How to Save Money on Your Honeymoon and Still Have A Blast

August 28, 2008

With all the money spent on your wedding the last thing you want to do is break the bank on your honeymoon. You still want it to be a beautiful, romantic trip to remember though! Here are a seven ways to get the most out of your honeymoon without spending a fortune:

  1. Make a budget first – Traditionally it is the responsibility of the brides family to pay for the wedding, and the groom’s family to pay for the honeymoon. However, few people today follow the old traditions, which means that more and more couples are paying for both their wedding, and their honeymoon.

  2. If you are the ones footing the bill, make sure you create a budget that includes your honeymoon! It is so easy to spend all of your money on your wedding, and hope that you have enough left over to take the trip of your dreams – don’t count on it! Make that budget, or you may find yourselves with a less than desirable honeymoon location. Even if you do not have a lot of money you can still have a beautiful honeymoon celebration in the location of your choice, you just have to work within your own budgetary guidelines.

  3. Consider a Honeymoon Registry – Plenty of people have bridal shower and wedding registries, but did you know that you can create a honeymoon registry as well? This will let your friends and family donate directly to your honeymoon fund to purchase your airfare, or hotel rooms.

    It’s a good idea to let people know about this as early as possible. By the time you get married any money that is donated may be too late. Best to mention it before your bridal shower instead of right before your wedding.

    There are several ways to start a honeymoon registry, but the easiest is to contact a travel agent in your area. You can also find out more about honeymoon registries when you click here.

  4. Plan your wedding and honeymoon in the off season – It’s no secret that every tourist destination has an off season. During those times, you can always find amazing deals on just about everything – your hotel, plane tickets, even cruises or total vacation packages. You don’t have to go way off season either. Just target your dates slightly to either side of the peak seasons, and you can travel for less. Sometimes thousands less.

  5. Use your travel agent – Travel agents offer a ton of resources. They can help you book the cheapest flights, save on your hotel rooms, and get you package deals at a discount. The money you can save with them should more than cover the cost of their fees. After all, this is what they do every single day, and for your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, trusting an expert to take care of the details will save you a lot of stress, and still let you get the most for your money.

  6. Go on a cruise – Whether you want to see the northern lights or explore ancient Mayan ruins, there’s a cruise that goes there. Cruises are ideal for honeymoons because they are package deals. You get everything (or almost everything) for one low price. When you choose to go on a cruise for your honeymoon, you will not have to worry nearly as much about what things cost once you get there. Most meals are included, and you can arrange your on-shore outings before you leave. No surprises, just a fun time.

    Besides cruises are known for their good food, great entertainment, and on-ship amenities like spas. They really can be all-in-one dream vacations. The off-season rule applies here too, you can save a lot if you go during a slow month. You can use the internet to compare packages, prices, and off peak specials. Just google “cruise” + your desired destination.

  7. Consider having your honeymoon close by – My husband and I went to a tiny little tourist town about an hour away from us. We booked early, and online, and got a free night’s stay at the hotel. We had an amazing time because there was no pressure, no flights to catch, no phone ringing…just us. IT was very romantic, and I will never forget it. We got all of that for under $500, and that included our meals while we were there. So, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be far away to still be one of the most amazing memories you will ever have!

  8. Tell people you are on your honeymoon – you will be really surprised by some of the free things you will get. Everything from free drinks, to free items, to hotel room upgrades, to free tours. Everyone loves a couple in love, and you can definitely take advantage of it during that special time!

  9. Consider a timeshare, or beach house – Have a talk with your relatives before you make your honeymoon plans. See if anyone they know has a timeshare, or beach house, or cabin that you could borrow or rent cheaply. There are fewer things more romantic than a cabin or house on the beach where you and your love can spend some time together. If you did something like this you could focus what money you do have on your honeymoon activities instead of the cost just to get a room somewhere.

The most important tip is really just to look for deals wherever you go. Your honeymoon does not have to be expensive. If you plan early, and ask for a discount every time you can, then chances are you really will have a much nicer honeymoon for less money than you expected to spend on it.

For other ways to save money on your wedding, read how you can save money planning your wedding without spending a fortune and how to get the most for your money when you register for wedding gifts.

This review of honeymoon ideas that are fun but more affordable is part of the Marriage Money Guide.

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