Free Long Distance Phone Calls with Grand Central

February 4, 2008

Thanks to Pro Bargain Hunter I stumbled upon a cool way to make free long distance calls using Grand Central.

The service is still in Beta so you have to reserve a number for yourself but I was able to get an invite to try it out.  Once you’ve signed up, you go to Settings -> Web Call Button and choose your button.  Then click on the “Post” link to get the code to embed your call button in a web page, you can see mine below:

You can send your friends, family, or business associates the link to your web page and you can talk to each other for free.  I’ll use my call button above as an example to walk through the process.  Now that you have my call button, you can type in your name and phone number, click the Call Me button, and GrandCentral will ring your phone in a matter of seconds. 

Once Grand Central has you on the line, they then call the number I have setup in my user options and once I answer, we’ll be connected.  It doesn’t cost either person a thing!  I have mine setup to ring my cell phone so that I can just shut it off when I want, so technically it will cost me cell phone minutes, but if you send it to your land line, there’s no cost.

Another cool feature is that you can leave the “keep my number private” button checked and your number will show up as Unknown on the recieving phone.  It’s perfect for things like eBay auctions, you can let prospective buyers ask a question about an item without having to exchange phone numbers or have any special software installed.  Isn’t technology cool!


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