Holiday Budgeting Tips from Ebenezer Scrooge

December 15, 2007

If you have seen/read The Christmas Carol, you already know that Scrooge is the Bad guy. Well, I contend that Scrooge is not all bad, and here is why:

Yes, Scrooge could have put a little extra coal on the fire; he could have allowed Mr. Crachit a little more time off, and been more understanding. But, I think we are too quick to crucify the poor old man.

Remember, at the time Charles Dickens wrote the original manuscript, it was during a depression. Only a select few had two nickels to rub together. But, as an employer, Scrooge is not obligated to give Tiny Tim medical care, supply Christmas dinner, and bring a carriage full of gifts. Despite all of his flaws, Scrooge is not all bad.

Now, I am sure you are wondering what this has to do with you!

Christmas does not have to be a feast, with all sorts of foods you do not normally afford; nor, does Christmas have to be a carload of the best and latest gifts for everyone on your list. However, that does not make you a Scrooge.

Honestly, the people you normal buy gifts for probably already know you are on a tight budget. If they care for you, a simple “thinking of you” gift is great. Small children still expect something under the tree, but it does not have to cost a lot. Some of the best gifts my children have gotten in their stockings came from the dollar store.

If someone expects you to spend more than you can afford, be honest. If your friend or family still does not understand, then you need to get back to the real meaning of Christmas, and know it will have to be their problem, not yours.

Know being careful with your Christmas budget does not make you Scrooge. You do not have the money that Scrooge had stashed away; an affordable gift will not deny friends and family heat or make them work too hard. A true friend or loving family member should not want you to go into debt for what should be a Merry Christmas.

How do you manage your Christmas budget?


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