Merry Mob Madness Mentality

December 20, 2007

A few days ago, I was watching a reality television program showing video footage of Black Friday shoppers in action. At first, I thought I was going to have to switch channels or turn off the set. As I watched in shock and disbelief people literally trampled each other to obtain a limited sale item. One lady actually stole a toy out of the hands of a child.

My questions: Why suffer the merry mob madness mentality? Why does Christmas have to be so stressful that people actually lose all their inhibitions and common sense just to get the perceived best gift for Christmas? Why do people spend money they do not have, to buy the hottest gift?

How often have you gone broke to find the perfect gift, only to discover the recipient did not think the gift was so perfect after all?

For example, the year my daughter was 4 or 5, she desperately wanted this kitchen set she had seen advertised on television. She hinted and begged for months. So, when Christmas came around, her dad and I only had one major gift in mind. There was only one problem: he was stationed in a military base overseas at the time. Plus, we did not have Internet access.

For weeks, I spent long-distance money and time, trying to find the specific kitchen set that she wanted. Finally, I found the item in the states. Unfortunately, because of the bulk, they could not affordably ship the toy to the base. Now what!

Finally, her dad found a toy store off base that could get the kitchen set! Yeah! No! I kid you not; traffic is so bad, that it can take 4 hours to go the 40 miles to the toy store. But, being our only child at the time, and being so far away from home, we wanted her to have this much wanted toy.

Guess what? Although she was initially excited, she only played with the toy a handful of times; then, she totally lost interest.

How many times have you busted the budget and bought the perfect Christmas gift, only to find it gathering dust or returned to the store for a refund or different item?

The last few days of the shopping season are upon you. Do not subscribe to the merry mob madness mentality. Do not let Christmas put you in the poorhouse, or cause you to lose all sense of emotional or financial reason.


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5 Responses to Merry Mob Madness Mentality

  • Tina

    Well said! I too have resorted to the peace of shopping online from the comfort of home. I would trade a good hug for a material gift any day!

  • Fiscal Musings

    When you look back, most people forget what presents they have gotten over the years, but they seem to remember the time spent with family and friends. This says something about the whole gift giving thing.

  • Tyler

    I’ve moved to the internet for all of my shopping. When I factor in the time saved, it is almost always cheaper even with shipping.
    I also like the idea of going with more personalized gifts.

  • john

    I think people should look toward less expensive gifts and more towards personalized items. Little fun things.


  • Katie Gregg

    You are so right. Gift-giving has gotten absolutely out of hand. People try to prove their love by giving the biggest, best, most presents at the holidays. One or two simple, thoughtful, meaningful gifts that don’t send the giver to the poorhouse should be more than enough.