How to Get a Better Job Or Make Your Job Better – Carnival of Careers #6

July 14, 2008

How many of you are in search of “the perfect job”?  We’d all love to find a job where we could spend the day doing exactly what we enjoy; unfortunately many of us are still searching for that elusive job.  We turn to the articles in the carnival of careers below to give us some advice on finding the job that we do want or at least help us make our current job a better fit for us.

Editors Picks

I can really relate to Wally Bock’s claim that many companies take the one size fits all approach to career development.  In a recent visit to my Human Resources department my inquiry about career counseling and changing job types within the company was answered with a printed list of all the job openings in the company.  Thanks HR, REAL helpful.

Another interesting approach to finding the right job for you, Slow Down Fast Today looks at building a Portfolio Career

A portfolio career is one, “in which instead of working a traditional full-time job, you work multiple part-time jobs (including part-time employment, temporary jobs, freelancing, and self-employment) with different employers that when combined are the equivalent of a full-time position.

My one question with this approach is how do you handle benefits with a bunch of part-time jobs?

Lastly, I thought The GreatManagement Blog had a good list of tips, 101 Tasks Helping New Managers to Survive.  I started a “semi-management” role a few years back when I became a team lead and found out there sure is a lot more work to do once you have to manage a team.  I think his final tip may be the most important one.

“Have fun and laugh; don’t take things too seriously”


Career Advice

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Find Your Dream Job, Just Like This Millionaire Did  posted at The Digerati Life.

FreeFromBroke presents Murphy?s Law Of The Workplace posted at Free From Broke, saying, “Remember, what can go wrong will go wrong!”

Jim presents Elements of a Job Promotion posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Tip Diva presents Behaving Appropriately At Work & Being A Courteous Co-Worker posted at Tip Diva, saying, “Company codes of conduct exist for a reason – to make sure every worker feels comfortable and not threatened in the workplace. Here are more ways to be a courteous co-worker and to create a satisfactory work environment for all. Being in a workplace with others calls for collaboration and respect in order to have well-functioning operation. And part of having an effective workplace boils down to your relationship with others”

George L Smyth presents One Minute How-To – How To Avoid Mistakes When Responding To A Job Posting posted at George L Smyth, saying, “Jessica Duquette goes through a list of errors she has seen during her search to hire an individual, and explains the proper way to offer your resume.”

David Stefan presents Things Better Left Unsaid posted at Career Confidant: Job Insight from Dave, saying, “There are some little things candidates say during interviews that can compromise their success.”

MoneyNing presents Motivation Monday – Change Your Routine posted at Money Ning, saying, “Stay motivated to advance your career!”

Jose DeJesus MD presents Successful Business Networking posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Brip Blap presents 4 quick steps to building wealth posted at brip blap, saying, “Finding something you like to do and doing it a lot are the keys to building wealth.”


Career Management

Mark McClure presents Career Anchors Workbook posted at Mark McClure Today, saying, “Ed Schein’s (MIT) “Career Anchors” approach to finding what anchors you are most drawn to has stood the test of time. Here’s a report on my experience with the online commercial version of the test.”

Kirsty presents Cover Letters: Top 10 ways to WOW a recruiter posted at


Work-Life Balance

Wilfrid presents Sample of How To Write A Condensed Work Week Proposal | Your Finish Rich Plan – A Personal Finance Blog posted at Your Finish Rich Plan.

Kristie presents Bored with your job? Work overseas for the summer! posted at Norway – An American In Oslo.

Cash Money Life presents Which Shift to You Prefer to Work? posted at Cash Money Life, saying, “I’ve been working a little over time and doing some split shifts lately. After working several years on different shifts, I’ve decided I much prefer a standard day shift schedule! Thanks for histing!”  


That’s all for this this edition, thanks to the participants for the great contributions.  Hopefully you gained a little career insight from the collection of articles. Next week’s carnival of careers will be over at, you can submit your article using the carnival submission form.


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