FNBO Direct Online Bill Pay

January 9, 2009

As an FNBO Direct online banking customer, I get regular emails about their product and services and got one yesterday about thier online bill pay service.  I’ve been using a third party online bill pay service for years and absolutely love how much time it saves me; I literally spend only 10 minutes a month checking on and paying all our bills online.

Online Bill Pay and Interest

One of the things that’s not great about my current bill pay system is that it’s linked to one of our checking accounts so we usually have a big chunk of money sitting there waiting to pay bills and not earning interest each month.

That’s why the email below from FNBO Direct caught my eye, it would be nice to have that money in a high yield savings account and quickly accessible to transfer over when I needed it to pay bills.

Here is what they have to say about their online billpay service:

FNBO Direct Online Bill Pay

Direct deposit your paycheck into your FNBO Direct Online Savings Account. When bills are due simply transfer just what you need from savings to your FNBO Direct Online BillPay account. Whatever’s left over – whether it’s $25 or $500 – stays in your OSA and earns an interest rate that is higher than traditional saving accounts.

Adding a BillPay:

* Log into your FNBO Direct account.
* Click the “BillPay” tab.
* Choose the “Apply” button and proceed to fill out the application.

Setting Up Direct Deposit:

* Contact your Human Resources Department
* Provide them with your FNBO Direct Account number located on your online statement. To access your online statement login to your FNBO Direct account. The click on the View Statement button on the Account Detail page and choose the Save button in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
* Provide them with FNBO Direct’s routing number: 104000016

Transactions successfully requested by Midnight Central time will be credited to the destination account you selected within three business days.

If you’re interested in an FNBO Direct online savings account, and would like to try it out – Click Here.


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