortunately, I don’t have Microsoft Office on my laptop at home which slows me down if I ever try and work from home.  I’ve been putting off buying Office 2007 because it’s not cheap but just yesterday I found out a way I can get it for only $9.95!

Apparently, some companies have what’s known as the Microsoft Home Use Program where employees can use the enterprise license for a copy of the software at home.  I just signed up for ours, here’s the email I recieved with a link where I can buy and download Microsoft Office 2007 for only $9.95!



I’ve listed some of the frequently asked questions below, it also talks about an employee purchase program that offers a good discount if you want to buy the software outright. So check with your company to see if they’re a part of these programs, it could save you a lot of money!

What’s the difference between the Microsoft Home Use Program and the Employee Purchase Program?

The Employee Purchase Program covers Microsoft’s most popular consumer software products that are typically bought in a retail store: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Money, various software, games and hardware. These products are for the employee’s personal use and are purchased and owned by the employee.

The Home Use Program covers Microsoft products for which our company is a licensed user with active software assurance coverage: Microsoft Office, Windows XP, Project, Publisher and Visio Professional. The employee pays only for the cost of the media and shipping. The employee may use software procured through the Home Use Program while employed by the company and as long as the software has active software assurance coverage. The employee does not own these licenses and must uninstall the product in the event that they terminate employment with the company.

How much of a discount is available?

The Employee Purchase Program discounts run between 20 and 40 percent, and the employee owns these products. The only costs incurred for the Home Use Program are for media and shipping; the employee can use the product as long as they are employed at the company.

What if I leave the company? Do I need to uninstall the software?

Any product purchased under the Employee Purchase Program is owned by the employee. Products installed under the Home Use Program must be uninstalled in the event that an employee leaves the company.

Can I re-sell the licenses I purchase through these plans?

No. Only the employee may use licenses under the Home Use Program. However, because an employee owns software purchased through the Employee Purchase Program, the employee has discretion over these products.

Is there a limit on the number of copies I can buy?

Employees are limited to one license of any Home Use Product and up to three copies of any one product under the Employee Purchase Program.


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2 Responses to Microsoft Office Only $9.95!

  • L. S. Miller

    Dude (or Dudette, as the case may be),

    Where have you been?

    The office Suite is at least as good as, and faster and sleeker than any Microsoft product. It even opens older Word documents that current versions of Word won’t (they really got trashed for that mess-up). The applications are are Writer – word processor, Calc – a spreadsheet, Base – a database, Draw – a graphics program, Impress – a presentation application to create and Math – mathematical equation editor. There are thousands of tutorials and hundreds of sites and communities to train and communicate with other users of these apps.

    You can also register with the site to submit bugs, enhancement requests and contribute to projects.

    Cost for these programs and training? Absolutely free. Really.

    If you have a slow or dial-up connection you can ask someone to with a high-speed connection download it to a cd for you and install it on your computer. You may also visit the “cd rom” page for an extensive list of distributors who will send you a cd for a minimal donation-usually shipping-or some for free.

    It’s a new day, enjoy the view.

    Lisa Miller

    Lisa Miller


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