Make Extra Money with Legos

My friend really does pay his mortgage with money he makes selling Legos! This video will cover:

  • What skills you need to run this side business
  • Where to find customers
  • Time required
  • Startup costs

It’s my first video case study so there are a few things about the video that could be better. The main one is that it’s a little hard to hear, you’ll probably want to turn up your volume when you watch it.

Keep in mind that even if this specific side business doesn’t seem right for you, there are certainly concepts in the video you can take and apply to making extra money. Basically, all my friend does is:

  • Buy a product for a discount
  • Repackage it for a different market where he can sell it for higher margins

Then he uses the reach of the Internet to connect and communicate with customers. You can do the same thing with different products and different markets, just keep your eyes open.

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  • carl

    This was fantastic! Thanks so much for making this video as the information is incredible! I am starting my store on Bricklink now.

    Kindest regards form L.A., California


  • Make Extra Money Selling Legos? | Money Smart Life

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