How to Get a Cheap Massage

July 25, 2009

Getting a professional massage isn’t cheap.  I’ve bought a few massage gift certificates for my wife over the last few years and the cost of the massage around here usually runs about a dollar a minute. 

I could never bring myself to spend that much money on a massage for myself but I’m glad to spend it on my wife to say thanks for things like putting up with living with me (anniversaries) and going through months of constant discomfort (pregnancies).

I’ve only had one professional massage in my life, that was thanks to my sister who bought gift certificates for my wife and I one year for Christmas.  It  was pretty relaxing and I remember thinking to myself as it ended that it was too bad I’d never get another one (since they cost a dollar a minute).

Then yesterday my friend called me up to tease me about our prank caller, while he was waiting for his wife to get a massage and gave me hope that I may someday get another relaxing massage. It turns out that people in the latter stages of massage school need to earn “hands on” hours giving massages before they can get their license.

They’ve gone through all their training so they pretty much know what they’re doing but they need experience on “real people” in order to become official.  Since they’re still students, you can go into the massage school and pay only $20 an hour to get a massage from them.

I did a little poking around the web and it sounds as though there are other massage schools around the country that offer this cheap massage option as well. I haven’t tried it out myself but it sounds like a pretty good way to relax for cheap.


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2 Responses to How to Get a Cheap Massage

  • Ben

    Thanks for the tips, Modern Tightwad!

  • a.b. @ Modern Tightwad

    I totally agree! I’ve been a massage therapist for five years. I do recommend massage schools, but as a caveat, these are students getting hands on experience, and you might not get a great massage every time, but it is an opportunity to find someone you like. Sometimes you can stick with the student afterward at a VERY discount price. Another option is one of these membership clinics like Massage Envy, Hand & Stone, etc. A lot of their employees are fresh out of school or new to an area, and their rates are very reasonable.

    And most of all: Don’t ask, don’t get! You can ask your therapist if they have a sliding scale rate. Some will give discounts for repeat business ($10 off each session if you come in once a month).