Losing Someone You Love

I need to share something shameful about my grandma’s funeral but first we need to finish our conversation from yesterday about Ebeneezer Scrooge.

See, I think Scrooge was the lucky one because he was given a second chance.

His buddy Jacob Marley who lived a much similar life was doomed to spend eternity in regret because he didn’t get a second chance…. or did he?

Most of us probably have events in our lives that cause us to step back and reflect on how we’re living.

Unfortunately we don’t always learn from these experiences and often end up back to our old ways.

I’ve done it. So I can’t blame poor Jacob Marley for failing to change when the chance presented itself.

My grandmother’s memorial service was a sad example of this.

The service itself was mournfully amazing. Hearing people share not only all the challenges she had overcome in her life but also all the people’s lives that she had touched & improved.

I left the church telling myself that I would create a legacy like my grandmother had.

But before I knew it I let myself get sucked back into the routines of life and my determination to change was muffled by the din of schedules and deadlines.

It wasn’t until I thought I wouldn’t get to see my kids grow up that I realized the things I was taking for granted.

Why does it take something tragic to make us realize things are missing in our life?

It’s sad we take things for granted until they’re gone or threatened and by then it may be too late.

However, the good news is we can start today and reverse that sad trend.

Tomorrow I’ll send you a basic checklist to get started – “5 Simple Ways You Can Begin Building Your Legacy Today”

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